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Our Daily Witnessing

We are told in Scripture to be ready in and out of season to give an answer for our faith in Christ. This occasion often presents itself in the most inopportune times.

It can be a knock on your door, being in an elevator or when you go shopping. We should be prepared to speak, even if it is for a few minutes. We do not need to go deep into differences when we are in a short conversation. But leave something that will impact the person and hopefully open them up for more.

Most people do not like to hear they are a sinner or sinful, so these terms need to be explained to them before one can proceed with the gospel. What is Gods definition of this and what does it mean to us individually.

Using examples from our everyday surroundings is always helpful. Every country has laws. Many are same. For example, if you went through a red light at a busy intersection and a policeman saw this would he be obligated to give you a ticket?

Make the connection of God having laws, moral laws. If we were to break his law would we expect to pay like we would in life. Numerous examples can be used.

The point is to have them understand in the simplest manner that our disobedience has us become guilty before God. God is holy and must punish the sinner who sins.

Another example, what if a person harmed another (like you or your family) and stood before the judge and he said itís okay and let you go? Would that judge be derelict in his duty of keeping the law?

Keep bringing it back to Gods own law as the standard and violating his law by sin. As a judge he must punish sin, but as a savior He wants to take the penalty of your sin away. That turning from your sin and putting trust in Gods sacrifice will produce, forgiveness where there is guilt and give one a new start in life with a relationship with God that brings obedience and joy that is greater than happiness.


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