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  Prophecy Directory

Articles on PROPHECY - ESCHATOLOGY (the Last days)

How wrong is the preterist view? Answers to a completely wrong eschatology

The Last rebellion, Mankind’s open door into Marxism continues

Fasten your seatbelts-  Is the truth on UFO's about to go public? we wait to see...

They said a lot, but committed to nothing- Release of the UFO report

Technological Advances Toward a Global Tracking System- The various technologies that are moving us toward the day of globalism and the new world system of Rev.13


        Abandoning of Doctrine- The rapture, the church taken to heaven

As in the Days of Noah The increase of violence today.

Loving His appearing Keeping our hearts and eyes on the time and the signs.

Eagerly awaiting

        They will reject truth and believe the Lie

        Is the church complacency caused by a certain doctrine?

        An abandoning of religion

        One of the main signs of the end


Antichrist and the Tribulation

Early church quotes of the coming tribulation and antichrist

pt.1-Types and shadows of the Antichrist - Recognizing his spirit and characteristics.

Pt.2 The king of the world; Out of the Shadows comes the Antichrist- a overview of the continuing series of what and whom the man of sin is to be.

pt.3 The Devil is in the details On the antichrist   

Pt4  the Devil is in the details

The Abomination of desolation in the Great Tribulation

What does it mean He will intend to change times and laws

Anti Christ and the Spirit of Anti Christ

p6 The Nature of the Antichrist- Worship of self, the God of forces and no regard for women

The Mystery of iniquity

When is the revealing of the Antichrist


Preterists insist on an early date for revelation to tie it into the 70 ad destruction of Jerusalem

Why Preterism is not an accurate interpretation of Bible Prophecy

  Preterism pt.1- Is it a intentional lack of understanding the prophetic scriptures? What are the different views in eschatology and why is preterism the least biblical?

Pt.1  Why the tribulation did not happen in 70 AD! - Answering the the claims of  Preterists.

 Pt.2  The Tribulation according to the Book of Revelation - A look at the prophetic events during this short time period.

 Pt.3 Did Jesus come in 70 AD? Did Jesus return as Preterists claim- Are we in the Millennium now

  Pt.4 Did Jesus return in 70 AD as Preterists claim - The literal interpretation of     prophetic Scripture for accurate fulfillment.

The Early church on end time prophecy

Is Jesus the Abomination that makes desolate


The rapture

The Differences of the rapture and the second coming

The Shout and the Trumpet

The tribulation and the Rapture

Is there a rapture?

On the last Trump

Is there such a thing as being caught up to Christ? YES.

Rapture or second coming

The Tribulation

The Tribulation, the Antichrist and the Church- Endtime events

The Tribulation and the Rapture- Are we (the church) going through the great tribulation?

Prophets of the 2nd Advent- History of false predictions?

Anti-Christ and the Spirit of anti-Christ - Who or what is the antichrist?

       An Overview of The 7th Seals and the trumpets

       Immediately after the Tribulation

      What of the Church needing to go


Mark of the Beast

If Sunday is the Mark of the Beast

The Mark of the Beast -What exactly is it, is it here now? 

You know his number

Are you being taken for a ride

Last Days

The End of Time

The Christ's are coming, the Christ's are coming- Jesus' warning in Matthew 24 to be not deceived.

 the Prophetic Scriptures

A time of Sorrows

The time is nearing upon us

Identifying the mockers and scoffers

Our continual fight against disease

Violence today - Surviving the corruption and Violence in these Last Days

p1 Who or what comes first?- On 2 Thessalonians 2:3

Pt2 Who or what comes first

Pt3 Who or what comes first


          False prophecy and teaching

        Y2K, the aftermath- Now that we have it behind us..

        The pride of a false prophet


Oops I did it again-  - the spread of Harold Camping's false mathematical prophecy

How do we tell if someone is a false teacher

Howling at the moon

p2 Voluminous Revelation quirks from from Linda Newkirk

p1 Voluminous Revelation quirks from Linda Newkirk

p1 Gary Stearman- Prophets who time traveled

p.2 Gary Stearman - time travel in prophecy

p.1 Prophetess Jennifer Leclaire’s pursuit of power and miracles

pt.2 Promotion of the Latter rain revivalism- The prophetess who corrects other prophets





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