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p.1 The Latter Rain-the invasion on doctrine and practice in the Church

There have always been a few that taught the error that God is pouring out his spirit on all flesh. This began to be especially popularized by William Branham who taught of this as a ‘now event,’ so that we can all do the miraculous

If you can’t identify the numerous errors of William Branham then you will not see the error of those who walk in his ways today. And that is the error of many today who teach what is called the latter rain, which is a replacement teaching of Israel, whether they know it or not.

The Latter Rain teaching has become THE ‘greatest deception’ inside the church, as it carries numerous ‘other errors’ besides the basic premise. Nearly all revivalist state Acts 2 is upon us; they are wrong.

What this deception is doing is setting us up for an even greater deception as the world heads toward the tribulation which they do not believe is the future

This is what William Branham said 75 years ago of the Latter Rain which was a completely misused term. God says it happens on a certain day.

a former rain and a latter rain; in the latter rain would be both former and latter rain together--agreat church universal that would sweep from one side of the world to the other side of the world. A great message, great signs and wonders, would be accomplished by this church. ... That's exactly where we're living at in this day.” (61-0121, Mary's Belief, American Legion Hall, Beaumont, TX).

He promised the former rain and the latter rain. And we're living now, have been for years, under the latter rain . (50-0405, Expectation, Glad Tidings Tabernacle, New York, NY)

God promised these things in the last days, and we're seeing them. Wake up. … that both former and latter rain both would be poured out in the last day. 56-0427, Faith, Abundant Life Center, Charlotte, NC)

The time has come… We're in the latter rain.” (56-1002A, Father, The Hour Has Come, Lane Tech High School, Chicago, Il)

How william Branham defined it

there's a new birth coming on. The latter rain's being poured out in these last days: power, signs and wonders… and God's pouring out the latter rain upon us.” (53-0830A, Why I Am A Holy-Roller, Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, Chicago, IL)

But God promised in the last days thatHe'd pour out both former and latter rain upon His Church . The days of the prophets, the days of the apostles, He'd poured out both former and latter rains in the last days. And we got it!” ( 60-0722, Watchman, What Of The Night?, Lake County Fairgrounds, Lakeport, CA)

Its Not for his church, to empower her for miracles like Branham taught. Days of prophets and apostles accompany this who teaching package.

We're receiving the latter rain to pour out a double portion of the Holy Ghost is coming on the earth and is sweeping every nation, and revival fires are burning on every hill. In China and Japan, from Korea to dark Africa, and everywhere, the Holy Spirit is being poured out upon the people.”(56-0304, Making A Way, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

that we're living in the very day that God has promised that He'd pour out His Spirit on the Gentile Church. He poured out His Spirit upon the Hebrew Church that day at the beginning at the day of Pentecost. He said, "There'd be a former rain and the latter rain." The two different people, the Jew and the Gentile. And in this last days, He'd pour out His Spirit upon the Gentile Church.” (56-0902, The Handwriting On The Wall, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

There'd be a former and latter rain together. We are seeing it.” (55-0817, Jehovah-Jireh, Unknown, Karlsruhe, Germany) “The time has come. …We're at the end time. We're in the latter rain .” (56-1002A, Father, The Hour Has Come, Lane Tech High School, Chicago, IL)

"There'd be a former rain and the latter rain." The two different people, the Jew and the Gentile. And in this last days, He'd pour out His Spirit upon the Gentile Church .”(56-0902, The Handwriting On The Wall, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

And this is where he was completely off on whom the Spirit is poured out on and when

Branham interpreted Acts 2 for the Jews (the former rain) and today it is for the Gentile church, (the latter Rain). The bible says no such thing. But for those who are biblically illiterate and follow his teachings it makes sense even if he changed and adjusted his view.

