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The current occult Revival p.2

In the occult words have power and there is no more powerful a word than Gods eternal name “I AM”

It has become popular to purposely use the name of God that was given to Moses at the burning bush for affirmations.  It has long been practiced in the new Age movement and this is now sneaking into the church.

But when one knowingly uses God’s name applies his holy d name to themselves then it is a serious matter.

They are teaching I AM is more than a sacred name. It is a formulae, an empowerment. It is who you really are and you are able to speak by your divine essence to change your reality.

But the real affect, the more one chants, repeats Gods name, (as their name) the more they are deceived.

Religious Science founder Charles Fillmore in his book Dynamics for Living wrote: “21. Man should constantly affirm: "I AM.”

World teacher Trust uses Violet Flame Invocation Of ascended Master Saint Germaine which includes the invocation and decreeing of I Am.

The enemy of God has chosen people to carry a contrary message throughout history. One that opposes God as the only one and to blaspheme his name which expresses his nature.

Jon Klimo approvingly quotes Benner, who says By 1916 Benner said he felt he could no longer resist the growing inclination to give himself~ over as a vehicle to a larger presence, to let his mind he subsumed by (or co- creatively interact with) a larger Mind or Being.”

Through automatic writing, we hear, for example: " I your divine SELF, the ‘I AM’ of you, bring to you this My Message, My Living Word, as I have brought to you everything in life, be it book or MASTER, to teach you that I, and I alone, your own True Self, am the Teacher for you, the only Teacher, and the one true God.” (p.200, Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, Jon Klimo)

In Benner’s book he stated that God “who is living in your body and is your Real Self,” … until you recognize this great truth in a more or less conscious and intelligent way. This, of course, is not easy to grasp by a mind that considers you and itself separate and apart from God.”

The Sun Group, founded in Ohio in 1920 based itself on Benner’s teachings. They taught a meditative practice of entering “into the silence, stillness and peace” each day at noon. Both the meditative state and the teaching of your real self as God are coupled together.  

All of this has been practiced by the metaphysicians, theosophists and occultists in the new age movement for years.

“That which you believe I am, I AM." In other words, whatever your consciousness attributes to your God-Self will determine your demonstration.” (Chpt 6 Planetary Commission Self Mastery series

 “I place my Faith in the Reality I AM, the very Christ of God.”

“This I AM is God . . . this I AM is You . . . Universal and Individual Consciousness . . . God knowing Itself as God” (chpt. 9 ibid.)

One of the main distributing centers for ascended masters teachings is the Summit Lighthouse of

The I AM, is your Higher Self, This is also called the Great Creative Word, "I AM"  when read, thought, or spoken. I AM"! is the Life from the Great Central Sun announcing Its Presence through the individual who thinks, speaks, or feels the Great Eternal Fiat of Life's existence.  Therefore, always release that strong powerful feeling whenever you use the Great Creative Word -"I AM."

Eckhart Tolle- Know That “I Am” Portals to Presence and the Realization of Our True Nature. On Know That “I Am,” Eckhart describes a new state of consciousness that is beginning to emerge on the planet, wherein the sense of self is no longer derived solely from thought—but from the direct recognition of our timeless, “being” nature.

Everywhere one looks we find this being used in the wrong way. Dr. Wayne Dyer a popular new age writer says every time you use the words “I AM” you are citing the name of God!   And every time you say the words with it “I am weak, I am poor, I am unlucky, I am unhappy, I am sick, you are desecrating the name God.

Actually using Gods name in this manner desecrates Him.

Dyer teaches to use the I AM as you, in affirmations that are mantras. That these will reshape your life to be what you want it to be. He is using “I AM” like the practice in the Occult, to attract what you need or want to become.

Can a man take the name that God gave Moses for himself? Lets understand from the Bible what this name meant. It is called God’s name forever, it is expressing his eternal nature to man. He revealed his name to Moses a he was about to return to Egypt to confront the Pharaoh who thought he was a God. That’s irony, and those who use it today think they are the I AM, they are a god like Pharaoh.

The God of Moses showed his care for the nation of Israel that was in bondage as slaves to Egypt by Moses and Aaron coming before Pharaoh and pronouncing judgments so that the people would be set free to serve God, not the God who is Moses. The miracles had nothing to do with Moses using His name as James Tyman teaches. It had everything to do with God being there for Moses in his difficult task of confronting probably the most powerful man on earth at the time the king of Egypt. God was keeping his covenant he promised to Abraham 400 years prior.


Biblically, “I am” means self-existing one. How can you become what He eternally is? He does not change. This interpretation is nonsense. God’s name was never intended, nor had any implication to be used as a mantra as those are using it today. Interpreted to mean whenever we say the words, "I am," we are really saying "God in me." applying the pantheistic view that all is God, including man.

 Satan mocks Gods name by having people use his name to change their reality.

Vedic philosophy (which is where Hinduism comes from) has this same concept contained in the Sanskrit phrase so 'ham ("I Am That"). "the phrase expresses each one of us, is that.

The Secret,” … When you say I AM the rest of that sentence cannot but help become your reality. That is because one of the manifestations of God is God as Law, the Divine Law of Cause and Effect, which Buddhism calls karma.  (The Power of I Am: Claiming Your Inherent Power To Consciously Create A Life of Purpose, Meaning and Joy. Dan Shafer).


Like the secret Oprah promotes along with the law of attraction. So many new agers use this and have no idea what they have been tricked into.


James Twyman in his “Moses code” says, We who live in the 21st century can say God's Name – “I AM THAT, I AM,” Twyman claims that in utilizing this "methodology" one can "manifest divine miracles" - we can have whatever we desire. There is a way of speaking this name that actually unlocks the creative power that allows us to harness that creative power and create miracles in out lives” “ There is power and energy in this name” http://www.Lawofattractiontools.com/

Twyman in The Moses Code movie and book actually change 'The Name' of God to "I AM THAT , I AM."  With the insertion of a comma he says you unlock "the key" to the "Code" and then God can "manifest power" through humans. His occult methodology is clear.

One of the main words of power in occultism is I AM. God’s name is now used as the five I wills of Satan, it’s your personal incantation, a mantra for attracting to you what you want in this world.

 This lie is not only a counterfeit of the truth - it eliminates the truth, replaces it. They don’t know the difference because they do not have the truth

The first Commandment God gave was “I am the LORD thy God, ….Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:2-3). And that “other god” does not have to be a god of another religion. It can be yourself. 

Laurie Beth jones Shares speaking platforms with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neal Donald Walsch, Matthew Fox and many other New Agers, some who approve of channeling spirits.

Her book Jesus CEO : Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership, on the name “I am,”:  on page 5 she writes: “The words I AM therefore reflect all the creative power in the Universe” but on the very next page (6): she says “List in detail each of your own 'I ams.” This means YOU have all the creative power in the universe.

On page 295 (Affirmations for Leaders): “I proudly say I AM, knowing clearly my strengths and God-given talents. I repeat my strengths to myself often, knowing my words are my wardrobe.”

Proudly is certainly where she is coming from, pride as she takes God's name and applies it to herself.

Joel Osteen also did a whole teaching on using the name of God “I am” to bring what you want in your life.

What you say following these two words will determine what life you will live. “The I am’s that are coming out of your mouth will either bring success or failure.”  I can tell you by the word of God if you use Gods name like this it will bring you ruin.

The new age is teaching  a rebellion that is led by an angel of light, convincing millions, even billions of wanna be gods to exercise their will over reality. This  will not end good.



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