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pt. 4 To  Dream a dream

Lou Engle sitting on stage next to Bill Johnson and with Benny Hinn and tells us,

 “the Call was born out of a dream I had with Benny Hinn” … dreams give you divine intelligence, it give you the secrets for deliverance, … you get inner healing in your dreams… and the more you treat it as holy the more you get, he who has the more more shall be given, our whole ministry, actually, almost everyday we meet together do we say do have a dream. And because we do stuff with our dreams rather than saying its just a dream. We treat them as smart bombs. Intercessory assignments to change the world. So the call began in many ways with a dream of Benny Hinn….”

Engle begins speaking of when he was with Taiwanese kids in 2003. They wanted an all night prayer meeting, so he said jokingly they prayed and preacher slept. And so Engle dreamt that night …Engle stresses the spiritual importance of dreams,  he says a dream is like a seed,“why should we waste a third of our lives without the language of heaven bombarding us.”

He continues, saying “In this dream I’m on stage with Benny Hinn, and Benny Hinn says 'Lou you’re done with the ministry '…I wake and think that is really a pizza dream for sure. What is that, Benny Hinn, I never even met Benny Hinn! So the next morning I remember having the message that would bring  revival. (laughing) it didn’t work out. It worked out according to the dream. Right before I get up to preach, suddenly one of these high school kids stands up to prophesy and the holy Spirit invades the place, …this is 2003 pre toronto (Toronto was in 1994), everyone is being slain in the Spirit, laughing, shaking. I’m thinking this is so rude…I'm not Penetecostal, I had no idea what this stuff was…” (really in 2003).

He goes back to his cabin laid down wondering. And says the Lord reminded him of Benny Hinn’s book “the anointing,” when the anointing comes your done with the ministry but its a joyful occasion (people cheering). Here’s the deal, God spoke to me, it will never be about your preaching, it is about what I will do when kids pray.  He explains the kids are club leaders that invited him to speak and prayer begins to break out, and that began the movement of the Call.

Engle It started with the dream about Benny Hinn, and power of kids praying and revival comes when people pray. And it all started with a Dream (people cheer). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXPCjeNhWb4

Consider another story of his that contradicts the prior.

“In 1999, I prayed the prayer, “How can I turn America back to God?”  It became the defining prayer of my entire life and birthed the movement of TheCall. That very night I had a dream where I was overwhelmed with the impossibility of seeing America turn back to God. In the dream, a scroll rolled down before me with the Scripture of Luke 1:17.  When I woke up, I knew at that moment TheCall would be like a John-the-Baptist type movement that would prepare the way of the Lord…” https://louengle.com/a-new-scroll-for-the-nations/

 Which story is it? TheCall began in Washington, DC in 2000, next one was  07.07.07. So how can it be born from a dream in 2003?

Continuing "Last days language of the Holy Spirit is dreams,, this is the language and culture of heaven. And so our whole world  actually , our whole world is dream. We have this quote, If you hang around the dream king, if you hand around Jesus you’re going to get dreams… you join yourself to a dreamteam, the dreams that he gives are too big to fulfill you’ve got to have a team. I would rather than  just having dreams myself I would like to create  a dream community around me. Give permission  to the people in your fellowship and church to dream dreams and give them access to you, housewivse can change the world if they have a big mouth telling the dream.

 He shortly has everyone ask for dreams asking for a whole new level of prophets ,.. we stepped into a whole new dimension of wisdom and revelation.”

Do we need to give people permission to dream? If God is to give a dream it will come with or without our permission. Again saying the last days is about dreams  is a wrong timing of the application of Joel 2..

Engle gives an exampleHere In the latter rain a guy had a vision I think this is really critical … we want to loose people into their anointings (ed. Note: there is only one anointing)… and during the latter rain there was vision  given to a man named bill Bright, not bill bright Bill Britton.  In this vision there are two horses running free…caught they were brought into a coral and there they were being harnessed and trained and one horse said to the other horse I’m outta here… going to go to the green pastures. Leaped over the fence… came back sometime later and saw his friend horse harnessed asked him to join him… Later a famine hit the land and he came back again and saw his friend horse sleek and strong carrying the kings carriage and he realized he had not received the harness of the Lord. I think that’s really critical when the days of revival coming that young men and women, even older guys need, there’s a place for the harness. I didn’t get released until I was 47 years old …Sometimes we are do eager to rush into a stage. Let God give you the stage before you take it.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXPCjeNhWb4

This is his example of being taught by a dream, and he is referring to the Latter Rain.

