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coming soon Dreams and visions 

As in the days of Noah

Isaiah 55 living water

Our Unity in the Truth

Revival or Revivalism?

Short and simple ways to Witnessing Christ to others 

Kingdom now or later, God's plan or man's?

Bethel or Ichabod? What is really going on at Bethel church?

Our foundation of faith - when the gospel is not Gods doctrine

4 supernatural tales from William Branham

The New Age movement today

The resurrection / rapture

The Inclusive universal counterfeit god[s]

The Gospel- what it is and is not

Fantasy Spiritual warfare -  2 DVD's nearly 3 hours This may be the most important DVD we have produced, as it shows the paradigm shift of the Church in spiritual warfare. We trace the history right up to the present day antics of binding and loosing and chasing demons.

 You can request with any order a free "Emerging Church DVD" - with speakers Gary Gilley, Ray Yungen, Johanna Michaelsen, Sandy Simpson, Mike Oppenheimer.  


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