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Is Jesus Cleansing His Church with Cleansing Stream?

This deliverance program was originally founded by Timothy Davis. Cleansing Stream is a deliverance ministry that is endorsed and taught by Jack Hayford, whose statement in one of the Stream’s brochures says a lot. “Let me introduce you to Timothy Davis who has been on the pastoral staff of Church on the Way (as Executive Director, but now longer with them) and Cleansing Stream Ministries. I have often said that in our ministry at the Church on the Way we refuse to be preoccupied with demons, but we do cast them out.  Because of the need of balance and insight in this area I’d like to introduce you to a resource for approaching your own teaching and training in the ministry of deliverance.” With supporting headliners such as Hayford who can argue against its validity? However, the question that needs to be asked is not if it is popular (or balanced), but is it biblical?  

In the fall 1998 brochure Hayford  explains, “the past months the leadership of cleansing stream has experience  a time of spiritual struggle, “..we find Pastor Timothy Davis is experiencing a time of rest and recovery. From what I have heard he had a breakdown. Which is interesting considering the nature of the ministry is to confront and overcome the  works of darkness. He still has not been reinstated. On his website it states he resigned as president in 1998 and started a “new” deliverance “ministry” called,  “Cleansing The Church.”

People who are teachers in this deliverance ministry are Dr. Scott Bauer, senior pastor of The Church on the Way, along with founding pastor Jack Hayford. Others you may be familiar with are Joy Dawson of YWAM, Rev. Dick Mills, and Rev. Jean Darnell. The brochure says in 18 months 2,400 people have completed the course. However, this is somewhat confusing since another of their brochures states the program has transformed thousands of lives over a period of ten years, which means it has been around in some form for quite some time.

The president of Cleansing Stream is Chris Hayward and through this program he and others claim that Jesus is cleansing His Church. According to the Stream, miracles of healing and deliverance are performed and the works of the devil are destroyed. Teams of warriors intercede and minister deliverance as participants are said to break the powers of darkness in their lives and be set free. As Rick Ranck of Sonrise Fellowship states, “The Cleansing Stream Ministry retreats are the crowning moments in the glory of God’s blessing and provision for His Church.” This is an incredible claim for any ministry to make.

The course purports to offer what all Christians are looking for. Many attribute their greatest spiritual growth to its ministry and testify that it saves marriages and sets people free to fulfill their God-given call. Many participants describe the return to the same joy they felt the day they received Christ. Others tell of an increase in confidence, self-control and patience. Sounds great, but then we have all heard this before from many other programs that have rolled like barren tumbleweeds down the “new winds a’ blowing” highway.  

The premise is not new -- that salvation is not enough to deliver someone from demonic bondage, and there are other steps needed for “real” freedom. So behold, The Cleansing Stream! What they do is have people look at what kind of sin they are entrapped by and then shift the blame from the individual to demonic activity which, of course, requires spiritual warfare and deliverance. The program emphasizes that most sins are either caused by demonic influences or implied to be from generational curses. This is similar to the teachings of Neil Anderson who bases his deliverance methodology on finding root causes in the past and convincing people that they are victims of demonic strongholds passed on from their ancestors. (Neil Anderson, The Bondage Breaker, 1990, p. 207). Many of the illustrations of the body, spirit and soul are liken to Neil Andersons books. This does not infer the diagrams are wrong, it is there conclusions that are problematic.

Cleansing Stream participants cast demons out of Christians and practice the spiritual warfare techniques that have become popular today utilizing “trained professionals” – i.e. prior students who have advanced through the various levels of the Stream’s teachings. . However the program believes that Christians can experience soul bondage which is just semantics and amounts to the same thing. The Stream promotes the teaching that Man is a tri-partite being and that we are cleansed by salvation in our Spirit, but not in our soul or body. The old deliverance rap is that the soul is separate and still in bondage, but not our spirit.  Therefore a demon can be present somewhere inside a Christian (i.e. his soul), but not in his spirit. The same drawings used from leading deliverance ministries to illustrate the fact of the three areas of existence (body, soul, and spirit) are implemented by the Stream. The pictures and teaching of body, soul and spirit come from “Pigs in the Parlor” by Frank Hamon and the type of theology promoted by Bill Subritzky and Neil Anderson, which would be better labeled experiential theology. This is not to say that these men do not have some valid things to say in the greater context of their teachings, but Anderson’s understanding of Scripture is suspect when he states that 85 percent of all Christians are struggling with various levels of demonic bondage. From what I gather this is the same premise used in Cleansing Stream.  However, the Bible says that man is a united being and the regeneration process affects the whole person, not just specific parts. That we are sanctified body soul and spirit. The mistake is that they teach each part of man is created for a special function, that the spirit is the eternal part. The Scripture says that although the body dies, it is temporary and will be raised to be eternal and we will  live in an immortal body. While Christians can be oppressed it is another issue to have a demon.

