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The Latter Rain teachings of the author of the Passion

Can we expect Brian Simmons to have an affinity to William Branham as he is part of the NAR and they promote his Bible? Yes we can!

Many of the concepts Simmons teaches and writes in his Passion Bible comes from William Branham. Most importantly he also believed in an Aramaic primacy. Considering that the NAR endorses Branham, this then becomes the hub in the wheel.

Simmons claims the reason for mistranslations, is because translators have not been following the Aramaic text. Simmons says, "Jesus spoke in Aramaic. He taught in Aramaic. The apostles taught in Aramaic as well. Simmons’ relies on the Aramaic manuscripts to produce this translation. Simmons says, Lamsa was the ground-breaker, he was the pioneer.”

William Branham endorsed only one scholar – George Lamsa. He called him “ The great Doctor Lamsa, who translated the Bible from the Aramaic unto English .” (60-0417M Go Tell Jefferson IN).

The Peshitta that is in Aramaic is considered superior. Lamsa told people the Bible was originally written in Aramaic and Branham agreed. Both are wrong since the Bible was written years after Christ to the Gentiles that spoke common Greek, not Aramaic which the Jews spoke.

Simmons in his Passion Translation makes the Syriac superior to the older Greek texts. So his agreement with Branham is solidified.

There is many more points of simpatico with Branham such as on the topic of:


According to Brian Simmons, author of The Passion Translation, member of the NAR, God’s language is not Hebrew, God’s language is not Greek, God doesn’t speak English. I know the language of God. He told me. It’s picture. God speaks in picture. This is why you dream. You don’t dream a newspaper headline .” (Brian Simmons // Glory Of The Last Days // Session 2 Part1)

So the Word of God is not in a language but pictures? Is it any wonder that he translated the Bible the way he did? And people actually listen to this man!

William Branham said God spoke by visions to Jesus and to him. His gift was ministered through visions by an unnamed angel.

“the Word of the living God, as It comes to us through vision and is confirmed by the Holy Spirit, backed up by the Bible.” (62-1104M, Blasphemous Names, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

But it was not backed up by the Bible. Branham was telling people to listen to him over God’s Word. Why? True knowledge was replaced by his visions that he claimed were never wrong.

Branham stated “it's all seen by vision. Everything is by vision. When I see what you've done in life, I just see--just see it. But it's like I'm looking at you now. it just happened to be that God chose it for that purpose. " (50-0711 Ministry Explained)

“I do just what the Father shows Me by vision; that's what I do." And you know that's the truth, isn't it? (53-1129E Testimony)

He claimed this what Jesus said “ I speak what I have seen with My Father, and you do what you have seen with your father .” (John 8:38).

The Son of God or many?

Branham said of Jesus,He was the first Son of God to come to full maturity, to be in God.” (65-0418M)

He was a manifested Son of God. That's what we're to be one of these days . ” (61-0416)

before Jesus comes again, the full manifestation of the person of Jesus Christ is to be manifested in flesh.” (65-1206)

William Branham was one of the key promoters of what is called the Manifest Sons of God doctrine that came out from the Latter Rain of the late 40's. Simmons also has this teaching.

Reincarnation of Christ

Brian Simmons says "We are the Reincarnation of Christ.” There are very few people who have described the church this way. One of them was Branham.

Simmons Jubilee church Sydney May 2015:

Simmons says “He’s within us. ‘Rev.12 the virgin bride will give birth to a manchild company a corporate expression. One has become many, the seed has now fallen into the ground and died but now bearing many seed. Theres a many seeded Christ   he will prolong his day,…we are the word made flesh again. We ARE the reincarnation of Jesus Christ

The sealed book is you. He’s the Word, the volume of the book it is written of Him. We express the Word. WE ARE THE WORD MADE FLESH AGAIN. WE ARE THE REINCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST. The corporate expression....

Christ is no longer a man. He’s a people. You and I carry like Mary. We will bring forth the Christ. The Second Coming is the Becoming of the Lord.”

The Father loves the Son so much, he is going to fill the earth with people just like Him....”

