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A NEW Christianity

Redefining the word of truth

We are warned about mockers in the last days, some mockery is subtle other mockery is in your face, bold and audacious, and does not care about allowing you to have a different view.

No. 1 on the iTunes Christian albums chart is Bible Belt Baby by Flamy Grant, a 41-year-old drag performer. She says that she returned to Christianity wanting to help children going through the same isolating experience she endured.

"Those kids need to know that [evangelicalism is] not the only option available to them," Grant said. "That they can have a faith and they can be a Christian and it doesn't have tolook like( that) version of Christianity."

Matthew Blake, who performs as Flamy Grant, tells us we’re creating a little bit more space in that room for someone else to come join us.

Admitting that she wants others to join their NEW Christianity.

Are the walls coming down or are they going to hold. The walls are our Judeo/ Christian tradition.

Dove Cameron an actress and singer, a daytime Emmy winner was crowned the new artist of the year at the 2022 American Music Awards and dedicated her speech to the LGBTQ+. We expect those in the world to do this but what of the Church?

The popular “Christian” rock band from the late ’90s and early ‘2000s, Caedmon’s Call, featured popular singers such as Doug Elmore, Cari Harris Moore, and Derek Webb. Webb was the recipient of three GMA Dove awards, 10 nominations for the award, and six number-one songs on Christian radio.

Webb later apostatized and left the band only to return a short time later to record an album in 2007. Webb is back and collaborated on a “Christian” album with a drag queen who goes by the name Flamy Grant.

Sean Feucht who is known as a missionary, musician, tweeted his consternation about singer-songwriter Derek Webb’s collaboration with Flamy Grant, a drag queen that recorded a full-length ‘Christian album.’ The LGBTQ community immediately came to her rescue sending Flamy Grant’s single “Good Day” (with Webb) and album Bible Belt Baby soaring to the top of the CCM charts.

Feucht’s tweet included a photo of Flamy Grant and Derek Webb with Jennifer Knapp and Tiffany Arbuckle, which was called inflammatory and Grant stated that he meant it for evil, but God turned it around. In other words, God is on Flamy’s side of this issue.

Church we have a problem that needs to be addressed.

At the same time Drag Queens Do Sex Dances in Front of Children we have a Teen Arrested While he was preaching on the Public Sidewalk near a drag show. This shows where the media has its influence, as the news media gleefully celebrated this. With all the known conflict there is more to this movement than what meets the eye.

Grace Semler Baldridge, an open lesbian whose stage name is Semler, three times accomplished, released the single “Faith” reached the #1 spot on the Christian music charts on iTunes in 2021 during Pride Month.

Despite two previous songs hitting the pinnacle spot in 2021, Semler was denied to participate in the Dove Awards held in Nashville. She is in an attitude of protesting asking for people to vote her in.

GMA (Gospel music Association) hosts the Dove awards and has a s statement of faith “to expose, promote and celebrate the Gospel through music

How long can they deny these artists in the music awards? It seems the Christian music industry, professional worship are now facing a problem.

This rethinking’ (called deconstruction) most describe in biblical terms as an apostasy is gaining momentum. There are many, not just musicians, that have made the change in their worldview. Nate Worthington, the former youth pastor of Adventure Community Church, announced by a Twitter thread that he was now fully queer affirming (as reported).

Pastor, Josh Harris, surprised the Christian world with his not-so-sudden apostasy, he divorced his wife of 21 years and became an open activist for the LGBTQ community. The reason is that he couldn't reconcile Christianity with today's new Sexual Revolution. Once the author of the best-selling I Kissed Dating Goodbyebook(written for Christian singles encouraging them to stop dating, Harris has since withdrawn it from publication). What we are seeing is the influence of the world (specifically the culture on the church). We watched this over many years in the way the church was governed by the seeker-friendly and now the popular Rick Warren model where the Church is run with worldly concepts and models, not addressing sin and pastors are like CEOs, instead of shepherds.

As we find companies today endorsing the movement, even the more radical aspects of changing genders on children. Who will be the first to sponsor the new music of Christianity as a business venture, surely it is being discussed by those who want to make money.

Yet, there are few of any stature who has the chutzpah to speak on this.