The also promote Watchman Nee’s writings. Personally I believe Nee had a few good things to say but he did go to extremes on certain subjects. One of the quotes in the workbook is “A spiritual man is not a man born again but a man born again and walking in alignment.” So they instruct a prayer for alignment. “Body, submit to my soul. Soul submit to my spirit. Spirit submit to the Holy Spirit…” they even sing “Line up, line up, oh body, line up, oh my soul…” etc. They are to keep praying “Body, Soul, Spirit…line up!”  

I have a problem with the phrase proper alignment which is used, it sounds more new age than the bible (another phrase used is material realm). This is a term used by Chiropractors, I have no idea where the Bible gives this type of explanation. Another phrase used is that Hell is used for influencing believers to be out of alignment. “Hell attacks” and “Hell is not happy” when we walk in the Spirit… These terms the way they use are out of alignment!  Hell is a place, it has no personal identity. I can only guess why the word is used instead of the Devil or Satan’s kingdom. Possibly avoiding any overuse of Satan since the whole course concentrates on his ways and means, in what I would consider an unhealthy manner.

Promises are written throughout the course in the workbook. In the consecration section you write your desire to God. They explain one must be in alignment to hear God's voice. “Because Abraham was a man walking in proper alignment and consecration he could hear Gods' voice clearly.” This is not necessarily so. When we sin it is when God's voice can speak the loudest. God is not limited by our human condition, He can and does speak despite our obedience or disobedience. The main thing is that we cannot be instructed to do His will if we are in sin and so this needs to be dealt with first.

Abraham wasn't walking in alignment when God came to him and spoke his promise in Gen.12. Many saints heard God's voice even in fear, Adam after he sinned was hiding and did not come because “I heard your voice in the garden.”  Another example is Elijah who was hiding out in a cave and God spoke softly in a still small voice to Him “what are doing here?”  Many other examples can be given to show Streams premise is wrong. 

The Cleansing Stream’s self-stated goal is to help set one free of old destructive habits and bring hurting, broken saints back into wholeness. So it makes sense that they want everyone to take it. But what kind of message does this send? That we are all dysfunctional and we all need deliverance! In effect, then, the cross is not enough and a sanctification process via this deliverance program is now necessary for the believer. However, the Bible teaches that anyone who is saved has already been delivered from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light (Col. 1).  What is needed for true sanctification is to learn to walk in God’s truth, which presupposes that it must be taught correctly.

People have been reportedly set free from spiritual bondage to fear, anger and persistent sin. Even those with abuses and addictions in their past report release. Deep hurts have been reported healed and relationships restored.  So with wonderful testimonies like these what can be faulted? However, bear in mind that testimonies alone do not produce a definitive argument for the validity of any movement. Although there are hundreds of testimonies which speak in favor of the Stream, there are just as many more for such false movements as the Toronto Blessing and the Alpha Course and just about any other “new thing” that has come along.

One only has to look at the Stream’s affiliates to see who is practicing its tenants.  For one, the Stream is now being used at the Brownsville Assembly and conversely, The Cleansing Stream uses them in its own advertising.  The Stream says of itself: “This ministry is dedicated to equip and disciple pastors and church leaders and maturing believers to wage victorious spiritual warfare. To experience personal cleansing and operate in the miracle gift of deliverance.” On the Cleansing Stream website is posted Brownsville’s statement “The impact on our congregation is a drastic reduction in our counseling load.” (Brownsville Assembly of God, Assistant Pastor Carey Robertson).

It does not favor or help Cleansing Stream to have Brownsville as an endorsement. As it has stated, “This is a discipleship ministry, not just deliverance.  The seminar has been structured to impart foundation truths and disciplines that not only walk people to freedom BUT help them stay free.” If Brownsville has been having revival for five years why would this be needed for their Church? Do they need deliverance? They endorse it to the extent that  “Anyone who serves in any capacity in the Church is now required to go through Cleansing Stream.” (Assistant pastor Carey Robertson Brownsville Assembly of God).  A revival with deliverance! That’s an interesting concept.