Here we are: former rain with the latter rain.” (59-1122, Who Is This?, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, Ca)

Branham’s whole healing meetings were about the latter rain, he promoted this as a special teaching by him being the special last days prophet.

we believe that there is to be a church in these last days, that will receive both former and latter rain.It'll be scattered throughout the world in this Laodicean Age… but still bringing forth a doctrine that wasn't taught at the beginning.” (60-1113, Condemnation By Representation, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

That is true it did bring a doctrine that was not taught at the beginning, nor at anytime.

The former rain run in first; the first rain we've had, now here comes the latter rain coming over, the former rain coming over the latter rain, east and west meeting together, both rains falling together” ( 60-0308, Discernment Of Spirit, First Assembly Of God, Phoenix, AZ,

in the latter rain would be both former and latter rain together--…A great message, great signs and wonders, would be accomplished by this church. (61-0121, Mary's Belief, American Legion Hall, Beaumont, TX),

Branham was all over the map on his interpretation I was reading the other day. Do you know what former rain means in the Hebrew word? I can't call it right now; I never wrote it down; it skipped my mind. But "former rain," the first rain, means "a rain of teaching." The second rain is the Spirit that comes upon what's been taught and produces the crop.” (62-0705, Jehovah-Jireh #1, Municipal Auditorium, Grass Valley, CA)

Each one becomes a latter rain to the other. See, Luther was a latter rain to the Catholic. And John Wesley was the latter rain to Luther. The pentecost was the latter rain to the denomination. … See? See?See? )63-1117, Once More, The Rock Church, New York, NY)

they had in the days of--of Whitfield and Wesley, back in those days. And they were the latter rain of that day. That's right. They were the latter rain then. When the Baptist come along, they were the latter rain to them: it just keeps moving on down. And now, I guess we're all latter rains to the rest of them.” (54-0321, What Think Ye Of Christ?, Philadelphia Church, Chicago, IL,

When He come, He fulfilled what the prophets said. And when He's coming in the last days in the latter rains of God, when both former and latter rain will be poured out, He's coming just exactly the way it was prophesied of Him” (59-1227M, A Super Sign, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

NO he did not. But if you tell a lie over and over it becomes truth to those who accept it.

the great Holy Spirit of God was promised to be poured out in the last days and He'd give the former and latter rain together. You've had the latter rain; here's the former mixed with it.” (59-1126, Jehovah Of Miracles, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, Ca)

Then he said

I believe you're seeing the last thing that'll happen to the church before the rapture. That's exactly. I believe it.The rain is over. Just read the first three chapters of Revelations and you'll see what's promised to the church. That's what's promised, church, right there--the church ages. You noticed the other day when we started them trumpets, the Holy Spirit said, "That don't belong here." See, see?(64-0823M, Questions And Answers #1, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

And the revival is over, and America has turned down her opportunity." It's on tape. "And there won't be no more. Her last opportunity, she's turned down." (56-0408 Visions And Prophecy)

The revival is over. America had her last chance in 1957. Now the tongues, are God's sign of impending disaster, even as they were when they appeared upon the wall at Belshazzar's feast….” (W. Branham, The message to the Laodicean Age p.29)

I find this to be a dithering statement, as Branham continued to hold revival meetings and those who hold in high esteem today, practice what he spoke of on the latter rain hold revivals. In fact, they claim these are the greatest revivals.

Christianity has a swamp too, it is not just in Washington politics. These men likewise are impervious to the truth. The chaos from the 1990's false latter rain revival introduced pandemonium as Mr. Rodney Browne introduced a new thing, stating “This much chaos must be from the holy ghost, ” at one of his disorderly meetings. Certainly the Bible speaks of the Spirit functioning in chaos, right? No, it’s the exact opposite. Those who go along with this premise enter the decption.

