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Testimonials of those who have encountered false teaching or have been in false religious systems and have now reconsidered


A letter from a participant of a G-12 meeting.

Testimony of the Toronto blessing

Testimony of  Jehovah's Witness

Word Faith  -Escaping the word faith heresy

A letter written  to Kenneth Copeland's ministry

A Testimony of Seeking God the right way

A Strange but true spiritual journey 

International church of Christ- A story on Great Britain's International church of Christ

Oneness Pentecostal

Roman Catholic  -

7th Day Adventists testimonies of being set free

Testimony of a 7th Day Adventist

Placing Faith in the Baptizer, Not the Baptism    http://www.gospeloutreach.net/upctest.html


Mormonism- Al Roy's testimony

Testimonies of former Mormons who have encountered the Jesus of the Bible- http://www.lhvm.org/testim.htm 

7th Day Adventist-  Testimonies of those who practiced 7th Day Adventism 

On Rodney Browne and laughter-

Cult Testimonies

Jehovah's Witnesses-

Audio testimonies  http://www.towertotruth.net/audio.htm

New Age

“The Great, Subtle Lie” of Contemplative Spirituality


Shepherds chapel


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