Cleansing Stream  has other affiliations, The Apostolic Roundtable of Deliverance Ministers (ARDM) a newly formed group of deliverance ministers. Has Cleansing Stream Ministries listed among a number of ministries that engage in the ministry of deliverance and train to equip deliverance ministers. Under the heading of vertical apostles C. Peter Wagner lists Chris Hayward of Cleansing Stream as a functional apostle. (Random Notes by C. Peter Wagner Revised March 16, 2001)  

Hayford writes “I am anticipating this series of seminars as a part of the 'newness' the Holy Spirit has promised us and. called us to expect in our congregation at this wonderful season,” Pastor Jack declares. 'there are many streams of cleansing-beginning with the Blood of Jesus! I want us to study and experience them all, as God works among us to free, heal, and mature His people!” (fall 98 brochure) Hayford certainly does believe in other avenues as he stated on a CBN interview that people can come through Mary to Jesus if that is all they know.

The funny thing is the more I asked questions of those participating, the less answers I got. People were not open to sharing the material. I couldn’t get my hands on any workbooks unless I took the course. They hand out a workbook audiotapes and reading assignments with training sessions each week at the price of $80 for four months (which is fair). The leadership package is a bit more, on sale for $150 (down from $200).  It includes a manual, workbook, audio tapes, books, homework cards, and Bible reading cards. I realized nobody is talking because they want you to go through the course. This is something I have been asked many times before for other “new and improved” spiritual help programs. It’s not going to happen! That is a long time to go through something to make a decision on whether it is Biblically based or not.

The Stream stresses that the intention of their program is to address the tremendous problems the body of Christ is having in all areas of its spiritual walk. While it is not necessarily proper to question their motives, it is proper to evaluate their proposed “solution” in light of God’s word. While they claim their program will heal people by God’s stated order and in His love at the foot of the cross, the tools used to accomplish this are suspect in many ways. In the section entitled “Discipleship Year 1 – Preparing for War” many of the subjects sound like good biblical topics such as Jesus Christ the Deliverer (Session 1), The Lifestyle of Holiness (Session 2), The Heart of a Servant (Session 3), and The Call to Intercede (Session 8).  They also have a one-year Preparation for War in which under “The Weapons of Our Warfare” (Session 4) is a teaching on applying the blood of Jesus.  I have never found anywhere in Scripture where the blood of Jesus is used in war against the enemy, or used for anything else but the cleansing of sin for the believer. Today, it is not unusual to see such kooky teachings where people are instructed to sprinkle “the blood” on everything, to use it to protect ones body and possessions and to chase away the enemy.  (However, it is the word of God that is our only offensive weapon).

The Scripture says the blood was sprinkled by Jesus the high priest. The blood of Christ is sufficient and if you have received Him, believing on the gospel, it is already applied.  As one repents and confesses their sin they are cleansed. Here’s your cleansing stream!  True repentance leads to a changed life, starting from the cross, at least from the Bible’s perspective.

Other practices taught include spiritual alignment, i.e. how to walk in the spirit and hear the voice of the Lord and how Satan wants us to walk out of “alignment” and in the flesh. Also taught is the cleansing of evil spirits, generational curses, and how to make a covenant with God. An extensive course on all the trendy teachings of our day.

The Stream’s Lesson 9 is “Warfare Intercession,” which in similar teachings often means demon “discovery” via power encounters and spiritual “mapping” techniques, followed by exorcising them from people (Christians included), buildings, and even whole cities and nations.  But, if all this works so well why does this technique have to be repeated over and over?  Like the other deliverance movements much sin is blamed on the Enemies influence over people’s lives. While this can be the case, the reality is that we are to blame as well and what is often attributed to demons is described in Scripture as the work of the flesh, our fallen nature ruling in our lives instead of the Spirit of God. (Gal.5)

As previously discussed, the Stream is a progressive experience and for their “graduation” event the Stream utilizes an overnight retreat which  includes five teaching lessons held over a two day period with Session 1 – Alignment, Session 2 – Consecration, Session 3 – Words, Session 4 – Cleansing,  Session 5– Press On. (Sessions 1- 4 are before the retreat, Session 5 is after the retreat under the local pastor and Church).