Two of the most insidious teachers Kenneth Copeland with Rodney Browne together promoted the latter rain, Copeland begins to prophesy:

" This is the day, this is the hour,"... The drops of rain are beginning to fall to the glory of God….for this is the day of the fire and the glory of God coming unto His Church” (They then speak to each other in tongues and laugh as if someone told a joke) actually they are the jokers. (Video tape)

Paul Cain who was one of the last living disciple and promoter directly connected to the Latter Rain of William Branham. He was gladly promoted by TBN. At the time most of their hosts were in agreement. "Prophet Paul Cain has seen in the Spirit, a last days revival so powerful that hospitals will literally be emptied and people neeling in public places to receive Christ will become common place! Many great Christian leaders, as I said, are feeling the same witness of the Holy Spirit that the wind, fire and rain of revival is on the way and, in a measure, has already begun! Praise the Lord - LET IT RAIN!" (Paul Crouch, March 1994 PTL Newsletter...LATTER RAIN)

Lou Engle is another who is fully deceived by the Latter Rain teaching and has referred to Paul Cain numerous times expecting this to take place. Also, we have Todd Bentley who has been charged with multiple sexual misconducts that promoted this and even cited Branham in his Lakeland revival that became a complete embarrassment to all those new apostles and prophets that went there under Peter Wagner.

When you hear them yell Fire on you (like the new age transfer of energy) AKA Benny Hinn or Rodney Browne this is straight out of the latter rain of Branham and assciates in in 40’s and 50’s and this is Psycho spiritual manipulation on the people in the Church today.

They will give you this fire as a baptism, as God obeys reacting to their words immediately (which should give anyone pause as to what the source is.)

Here is the result on all this heretical teaching. On Benny Hinn's telecast Kenneth Copeland says,“The firstborn from the deadhe’s not longer called the only begotten son of God.” No, no, he’s called the firstborn son of God, the first begotten of many brethren and we are the fullness of him.”

Larry Huch and Paula White discussing Jesus as the high priest, say that we have a priestly anointing. They then take a hard left turn as Huch actually says, “Jesus is not the only begotten son of God, he is not, I’m a son of God,”White interjectshe is the firstfruits(which refers to be first human to be resurrected to eternal life) Huch “he is the firstfruit, the firstborn of many.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyLPUnXV2_U)

Which is the ‘manifest sons of God’ teaching from the Latter Rain. William Branham said, “And, today, because He was the first Son of God to come to full maturity, to be in God, He was plucked up from the earth and is waved over the people. … the first One!”(65-0418M It is the rising of the Sun Branham Tabernacle)

David Wesley Myland wrote a book called Latter Rain Songs as far back as 1907.The Latter Rain is also found in the music of the Church today, we need to be careful what we sing because it can convey false doctrine. “ I can feel it, it's a lot of rain Ride on Jesus, please send more rain Until we are wet, until we are soaked In the latter rain.”

Hillsong “This is the time to seize the day We rise in faith, the promise comes To make this land, holy to the Lord’ “These are the days of the latter rainDays of power, days of grace This is the time the fire will fall To make this land holy”

another artist Rain on me, they'll be, a shower of blessings Our bodies weak, and we will fail, if You don't send the latter rain”

Another: “Senddown the rain Lord, send down the rain Lord, send down the latter rain.”

There are many just like these, another: We need the rain Lord we need the rain Lord, We need the Holy Ghost rain
We need the rain Lord we need the rain Lord We need that latter rain”

The pleasant melodic music in church becomes a vehicle to convince people of this false teaching, which makes those who sing of it as false teachers.

Joel states (what Peter quoted) Joel 2:29 “I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”What days is he speaking of? What teachers of the Latter Rain do is concentrate on the what and not the when or where.

Jesus told those who wanted to see a sign or wonder ‘An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.” (Matt. 12:39)

This was probably the most significant statement he could make since he was already doing miracles and healing people in front of them. But his warning was to those who wanted to see these signs, over his teaching that proved the time they were in and his visitation. The sign of Jonah is the resurrection showing that he had power over death, therefore his offering of his body in death in our place for sin was reality.

Branham taught that this is about the Church doing signs and wonders to convert the world, for the church to be victorious. God said it is about salvation to Israel, that at the end of the tribulation i n their homeland.

P2 the biblical outpouring of the spirit


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