Engle admits that his ministry is led by dreams. Considering the lack of discernment, we can assume the same amount of discernment (zero) is applied to the dreams that flow to him and those that surround him.

The Old Testament mentions various ways God used to communicate with people, one of them was by a dream.

Yet we cannot lose sight of the New Testament teaching of how we are to learn from Him today. Heb. 1:1 “God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son.”

 God formerly used a variety of means to communicate with man, which would include a dream or a vision but ow speaks his word directly to all through the Scripture.

Dreams are no longer the manner God communicates, Engle says it is. And makes it THE way for his ministry. This replaces Gods direct will by his written word.

We are to rightly divide the word of truth; this is not that…

The New Testament mentions dreams only a few times showing it diminished (Joseph 3 times  Mt.1:20,2:12, 2:19; Pilates wife Mt.27:9; and Acts 2 for the future Latter Rain on Israel) resulting in 3 different mentions. No one was guided by dreams

Run by dreams

Engle states. "We trivialize the prophetic. We trivialize our night visions and just say, 'Well, I just had a dream. It was only a dream.' Only a dream!? The Bible says in the last days, your old men will dream dreams and see visions. The language of the last days is revelatory, audible, hearing and seeing, and you say it's just a dream? Many people see the burning bush and don't even go toward it."

Again he is taking Joel’s prophecy out of context and applying it to today. which is what the Latter Rain movement has done from its inception.

Speaking at IHOP's "Prayer and Prophetic Conference," Lou Engle discusses the importance of listening to dreams that we should not trivialize them, for they are Gods voice. We should tremble at His voice. What Engle says next is revealing, “almost everything I have been apart of in the last 25 years in ministry founded on the word of God but most of it has been delivered through The prophetic ministry of divine ideas thoughts and intentions and directions and by the grace of God we have picked up most of those seed thoughts that have come from the heavenly mind realm, from the heavens above, and we have walked out those dreams and I have found out those dreams were not just tickling fancies they were the word of God and they created movements and shake nations” (International House of Prayer's 2011 OneThing conference Dec. 28-31, 2011 at the Kansas City Convention Center. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tEZIRlvSFU)

 He means his own interpretation of the word. To say these dreams (which we have given examples of) are “the word of God” shows he does not understand the written word’s importance or its meaning.

His explanation is quite convoluted, that the word of God is delivered from dreams, those which he labels, divine ideas, thoughts, intentions and directions.

We do not pursue Gods dreams as Engle puts it, we do his will from learning the word.

 For more explanations of his dream’s being the word, read this https://www.charismanews.com/opinion/63597-lou-engle-offers-insight-into-2-urgent-prophetic-dreams


Satan can give dreams, eating too much pizza can give dreams,  a traumatic day or week can give dreams. All dreams need to be scrutinized. But I can assure you from the Word of God that dreams are more rare, not abundant as Engle teaches.

While God can still speak to people through dreams when it is necessary, it is rare. All we hear about today are I had a dream or a vision. Gnostics, mystics always elevate dreams, visions, or a spiritual experience above the plain written word. Jesus said My words are spirit and they are life, and these are written to us. This is what we are to understand.

The main premise for these dreams and visions being received today is to promote Latter Rain experiences, proof that God is pouring out his spirit on all flesh.

Today, a teacher, a pastor receives his message from the Word of God through study. He treads out the grain and allows the Holy Spirit to speak and guide him.

the just shall live by faith” (Hebrews 10:37). Romans 1:17: Faith comes from God’s word. Faith holds to God’s word and does not pursue other spiritual means to receive instruction or revelation over the word.

Scripture says in Ps. 138:2-3 “You have magnified Your word above all Your name.” God’s main way to communicate to us by His word, the written word.

And let’s not neglect that God says the prophets prophesy lies in his name, saying, I have dreamed, and goes on to say they “cause my people to forget my name by their dreams.”

They made it seem as if God gave them a fresh revelation, but Jeremiah says the word of the Lord did not come to them by a dream but it was their own desires.

He says Jer. 23:28-32: “The prophet who has a dream, let him tell a dream; and he who has My word, let him speak My Word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat?” Says the LORD “Is not My Word like a fire?” Says the LORD, ‘And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?

God compares The Word (His Word) to dreams – the Word he says is wheat- it is nourishing. Dreams were chaff, they are blown away by the wind. As Jesus said the chaff is burned. There is no way to justify or prove what Engle is saying is from God except to test it by the Word. And what we have seen by his words is not correct.

pt.5 The Shift -- from thecall to the Send -YWAM’s involvement



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