For the overnight retreat the cost is $75 per individual and $125 per couple. One of their brochure states: “. . .and at the retreat as Jesus cleanses His Church. Following the retreat, the participants learn to walk in their new found freedom and healing!” ( on another retreat  fall 1998 singles cost $185 and married couples $255 which includes the materials)

Their brochure also has the following warning clause: “Due to the mature nature of the topics addressed, it is not recommended that children under 16 years old register for the retreat.  If your teenage is 16 years old, has completed the first four teachings and homework, they may register and attend the retreat.” What this means to me is that the results are often graphic and may be very intense in their implementation.  This is not PG or PG13 Church. While Jesus did not stop the little children from coming to Him, this course is for mature audiences only.  

The Spoken Word

The Stream also promotes what should be recognized as Word of Faith teaching. In the power of words: “power is released through our tongue and that every word that comes out of my mouth is either a blessing or a curse.”   Under the section of Words they teach that “we can learn how the mouth of the prophet (that’s you) delivers him or herself.” Are we all prophets? What they are teaching is that word bless or curse, that we can break the curses over us by speaking the right words. This seems strangely similar to Jeremiahs rebuke saying, the prophets prophesy peace when there is no peace. This  theology goes further into the word faith movement than any other portion and it has numerous unbiblical conclusions. For example they use  Prov. 6:2 “You are snared by the words of your mouth; you are taken by the words of your mouth.” But the previous verse puts this in context My son, if you become surety for your friend, if you have shaken hands in pledge for a stranger.”  In other words watch how and who you agree with in a contract, this has nothing to do with developing a bondage to ones soul through the power of ones words. They go into the concept of words being powerful words of faith. They teach the power of our words gets us into bondage and “the power of our spoken words can get us out of Bondage.” I disagree its Jesus and His word that sets us free, this comes by obedience. We don’t speak ourselves into or out of bondage but our actions show what are contrary to the truth or obedience to the truth (God's word) that sets us free.

In a prose on words written in the workshop course, For with our word  we can loose the will of  heaven... And with our word  Satan can loose the will of hell... It's a law that our words they hold the power To create or to destroy, our words will tell. It's a law that our words, they hold the power. 

I will use only a few of the many examples of the word faith false teachings. (In the cleansing section session 4) They write Joshua went into battle and on the 7th day the priest blew the shofar's and shouted. So the power of the spoken word was given to the people in the form of shouts, words of triumph.” The bible does not say this and one wonders how they get this information of what was said when it clearly states they shouted (6:5,10,16).

Joshua had the people blow the shofar so does this mean that sounds now have creative power? They shouted but it was God who brought the walls down, it was not their own words.

They also use the sun standing still attributing it to Joshua’s words (Josh.10:12). “So Joshua spoke a powerful word of Authority to the sun and the moon.” But it was God who made it stand still and if God did not want to honor Joshua’s request he could have said all day long and it would not have happened.  For it says “Joshua spoke to the Lord”, then he said for the sun and moon to stand still.

(In the Words section session 3)They teach the power of the spoken word was at work in the garden, it was after Adam named the animals (spoke their names into existence) that he was given authority over them. They say “at the same time” he was naming the animals Satan through “the power of the spoken word” was advancing the kingdom of darkness disguised as a serpent speaking to Eve.

This is not what Gen.1:26-28 Scripture tells us Adam named the animals the same day he was created as none were found as a suitable mate, then Eve was made from him.

There is no way of knowing how much time transpired between their creation and the temptation which resulted in the fall but it was not at the same time Satan tempted Eve, since Eve was not made yet. It was not until Adam found no helper from the animals that she was made from his side (Gen.2:18-21). If they can’t get this simple basic teaching right, how can they teach the deeper ones.

Stream teaches Eve advanced Satan’s kingdom by her spoken word to Adam. “Eve unknowingly advanced the kingdom of Darkness through the power of her spoken word to her husband , Adam.” The bible disagrees, it was a volitional choice that made Adam sin, not her words. Just as it was her choice to obey or disobey when tempted directly by the Devil and not the devils words themselves. It was a choice Adam made, the bible says Eve was deceived by the serpent but Adam willfully took part in the same sin, he chose to do contrary to God’s instructions knowing that Eve already ate.

This teaching is right out of the “Words session” is word faith theology. What they are teaching is that words have an inherent power, they bless or curse, that we can break the curses over us by speaking the right words. Stream puts the emphasis on the words themselves as if they have some inherent power within to do good or bad. We have a choice to accept or reject someone’s words. But it’s not the words themselves that contain power but what they convey that brings us understanding and concepts of what to do or not do.