“As Christ comes forth and emerges on the earth in a corporate expression, there will be a people who become the feet. The beautiful feet. … They will be untouched by sin, darkness, even death (Brian Simmons // Glory Of The Last Days // Session 2 Part 2)

William Branham said, “I believe that's Jesus Christ reincarnated in flesh in the human church here on earth a doing signs and wonders. ” (53-1205, The Resurrection, American Legion Hall, West Palm Beach)

Branham says the angel that came to Abraham, Abraham called Him, "Lord." And the translation there is Elohim, the great mighty Jehovah. It was Jesus Christ reincarnated. ” (58-0309E, Will The Church Go Before The Tribulation? Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

“the great mighty Jehovah. It was Jesus Christ reincarnated.” (58-0309E, Will The Church Go Before The Tribulation? Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

Brian Simmons teaches the 7 Sealed Book of Revelation is about Christians being reincarnated into Jesus Christ. The historical Church from its inception never taught The Church is becoming Christ in the flesh.

Christ is no longer a man, instead the Church is becoming Jesus Christ in the flesh? Do you realize Simmons is putting men who are sinners needing to be born again into the same nature and person as the only begotten Son of God who is the eternal God who did not sin. Simmons is making gods out of redeemed sinners, the Church is becoming Christ in the flesh is blasphemy as it means Jesus is not the only begotten, again this is a denial of his unique deity being incarnated as the man Jesus Christ.

In his teaching of Christ being in us and being us he distorts other Bible terms, which bring this into the danger zone.

These terms and teachings are found among today’s adherents of the Latter Rain from William Branham. Benny Hinn, Bob Jones, Bill Hamon, Bill Johnson all teach this as did Branham.

That the church body would “ become Word, and Word become you, God in you. You abide in God, and God in you .” (62-0714, The Uncertain Sound, Open Bible Standard Church, Spokane, WA)

Branham “And to the church, what is it? The incarnate Word made flesh amongst His people again (See?), and they just don't believe it.” (63-0320 The third Seal)

It was Branham that used the word reincarnation for Christ

See the nature of the Angel? Who was that Angel? It was God. Remember, Abraham called Him, "Lord." And the translation there is Elohim, the great mighty Jehovah. It was Jesus Christ reincarnated. ” (58-0309E, Will The Church Go Before The Tribulation? Branham Tabernacle)

“I believe that's Jesus Christ reincarnated in flesh in the human church here on earth a doing signs and wonders. ” (53-1205, The Resurrection, American Legion Hall, West Palm Beach)

Simmons teaches, “the last book of the bible is the unveiling of Jesus Christ that takes place in you”

Consider these teachings from Branham and the same words and concepts mentioned by Simmons. This is no coincidence. God in you, like He was in Jesus Christ. Because, what all God was, He poured into Christ; and all Christ was, He poured into the Church. See, that's God in you, "He that's in you." … He that was in Christ was God.... It was God in Christ .” (63-1110E, He That Is In You, Branham Tabernacle)

“He was a Man yet He was God; He was a manifested Son of God. That's what we're to be one of these days . ” (61-0416, Abraham And His Seed After Him, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL)

“And, today, because He was the first Son of God to come to full maturity, to be in God, He was plucked up from the earth and is waved over the people. … the first One!” (65-0418M It is the rising of the Sun Branham Tabernacle)

“Man was made to be a god. His domain is the earth. The whole earth's awaiting now for the manifestation of the sons of God to be made manifest .” (60-0731, Show Us The Father And It Will Satisfy Us, Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA)

Branham … give you the privilege to be His son, and you're a part of Him. And God dwells in mankind, and man himself is Deity .” (51-0729A, The Resurrection Of Lazarus, National Guard Armory, Erie, PA)

Branham’s doctrine had this premise, that “ God in all ages has had skin on It. See? (The Mighty God Unveiled before Us p.20)

This is explained that he came into the church at Pentecost we are all sons of God as he was the Son of God.

“But on the day of Pentecost He changed Himself from being the Son of man to the Son of God. He came, not with the people, He came in the people (see?), the same God to carry His ministry on through in this great age .” (The Mighty God unveiled Before us p.15)

Now He-- He promised that He would appear in the last days, in the form of human flesh again, in your flesh .” (64-0403, Jehovah-Jireh #2, 4-H Club Barn, Louisville, MS)

“before Jesus comes again, the full manifestation of the person of Jesus Christ is to be manifested in flesh .” (65-1206, Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy, Orange Bowl, San Bernardino, CA)

John the Baptist

Simmons in the forward of John Burton’s book “The Coming Church” writes

“The anointing of John the Baptist is being restored to the Church! ... There is a company of men and women who will turn the dark night into a bright light-daybreakers are rising to bring the dawning of awakening to the nations!" (Forward ~Brian Simmons Stairway Ministries & The Passion Translation Project)

The anointing of John the baptizer is being restored? Where have we heard this before? Not from Revelation in the Bible but from William Branham who taught of John as one of many Elijah’s.

