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This Directory list articles on:

Defending and Defining the doctrine of the Trinity and Deity of Christ.

Who died for YOU?

Who is the King of glory?

Did Jesus Identify Himself as God?

Denying the deity of Christ is denying the Scripture- How serious is it to say Jesus is only man?

Who is Greater- The Father or the Son?

What is the Trinity- Explaining the nature of God from the Bible in layman terms.

The Son in the book of Hebrews- The Father settles the issue of who the Son is in the book of Hebrews. 

Christ is Lord of all- What does the mean when Christ is called Lord.

Is the Trinity Pagan?-Disproving the outrageous claims of anti Trinitarians.

Unless You Believe [what]?- Jesus said to be forgiven of your sins you must be he is the I AM.  

The God of the Scripture- Jesus the Son is the God of Scripture

Jesus is worshipped- God is worshipped and so is the Son.

Elohim- What does it really mean according to Scripture?

The Word Person- How does the Bible interpret persons and how it relates to God

The Holy Spirit is a Person -Is he a force or personal, a closer look at the one who dwells in believers.

Jesus is not the Father, how can he be God ? - Is the Father only God?

Ecumenical Gathering of Ant-Trinitarians- Go see if you have been represented

The Early Church on the Deity of Christ-What did the early Church actually believed.

Plural passages-Words and phrases that express more than one person as God.

The Pre-existence of the Son-The key issue in understanding who the Son is in nature.

Proofs of Christ's Deity-Ample evidence showing Christ proved he was more than a man or angel.

What we believe Today- How do we explain the nature of God?

Nicene Council-What really did happen in 325 AD. at the Council of Niacea?

I AM statements of Jesus-What did others say about Jesus and what did he say about himself?

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These are excerpts from the book (binder form) The Trinity- Defining and defending the Trinity among the cults



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