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  Directory on the Word faith movement

This Directory lists articles on the Word Faith movement

Walter Martin's Warning to the Church- Over 11 years ago Walter Martin warned of the Word of Faith Movement and its leading promoter. His warning echo's to us today.

p1.The real Heretical Teachings of Kenneth Hagin -The Dangerous teachings of Kenneth Hagin live on through his many disciples - Copeland, Osteen, Prince etc.

p2. Kenneth Hagin's numerous visitations of Jesus and angels

p.3 Divine healing, faith, confession and other strange unbiblical teachings

p4 The strange and stupendous stories of the supernatural by Hagin

Exercising discernment

The false teachers showing their bad fruit - About their pronouncing Covid is no longer here

see-pt1The false prophets of Covid19

p1 Further delusions of word faith teaching -The Kenneth Copeland teachings you may not have heard

p2 The teachings of Demonic influences


Benny Hinn- One of the most influential Charismatic teacher of all time. Many articles to consider on this mans doctrine and practices.

Creflo Dollar

p1 Creflo Dollar's teaching on the God/man

p2  Creflo Dollars teaching on faith -The Words you Speak by Faith are What you Get

p3 Did Jesus go to HELL for your Salvation

p1Creflo Dollar - A Name that has a Ring to it!

p2 Attracting Money by YOUR Words

p3 Creflo Dollar Attracting Money by YOUR Words

p4 The Good News is that YOU Too Can be Rich

Help Creflo fly the friendly skies - buy me a new Jet please


 Kenneth Copeland

Another gospel- Read the complete the distortions of Scripture and how Christ's sacrifice and person is mocked by the faith movements leaders.

Danger, Deception and Diabolical teaching- Kenneth Copeland's teachings and the new paradigm in ministering.

Another Kenneth Copeland false prophecy- What was taught to Hawaii's Word/faith congregation that made them cheer?

Gloria Copeland's teachings- When does the believer receive the Holy Spirit? Not at the new birth, they must breath him in.

Copelands land of biblical Revelations -The most outrageous teachings you have possibly ever heard!  

Is Copeland afraid of demons on planes?

Copeland's false prophecy

Kenneth Copeland dedicates church in Hawaii with prophetic utterance Dedicates word faith church,  and prophecies

Copeland say Jesus is no longer the only begotten Son

How to receive the Holy Spirit - According to Gloria Copeland


Word Faith teachings

The origin of the word faith movement

Christian Visualization- What you see and speak is what you get!'

Jesus the Sinner- A closer look at the word faith teaching of Jesus becoming sin and going to Hell.

Promises of only blessing

A different new covenant

Who Wants to be a god

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:20 - 21

Word Faith teaching- A spiritual copy of the Mind Sciences

Should a Christian be Concerned about Curses Today



p.1 Copycats of Heresy- How the Word Faith teachers are associated with the Latter Rain movement of William Branham.

p.2 Copycats of Heresy - The many doctrines of Adam and men being gods.

p1False teachers copying the words

p2False teachers copying the words

Coveting Blasphemers

The Doctors of Deception

Exercising Discernment-A command that has been forgotten or purposely overlooked. Extremely necessary for a safe voyage.

False Teachers among Us- How do we recognize who they are? Safety precautions in scripture.

I Never Heard That - naming the names of those who teach contrary to the doctrine in Scripture

A Little step toward truth is still too far away

The Spirit of Anti Christ

The Fatal flaw of OsteenTaking the eternal name of God for oneself

The Great Exaltation pt1

The Greatest denial pt2

The Faith teaching Motto-

The Spirit of Anti Christ

Sinister ministers pt 1

Sinister Ministers pt 2

Sinister Ministers Pt 3

Head-LONG into HERESY- bishop Eddie Long

Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees

Disturbing Trends within WoF

Another Jesus...

Jesus the sinner


little gods

 p.1- The Great Exaltation - Big G, little g - Man as equal with Jesus

The Image of God in Man- What does the bible mean we were created in his image, compared to what faith teachers are saying.

 p1 Logic, perspicacity and a touch of common sense- Finding Waldo is hard enough, but can you find the statements of you favorite teachers among the other false  religions?

p2 Answers to quotes of man being God

Whose influencing Whom- where are all the new revelations coming from?


the word faith gospel

Jesus and the place called paradise

Suffering- Is it from God or the devil, is there any purpose to it?

I Never Heard that- It is not always what you hear but what you do not hear  that matters.

I have what I Think I have- Can a positive prayer of faith get us what we want?



Is Healing in the atonement-Are we promised to be healed when we are saved.

His stripes healed who when

Isaiah 53 by his Stripes I'm Healed -Can we stand on his word and claim it to be instantly healed ?

Were All Healed by Faith-How were the people healed by Jesus. Jesus is the same today and forever. Does he do the exact same things today?

Death by faith- How many are sick and have died from the Faith Movement's message?



Was Jesus Rich-What's the truth about how he and the apostles lived?

  I'm rich! -The new Gospel of wealth and the church's right to have it all.

Jesus of the faith movement-Is he the same presented in the Bible or another Jesus.

The Prosperity of the faith Teachers- Does the bible really teach we can become rich for the kingdom?

Its Jubilee!-The Newest teaching to bless you from your friendly Christian networks.

Are you Tithing

Becoming rich in this present age- Warnings in the scripture for today's success oriented Gospel promoters.


Prayer- What is prayer, how should we pray ?

His miracles- the purpose for the miracles of Christ.

The Price is right or wrong?- Fred Prices' faith teaching on prosperity.

Rod Parsleys teaching on the anointing- What's new and improved on the anointing.

 Parsley, Purple Passion and Paisley- Rod Parsley is a leader in the new Pentecostal paradigm, where is his teaching going.


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