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Technological Advances Toward a Global Tracking System- updates

Types and shadows of the Antichrist pt.1- Recognizing his spirit and characteristics.

Pt.2 The king of the world; Out of the Shadows comes the Antichrist- a overview of the continuing series of what and whom the man of sin is to be.

The Devil is in the details pt.3 On the antichrist    

Oops I did it again-  - the spread of Harold Camping's false mathematical prophecy

 Early church quotes of the coming tribulation and antichrist

 Pt.1  Why the tribulation did not happen in 70 AD! - Answering the the claims of  Preterists.

 Pt.2  The Tribulation according to the Book of Revelation - A look at the prophetic events during this short time period.

 Pt.3 Did Jesus come in 70 AD? Did Jesus return as Preterists claim- Are we in the Millennium now

  Pt.4 Did Jesus return in 70 AD as Preterists claim - The literal interpretation of     prophetic Scripture for accurate fulfillment.

The Christ's are coming, the Christ's are coming- Jesus' warning in Matthew 24 to be not deceived.

The Tribulation, the Antichrist and the Church- Endtime events

The Tribulation and the Rapture- Are we (the church) going through the great tribulation?

Prophets of the 2nd Advent- History of false predictions?

Anti-Christ and the Spirit of anti-Christ - Who or what is the antichrist?

The Mark of the Beast -What exactly is it, is it here now? 

Technological Advances Toward a Global Tracking System- The various technologies that are moving us toward the day of globalism and the new world system of Rev.13

As in the Days of Noah - The increase of violence today.

Loving His appearing- Keeping our hearts and eyes on the time and the signs.

Abandoning of the Doctrine- The rapture, the church taken to heaven

          Y2K, the aftermath- Now that we have it behind us..

  Why Preterism is not an accurate interpretation of Bible Prophecy

Why Preterism is not an accurate interpretation of Bible Prophecy

  Preterism pt.1- Is it a intentional lack of understanding the prophetic scriptures? What are the different views in eschatology and why is preterism the least biblical?






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