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Pt 3 the Awakening of what?

A Quantum mystical leap into the unknown


Many have joined with the chorus of a revealing of glory by something new.

“I felt the heart of God strongly.
“Change is not a bad thing. I am making room for the new. Do not fight the shift and the change that I am bringing. I am bringing it forth so that My Bride can move into her destiny. Do not fight the flow, but go with My flow. Do not attempt to hold onto the old, but embrace the new. It is not something to fear, it’s something to embrace. For if you embrace the shift and the changes that I am bringing you will see the demonstration of My power and the greater revealing of My Glory like never before.” (LANA VAWSER)

God does not speak like this, offering power and glory if you “embrace the shift”, nor does he speak of this “newer” new thing anywhere in Scripture!

He does tell us to NOT to accept the new (that is not true) and not hold to the old (which is true). This “sound teaching” is “unsound teaching,” it is not from the Christ of the Bible, or is it the Word of Scripture.

An awakening

“The angel mentioned the importance of seizing this season while this dispatch of angelic hosts is present. It said that our voices will confirm the ringing in the ears that the angels have been releasing that is awakening hardened hearts, and our voice will be the catalyst that awakens them fully..."  I feel we are on the verge of worldwide revival... https://m.facebook.com/officialbenijohnson?ref=stream

The angel says, "We ring our bells and souls will be saved. Their voice will be the catalyst that awakens.”

 Beni may believe we are on the verge of worldwide revival, but the fact is we have a new age revival of the occult already taking place and some of it is in the church.

In Chapter 15 the Clarion call by Beni Johnson says “I love to hear the sound of heaven come into a room during a time of worship. I will purposely listen for it. Because when it comes, it shifts the atmosphere…. It is time to train our spirit ears to hear that sound.”

Scripture verse- none

Beni Johnson believes she is called to the ‘prophetic act of waking up angels’ who says there are angels of awakening. She is told by an angel called “channel” (a fitting new age name for what they are doing) that myriads of these angels have been dispatched all over the earth for the season we are in. These are not God’s angels so listener beware.

As Orrel Steinkamp noted “the contributors believe those in the New Age may understand the manner in which an alleged “next move of God” might occur is chilling.”

We hear God is releasing to chosen prophets ram’s horns that when sounded will shake nations, will bring a greater alignment make way for the revelation of my glory and power that has not been seen before that will purify the church, demonstration of My power with signs an wonders

Beni Johnson states “Sound is vibrations that travel through the air or another medium. Releasing the sound of heaven is a very powerful weapon. One of the tools we have found that releases that sound is the shofar. Shofars were sounded preceding a war. They were used to rally the troops for action and to call the people together for prayer and repentance. The shofar is like an air raid siren that alerts us to danger and summons us to action. I believe that the shofar, used the right way, can be a powerful weapon in prophetic intercession. The sound that the shofar produces can cause a change in the spirit realm, which in turn changes our physical realm. I didn't always used to feel this way about the shofar until I began to study about them…. Listen for His voice and be a releaser of the sounds of heaven!” (http://benij.org/heaven.php)

They all sound more like a New Age teachers than a Christian teachers who are to find the teaching in the Bible. They instead use words or phrases from the Bible and change the meaning. This will be seen in the many quotes from those introducing the new sound.  The sound of a shofar does not change the atmosphere of a “spirit realm,” but as a mystic she thinks it does.

Doug Addison who interprets and prophecies over tattoos of unbelievers “I keep hearing God speaking over and over to me that there is a new sound that has already been released from Heaven. I have heard prophecies about a new sound coming and many musicians and worship leaders are searching for it. I have not yet heard this new Heavenly sound in any church but I can’t stop hearing it in the spirit.… (he presents this as music)…. Just as in previous moves of God, not everyone in the Church will receive the new sound or even recognize it is from God.” (Doug Addison August 27, 2009)

11 years later – nothing! He goes from new sound (singular) to sound plural.

“God spoke to me that each time the shofar is blasted this year on Rosh Hashanah, it will open and release new sounds from Heaven. Each of the sounds will contain new gifts, callings, anointings and creative works from Heaven, including music and new art.” (Doug Addison Sept. 21, 2017)

So God responds to man blowing a shofar and sends us this “stuff” in a sound he calls gifts and anointing’s from heaven. Consider what would happen with an orchestra of shofars?

On the rising shining one, Brian Simmons says, “God has in store a day, a day of glory, that will unveil Jesus Christ before our eyes. But we need to be awakened by the sound. I'm glad to hear that sound as I read through The Coming Church! I see the awakening in my soul, I hear the sound of the church migrating from our lax Laodicean ways and rushing into the dawning of a new day! Revival is in the air and The Coming Church will be alive and well, exporting the glory to the nations.” (Brian Simmons Stairway Ministries The Passion Translation Project)

Simmons is saying the Laodicean church will go from Lukewarm to hot. Is that what Jesus said about Laodicea? So he changes the Word to comply with his Latter Rain eschatology. What’s in the air is nothing good (see Eph.2:2), and if the Church believes this nonsense of a new sound awakening them, they will definitely be bringing a revival – one of the new age movement, not Christianity. One reason is because there is no gospel.

They continue to prophesy, speak and focus on their new revelation. How about explaining the Word of the Bible correctly or speak the gospel, isn’t that what we are instructed to do? But instead these mystics, Latter Rain promoters make it all about the glory, the dawning of a new day by a new sound, which has nothing to do with the Bible. It’s both sad and dangerous.

