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The Athiests a-theism, a dilemma of intellectual honesty

The old saying if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs the one who yells the loudest got hit by the rock!

Atheists as a group always protest the loudest at the belief in God, especially the God of the Bible. The one who makes the larger and stronger claim assumes the proof is on them. So if one proclaims there is NO GOD, (as they do) while ¾ of the world say there is, even if they do not agree who this God is they are to prove them all wrong.

What is made up and what is reality? Certainly one can believe fully in what is not real and in the same manner one can fully not believe what is real.

Some ask, how can you not believe in evolution when there are so many scientists that do?

Since neither you nor I were there when creation began, we both depend on the information we read. This is where logic, (real) science and the law of non - contradiction are crucial to discovery of the truth.

Where did it all begin? If you go back far enough to before creation you find evolutionist have no answers. If there was a time when creation did not exist what made it exist? Since nothing is self-caused, self creation is impossible, for REAL Science teaches out of nothing, comes nothing.

The universe is not eternal? The scientific law of entropy shows everything is winding down from order to disorder, from complexity to chaos, from strength to weakness. The current scientific view teaches that the universe had a specific beginning (called the Big Bang). If the universe was eternal it would have no beginning which would contradict a big bang which is the current scientific theory of our day.

If the universe was eternal, then it would have an infinite past, no beginning. This leads to a logical contradiction in science. By definition one can never reach the end or beginning of an infinite period of time; today we see science validating a definite beginning by measuring time. Furthermore The scientific law of entropy shows everything is winding down from order to disorder, losing energy, from complexity to chaos, from strength to weakness.

Instead of trying to remove a creator from the equation, would it not be feasible – more rational that there was something that introduced what was not there before? This energy that was created must have an original source to become existent, operating as it does. Where did that something come from that affected the order of the universe? It's a tremendous leap of logic to believe that the universe with all its present intricacies of living things, the invisible order of DNA in creatures emerged from nothing. How can it put things in order, based on the non-existence of itself. To have this effect without something that has intelligence, an original cause of creation is to deny everything we have learned and proven from physics and reality.

On the big bang as described by science, one cannot have an explosion without mixing 2 properties together. How did the big bang take place? Where did it begin? An immediate expansion is what made it explode. But why? What was it like before, does anyone know? Why did it stay constant until this happened, what changed?

Let’s actually think on this….

Some claim two gases (properties) collided. Were did the gases came from, if there was nothing there? Where did they exist before a universe was formed from the big bang? Where they near each other or far away? How long did they exist before they caused a big bang? How did they get made? How did they collide? Why were there two gases instead of one? What is the name of these gases? Why were these gases incompatible? Why didn’t these two properties that were not compatible cause a “big bang? If there was big bang why did it do it only once? Are these gases or properties still with us? Why is it not still exploding or imploding?

They have no answers for questions that go deeper than their standard presentation of theories and philosophies.

Why do you accept this theory with no proof or logic? Why can’t the big bang be creation, instead of evolution? Did it not produce life? The universe has order (not just chaos), parts are interdependent on the other parts of its nature, even to a microscopic level we have yet to detect.

Another plausible explanation, which is rational and scientific is that the universe was created by an intelligence that we call God. No one looks at a building and says that there was an explosion and there it is. If there was an explosion (big bang) it would not put it in order but the opposite. All design implies a designer, this designer likes shapes and colors and is intricate in the detailing. This being existing is uncaused, nor subject to the natural laws that he has made.

As far as there being no God, in reality here are no atheists, only agnostics. For anyone to be absolutely sure that there is no God, they personally would have to look everywhere possible in the known and unknown (seen and unseen) universe throughout all of time to come to an ‘absolute conclusion’ that there is no God. Since no one has done this or knows anyone else who has, they can’t be absolutely sure there is no God. So this denial becomes their personal opinion. And we do not base the universe on ones personal opinion.

Opinions are as numerous as the different fruits. Everyone has an opinion on nearly everything, especially religious or spiritual beliefs. An Opinion is defined as: a belief stronger than impression, a conclusion or judgment less strong than absolute knowledge.

Science, logic, even common sense all show that life does not originate from non-life. This is teaching a supernaturalism that cannot be proven scientifically because it cannot be repeated to be verifiable. Concluding that the universe caused itself is simply not rationale. No one who has ever seen something come from nothing. Logic teaches something existed before creation.

So I propose another plausible explanation which is rational and scientific, that the universe was created by an intelligence that we call God, the creator, a personal everlasting being. All design implies a designer. No one looks at a building and says that there was an explosion that made it. If there was an explosion (a big bang) would it not do the opposite than put it in order?

A Big Bang is said to be the origin of the universe does not contradict the existence of divine creator being, but requires its existence. This being who created all must be eternal (uncaused) all powerful, of greater intelligence than what is made, totally self -sufficient and is unchanged throughout eternity. Nor would this being be subject to the natural laws that he has made to govern the creation.

God described by the bible, written thousands of years ago is explained to exist infinitely and eternally, having no beginning nor end, He alone is the uncaused cause of all things that exist, visible and invisible, that all things are made and held together though the invisible (Heb.11:3). It all comes back to first statement in the Bible, "In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

If one cannot accept this they will not accept anything from the Bibles record.


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