A friend of Simmons, Bill Johnson explains “ We will carry the Elijah anointing in preparing for the return of the Lord in the same way that John the Baptist carried the Elijah anointing and prepared the people for the coming of the Lord” (When Heaven Invades Earth, p. 184)

Branham said the angel spoke to him stating “ As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Jesus Christ, so are you sent to forerun His second coming !”

Now it has turned into a company of John the baptist’s, Elijah's,  a corporate group with the same ministry.

Before the return of Christ Branham spoke of  being part of an Elijah generation, saying You are messengers of this same message.”

John Wimber who also had some Branham influence said “ and we will see the Elijahs .... This End time Army will be made of the Elijah’s of the Lord God.” (John Wimber, Docklands England, October, 1990).

Simmons says in his Passion Bible

A Pillar Fire at Pentecost

Acts 2 On the day Pentecost was being fulfilled, all the disciples were gathered in one place. Suddenly they heard the sound of a violent blast of wind rushing into the house from out of the heavenly realm. The roar of the wind was so overpowering it was all anyone could bear! Then all at oncea pillar of fire appeared before their eyes . It separated into tongues of fire that engulfed each one of them.”

This pillar is further explained in his notes:

Acts 2:3 This was the pillar of fire that led Israel from bondage into the promised land. The same pillar of fire manifested here to initiate a new beginning from dead religious structures into the powerful life of the Spirit. Each believer received an overpowering flame of fire, signified by the shaft of light that engulfed them. It was as though each one received his own personal pillar of fire that would empower him and lead him throughout his life.

The Holy Spirit DID NOT appear as a PILLAR OF FIRE at Pentecost.

This is what William Branham taught:

Branham “ That was God separating Himself from the Pillar of Fire into each member of His church: God separating Himself so He could be universally all over everywhere at one time ” (61-0208, Sirs, We Would See Jesus, First Assembly Of God Of Long Beach, Long Beach, CA; 61-0425B, The Godhead Explained, Holiday Inn, Chicago, IL)

“When God came down at Pentecost, He came down in a ball of fire like He did on Mount Sinai, like He did to the first shepherd, Moses .” (64-1221, Why It Had To Be Shepherds, Ramada Inn, Tucson, AZ).

It's not on them yet. It's there in the room, circling around like in this wind “(59-1219, Questions And Answers On The Holy Ghost, Branham Tabernacle

“And when He come down, He separated Himself in tongues of fire that set upon each of them . ” (64-1221, Why It Had To Be Shepherds, Ramada Inn, Tucson, AZ)

Branham described it as like a ball of fire of light, a pillar of fire.

Both Branham and the Passion translation of Brian Simmons teach a pillar of fire ….separated into tongues offire that engulfed each one of them.

The Bible does not say or describe what these men do. They are changing the Word.

Acts 2:2-3 “ suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them .” No pillar appeared that needed to be divided, as it came to each individual.

A fire baptism to cleanse

Simmons Speaks of the fire falling talks about a fire baptism. We find this same teaching from Branham

“the fire falling. John said these words concerning Jesus... I can only baptize you in this river but he will baptize you in the spirit of holiness and into his raging fire, everyone say raging fire... he then says there is a baptism of fire coming to alabama I want to give you the 7 expressions of that baptism . It is a fire of cleansing... fire in greek actually can be translated cleanse... So the fire of God that he wants to bring to bring into the room tonight is going knock the daylights into you, its going to cleanse you... the lord is going to seal us with flame tonight and bring a cleansing of holy Spirit fire that will eradicate our love for sin .” ( The Sacred Flame with Dr. Brian Simmons 8.5.17)

Where does the Bible says this? Nowhere does John say this nor does the Bible promise this. The Latter Rain cult says it, not the Bible.

A baptism of fire began to circulate before Asuza st. and was incorporated in the Neo Pentecostal movement. In the healing revival of the 40’s-50’s Latter Rain proponent Franklin Hall made famous the fire baptism (whose book most read, including Branham). He taught the "fire of the Holy Spirit" would eliminate the potential for sickness, tiredness, and even body odor (Dictionary of Pentecostal, p. 346)

You had O. L Jagger’s say, "I'm now going to rain down the fire of the Holy Ghost on you!"

