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Are you smarter than a new believer?

There is a show called ĎAre you smarter than 5th graderí, appealing to adults who would all assume the answer is yes.

In Christianity we are to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. We are to mature so that we are not moved by false winds of doctrine, that we stand in faith and in the truth of the word.

No one expects a 10 year to act like a baby and suck their thumb. Neither do we expect them to be as an adult. But when we become adult we are expected to be more responsible than a child or a teenager.

My question is to those who are older in the Lord, how well do you know the Word compared to someone brand new in the faith? You have had so many years to learn and then you see this newborn eating up the Word as if they have been starving and canít get enough. Their progress has become evident to all; some are intimidated, even threatened, others are jealous. Still others who have become lukewarm scorn at their zeal.

This has become a serious issue as I see false teaching being accepted by those who are supposed to know the Word and refuse to discern from what they know. They do not have an inkling to consult the Scripture on some teaching because they like a certain personality or the persons said something they liked and they remember this every time they hear them.

Why are they so easily persuaded into another way, to believe something they would have noticeably spotted and rejected in their earlier years in the faith? Have they become spiritually fat and lazy?

Everyday is an opportunity to learn the Lords ways, to discern truth from that which is said contrary to it. Letís be our brothers keeper, rejoice as we see others quickly grow and keep the unity we are to have in the church so that we can be effective to those who do not yet believe.