What Music artists will speak out? Skillet’s John Cooper is one,

He told the audience, “There’s some Christians—I’m not sure they’re Christians anymore—they’re saying this, ‘Embrace Jesus, just don’t embrace the Bible….There is no such thing as loving Jesus but not loving His Word. There’s no such thing!”

You may not agree with him on his music but he is saying the right thing.

They mock — either aggressively or subtly — those who still adhere to the belief that the Bible is the unchanging Word of God.”

How do those musicians sing praise about the Lord and not stand against those who challenge the truth? We need more musicians to speak out, as well as pastors.

The Bible has spoken the same on this subject for thousands of years. God has not all of a sudden changed his mind on this, or anything else - man has.

What they have done is question the words and reinterpret them for our postmodern age. The popularity of Homosexuality has to do with a moral change in society.

How many more like them who want to be free to do what they want, express what the bible calls sin. One can only be sad and disappointed at those who are struggling that not getting biblical answers. This behavior is not just addressed as part of Moses’ law. Paul makes it even clearer in Romans 1. Paul lists these sins in 1 Cor. 6:11 “ And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.”

Its one thing to say you once were this, but to still identify as the old person is not Christianity. we are being conformed to the Son of God faith to faith. Then one is not walking in faith.

Here is where we are at, Paul, Jude, and Jesus must be ignored or removed from the bible for they speak for God on the same sex trend in the culture as not acceptable by THE creator God .

Christian music is only a music genre’s name that means less and less if it does not hold to expressing the ‘biblical definition’ of TRUTH AND LOVE. But we have postmodernism that argues against the words in the Bible as mistakes or the authors or translators did not understand sexual orientation inbiblicaltimes. Others claim poor biblical scholarship influenced our interpretation. Still, others say it all needs to be reinterpreted.

They do not accept the Word as from God, they claim the Bible was written millennia ago by hundreds so many different authors in a time when the world's knowledge was very limited, educated people know different now. The same argument is used for evolution as they try to combine the creation account with relative science (“progressive” evolution).

They say ‘God loves you as you are.’ This is a half-truth, he loves the people but instructs them to change, not just in their sexuality preferences; a liar should stop lying, a thief should stop stealing. And he gives them the power to change along with his directives.

God can certainly move among certain people groups to save them but we are not to congregate and make a church out of only thieves, liars or adulterers; nor homosexuals. Those who find excuses from by the Bible for the continuance of its practice cannot be considered Christian.

But the Church has to face the problems of liberalism which is now facing off on fundamental doctrines that are of the faith.

The American military forces fight wars on the other side of the world but we have a war breaking out on our own soil, against the nature of man, and God’s given ordinances. It is a spiritual war for the minds and hearts of those in the country. Where does the church stand on this. This battle rages within, not just outside our walls.

Christ died for sin all our sins. God is longsuffering and patient with all sinners but what will be His response? Will it be different than before? Will he judge us soon or will he let us go to our very end.

An apostate church is one that departs from the teaching of Christ, this is when his life (Spirit) has left the church, the lampstand is removed and yet they go on to do church things calling themselves the church.

With more than 4 million members in 10,000 congregations, the ELCA, the largest of several Lutheran denominations in the United States elected a bishop that for more than two decades, couldn't officially be a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He was elected the Rev. R. Guy Erwin as bishop. This not the only denomination under change.

This is taking place throughout the denominations everywhere. This has been going on for years but is now culminating in concerted effort for the church to change their position.

A number of years ago author Tim Fleming offered a Free Download of a New Bible Version for the Gay Community.  The free Bible download contains all the text of the King James Version. This new version of the Bible includes a new book entitled God's New Law (67thbook), which describes a prophecy from the year 2000 that forgives homosexuality and fornication. God's New Law is meant to be the last book of the Bible and to herald the birth of God's religion without doctrine. It is meant to inaugurate the rebirth of mankind and the acceptance of gay marriage in God's kingdom. I will not quote of any of this because of the content.

We are talking about thousands, maybe millions who want to have the label of Christian without the following Jesus Christ according to the Bibles written Word. But they ignore Christ is the Word!

We are warned about adding to the Word from Proverbs to Revelation. (Revelation 22:18-19).

What is at stake is what is called sin in the Bible? God wants to change all of us, if we are willing; he is able. From sinful to being holy.

1 John 1:7-10 “ If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us . If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us.”



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