Branham promised He would “ drive out the power of cancer, tumor, cataract, tuberculosis with fire, heavenly Holy Spirit Fire falling from God out of heaven … If He can burn inbred sin out, how much more can He burn cancer out by the same Holy Spirit. Amen .” (51-0502, The Angel Of The Lord, Calvary Temple, Los Angeles, CA) underline mine

Branham spoke of this cleansing which undo everything from sin to ill health.

This fire has become an experiential fixture in today’s false Pentecostal healing meetings called revivals. They speak fire and watch an immediate reaction on the people of what they claim is a fire baptism. In the Nar they too practice the fire reception Dutch Sheets calls is a river of fire.” As does Mike Bickle and Cindy Jacobs, both with the NAR that Simmons is also with.

Loose then spirit of burning! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! The forerunners at the end of the age are going to loose the burning fire.” (Mike Bickle May 12, 2000 National School of the Prophets)

He says: “ Unveil in us the living Christ! Unveil in us, the Glory of the Last Days! More Lord! More, More! More Lord! Put the Mark of the Christ on us! Oh let the Mark of the Christ be upon our head and our hands. More! More! More! A seal of fire over our heart! More! More! We welcome the seal of God on our forehead !” (Brian Simmons, Brian Simmons, Glory of the Last Days, Session 1 Part 2, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yMLyHzxqsg Published by jubileechurchsydney on June 05, 2015.)

The seal of God is for 144,000 Jews in the Tribulation (Rev.7), not for the Church now. The only mark on man’s head AND hands comes from the false Christ, called the Beast. This is a good example of false teaching.


The word realm is used in The Passion Translation 196 times, in the NKJ Version it is used 0 –

This is an important distinction that changes meanings of both men and God.

everything he is we are in this world . John said that as he is so are we in this world, its not as he was on earth but as he is now glorified exalted enthroned so are we in this earth world, those he justified he also glorified. …

“When we believe Jesus is the savior we get salvation, when we believe he is the healing, we get healing   when we believe he is the glorifier we get glorification. So the glory realm is accessible through our union with Christ.” (Awakening with Brian Simmons (John 22 Revealed) Mar 7, 2020

Does the Bible describe a “glory realm”? Can we access this unbiblical realm like he describes? The fact is awakening like Simmons describes is from another Spirit seen in the New Age Movement.

Simmons attaches the same type of meaning that Branham did, calling it the spirit realm.

Simmons changed Matt 4:17 “ From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. " In his Passion Bible to Keep turning away from your sins and come back to God, for heaven’s kingdom realm is now accessible.” (TPT)

Branham also taught we can enter this “realm,” we can rise into that spirit realm there; there's a place there where we go when we leave this body.” (51-0720, The Angel Of God, Civic Auditorium, Toledo, OH)

We have access, “ going into another world, another dimension, another realm.” (60-0731, Show Us The Father And It Will Satisfy Us, Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA)

“if you would just enter into that other--that other dimension now, enter that realm ...” (51-0928, At Thy Word, St. Nicholas Arena, New York, NY;54-0307E, Do You Now Believe?, Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, AZ

Like other Latter Rain adherents they all teach this. At Copeland's meeting Rodney Howard-Browne prophesied: " This is the day, this is the hour," saith the Lord "that I am moving in this earth. This is the day that I'll cause you to step over into the realm of the supernatural. ... The drops of rain are beginning to fall to the glory of God ."

Simmons abuses this further, to make Gods realm in the plural “as in Mt.6:9 Our Father, dwelling in the heavenly realm s, …. Manifest your kingdom realm, and cause your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth, just as it is fulfilled in heaven.”

Matt 6:9-10 Our Father in heaven, (is singular) Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.” The kingdom coming (meaning his rule by his presence on earth in the Millennium). The kingdom coming and manifesting heaven on earth now are two very different concepts. The first is taught in the Bible the second, what Simmons is teaching is not.

What is a realm? It is first interpreted as a place, a region, a territory According to dictionaries.

Simmons says, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him.”

This is not the same meaning as Matt 6:33, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,”

Some may think that Simmons having the same beliefs as Branham is wonderful; it is not. It is dangerous! Branham had a different Christianity, a different Jesus and denied the main tenets of the faith. I suspect the same words and concepts spoken by Simmons is because he is familiar with Branham which would not be unusual since all the NAR, Latter Rain proponents are. But to change the Bible to be like Branham’s teaching is a whole other matter that makes this very dangerous. Branham’s false teaching lives on in the church by his many followers.


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