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Your personal Spiritual warfare

When we hear the term spiritual warfare it is interpreted in different ways depending on what you have been taught or experienced.

In the Bible we read of our world as a battlefield, the Devils kingdom opposes Godís and the chess pieces being moved are you and I, mankind. He is after our soul, which is manís greatest self possession.

We are contending in spiritual warfare every day in various ways. Influences are all around us to have us act contrary to our new nature.

We begin to enter a war in our mind that wants to solicit the heart, the flesh wars against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh, that is our personal spiritual warfare.

We either react in our old nature, or in the new.

This warfare can show up in relationships, where the enemy wants to divide. When we get wrong thoughts about a person we know or respect, it can either be our flesh or the devils fiery dart. If it persists after you decide it is wrong, then you know itís not originating from you.

Satan continually interferes with the believers who are at work serving the Lord, not those in neutral, he leaves them alone. So if one says everything is always fine in their life then they may be in neutral for Godís kingdom. One of the biggest threats to his kingdom is one who is praying accurately, someone who is active in serving the Lord, in any capacity.

It can be influencing young children in Sunday school, being a good witness at work, or praying for Jesus to be made known to specific people. These people become his targets to confuse, hinder or stop their work.

This battle began when you became a believer and switched sides. Eph. 2:2 ďyou once walked according to the course of this world.Ē Eph. 5:8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.Ē

Col. 3:7 ďthe works of the flesh in which you yourselves once walked when you lived in them

Now Satan and his kingdom is our enemy because we no longer living in it or living for our fallen nature. He wants us neutralized, so he, through ideas and concepts tries to undermine the truth that we learn in Scripture.

This is where false doctrine is introduced. He knows that we now have the Scripture as our basis, our rule of life. So he distorts it, has us or listen to others interpreted it wrongly to not live in the truth. This where doctrine divides (Rom.15:15-16)

TWO kingdoms are in conflict. One kingdom wants to keep man captive in their fallen state, the other, the kingdom of light, wants to free them through trusting in Godís Son to serve him. We are the ones that carry the message to bring that freedom.

The world is at war and we know where the real war is operating, itís not won on the battlefields by man, only we have the weaponry; which is spiritual, the word and prayer. Satanís war is done invisibly, and wants to keep it that way. By our showing people the truth he is exposed in his lies. The believers standing against the devils influences, doing Godís will shine the light. Our prayers, if they are according to Godís will, can be answered and change the course of a personís life.

We need to be engaged, to be salt and light to stay the fast corruption of our culture. It doesnít take much for each of us to focus on a certain facet of life and bring the word of truth into it. If we all did a little, a lot would get done. Pray and get involved while we have the time to do so.


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