Christians must understand those in the new age are involved in the demonic, a false spiritual activity that wants you to believe it is of God.

[We] suspect God is up to something new-something that will transform us at the deepest level of who we are and will be ushered in by a new form of "sound" or "vibration." (Ellyn Davis, Judy Franklin, Kindle location: 471.)

This is exactly what the age movement teaches. And they even admit this…. John Welton in the Physics of Heaven states, “They all agree that the next move of God will cause a shift at the deepest level of who we are—perhaps at the very “vibrational level” that the New Age movement has been exploring.”

“This coming new sound isn’t just something that you pick up with your ears, but it’s greater than anything you can understand. It can change DNA so we are genetically growing up. Your genetics are the same as His was. Our genetics come out of the Father in our spirit. We are

becoming like an instrument being tuned, where our genetics are getting aligned with the Father’s genetics, in harmony with Him.”

“Your genetics are the same as His was.”

“We’re going to take authority over everything down here back and literally give it back to the Father.”

God does not have genetics, only creatures do, which proves they are talking a bundle of nonsense. And if we take authority on earth (which is the heretical kingdom now teaching) it proves they are not under the head of the Church who says otherwise.

How far are these people going to go with this vibration, sound/ light “new revelation?” Certainly they have gone deeper than William Branham who trafficked in this other realm and vibrations.

Branham taught we are multidimensional that people are walking and talking among us “When you receive it, the revelation, something slips out of the unseen world yonder, comes rolling down through a mystical channel somewhere into your soul, that says, "Now I see it.” (54-0719A, God's Provided Way Of Healing, Lane Tech High School, Chicago, IL)

Bethel Church teaches us "the veil between the earthly realm and the heavenly realm is thinner than ever.” (Physics of Heaven, kindle location 190).

the voices, that's coming through here, even taped singers, singing now; there's people screaming; there's all kinds of things going on, air waves going through here, but you can't pick it up. A radio could. These pictures coming through here; you can't see that.... but the television would show them.” (55-1004, Come, Let Us Reason Together, Lane Tech High School, Chicago, IL)

“well like television, that's in another dimension.... People are moving right through this room now singing; there's colors also, but the eye is only subject to the five senses.” (65-0221E Who is this Melchisedec)  

In the fourth dimension, people can prove that right through this room now is coming radio activity, radio messages. Coming right through this building now is coming television pictures, but it's too fast for our eyes. … There's the Lord Jesus Christ, the resurrected Son of God standing here, and the reason that you can't see Him is because our heart hasn't become tuned down to it.” (55-0403, Fellowship By Redemption, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN).

Much like we hear today, we need to be attuned to it to receive.

Their teaching of this new sound will lead one into numbers, colors and host of other new age beliefs that are attached to this, by listening you are being led into the new age movement a counterfeit competitor of Christianity. In fact, one can say this is a Christian version of the Secret Oprah promoted. The fact is. when I was a new ager prior to becoming a believer in Christ, I would be quite comfortable with what these people are saying and writing and practicing.

The easiest and quickest way to convince someone of anything is by experience, by their feelings because it bypasses the critical thinking of the mind. And if one does not scrutinize what is right and wrong from the word an angel of light has found a welcome home (2 Cor. 11:14; 2 Thess. 2:9).

When you are not operating by “The Word,” you are left with “a sound.” They are not listening to the written Word so the alternative is to listen to a “sound” which does not carry meaning. They have no patience for prophecy to occur, so they manufacture a new Pentecost that has nothing to do with the biblical fulfillment.

Welton says, "Are psychics and New Ager's operating in real power?" The answer is yes, but they have climbed in as trespassers. They have not accessed the spirit realm through Jesus.” (kindle location 726)."

 Those sneaky new agers, yea, they snuck into the spirit realm of God another way… which means it is not God’s “realm.” This so called spirit realm is something else. The Bible thoroughly forbids entering the spirit realm that New Ager’s, Occultists, Mystics are Spirit enthusiasts of.

"In this hour the experience will help to open up those portions of Scripture that have been closed to us. No one in their right mind would claim to understand all that is contained in the Bible for us today. Yet to suggest that more is coming causes many to fear. Get over it, so you don't miss it!"

They are teaching this sound, vibration experience should not be missed because of what we do not understand in Scripture. What about what we do understand? What about what they do not understand of the Scripture?

 They seek a sign that is not biblical, sounds/vibrations are their quantum mystical God that permeates everything rather than a Creator who is separate from His creation as described in the Bible.  

They say this sound will be 10 times the power that was released at Pentecost. I would say100 times more damaging.

Bob Jones telling us to “vibrate in harmony with God and that vibrations are a portal; perhaps – but to where? (p.26)

I believe it leads straight into the new age as these new age concepts are already transforming some of the churches. Some of these men know exactly what they are doing, it’s just not possible to not know.

They are using Christian terms teaching the same concepts as the New Age is.

“a new and fresh revelation, the institution of some form of a new religion and the sounding of a note which produced a new civilisation and culture, or a fresh recognition of relationship between God and man or man and his brother…."the liberation of energy." (The externalization of the Hierarchy By Alice Bailey)

Is this not the same as what these new revelators in the church are stating?

The Bible speaks of a sound that is coming for the saints as the “last trump,” Jesus comes for the Church that has kept His Word. It is then that we will be permanently changed, I’ll wait for that, it’ll be worth it.


Pt.4 The Sound of Confusion



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