They also teach on demonic bondages and the influence of evil spirits on believers and the path to freedom. This is reminiscent of Neil Anderson’s the “Bondage Breaker” which Jack Hayford also endorses. Some of the subjects are how Jesus dealt with demons and various teachings on Satan as the fallen Cherub, the flood, the fire, etc. Certainly we should know our enemy and how he worked in the past does give us insight on how he works in the present, but to exclusively concentrate on these things for ones spiritual growth is unhealthy.

The Stream promises to partner with pastors to help raise up mature believers via personal cleansing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare. This sounds like another Promise Keepers type movement. They want the Stream to be conducted under the covering of the pastors of the local body. The goal is to establish their teachings in local congregations along with specially trained individuals who will then “minister” to those who are demonically bound.

The fastest growing Church on the Island of Oahu is New Hope Christian Fellowship affiliated with the Foursquare denomination. New Hope is also listed as one of the fastest growing churches in the nation. They have implemented the seeker friendly model for Church and they want everyone (that is all of their 6,500 people) to go through the Cleansing Stream. Pastor Mark Hovland is the head of the Cleansing Stream ministry in their Church.

 The roots of the Cleansing Stream run equally deep in almost every doctrine of the experiential based Charismatic movement and its numerous offshoots.  The recent Berean Call Newsletter reports “many churches of the Foursquare denomination, founded by “pastor” Aimee Semple McPherson, have been fostering Sanford's unbiblical   methods through Cleansing Streams, a rather costly inner-healing program utilizing videos, workbooks and a “spiritual” weekend laden with psychotherapeutic encounter-group methods.”

Agnes Sanford believed “experience comes before theology.” She taught occult visualization techniques, teaching that one could forgive another's sins through visualization.  The occult technique of visualization became the key to her inner healing teachings. One visualizes a situation in the past, then visualizes Jesus coming into their circumstance to solve the problem. She stated “I believe imagination is one of the most important keys to effective praying . . . God touches me through my imagination . . . Imagination is one of the keys to the relationship of prayer with God.” “Prayer through the imagination . . . picturing the healing.” She also promoted Jungian psychotherapy, and believed Jesus became a part of the collective unconscious of the human race.   Sanford called God “primal energy,”  “the very life-force existing in a radiation of an energy ... from which all things evolved,” that “God ... made everything out of Himself and somehow He put a part of Himself into everything” and called Jesus “that most profound of psychiatrists.”  Sanford's pastor was Morton Kelsey who studied at the C.G. Jung Institute near Zurich, Switzerland, and who became a Jungian psychologist, as did Sanford's son, John Sanford. (Referenced from The Seduction of Christianity and Occult Invasion by Dave Hunt).  The “headwaters” of the Cleansing Stream are clear.

Do Christians need deliverance? Yes, but not from demons, but from our own sin nature.  Christ has already given us the ability and the tools - His Spirit and His word.  Stream will agree with this but they execute it completely different. As Jesus said we must pick up our cross daily and die to self. When a church abandons expositional teaching or systematic theology there will always be programs and methodologies to take its place. 2 Tim. 2:14-15: “Remind them of these things, charging them before the Lord not to strive about words to no profit, to the ruin of the hearers. Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

There is a war going on but the victory is not going to come by the exorcising of Satan and his demons’ influence in the believer's life. John assures us: “He who has been born of God keeps himself and the wicked one does not touch him.” (1 Jn.5:18).  The Bible says that in order to have victory we are to walk in the Spirit so the flesh (not the devil) will have no influence over you. 2 Cor. 5:17 tells us that a believer is a new creation, that ALL things are new. We don’t fight against sin's influence, we concentrate on Christ. Sin’s power is already broken (Col.2:15). We find freedom as we walk in the Spirit under His control by yielding to Him. Jesus makes it clear in John 8:31-32: “Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.” And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Know His word and apply it. The Scriptures contain everything that is necessary to equip the man or woman of God for every good work.

By living every day controlled by the Spirit the fruit of the Spirit is brought out. It is a natural process as Paul states in Gal. 5:16: “Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” The struggle with sin is ongoing and the biblical solution is to walk in the Spirit and put to death the body of sin. Rom. 6:11: “Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Col. 3:9-10: “… since you have put off the old man with his deeds, and have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him.” The old man is to be reckoned as dead and we concentrate on the new nature to have its influence on our lives.  This has nothing to do with battling demons of the past or in our lives on a daily basis. The sanctification process is progressive and there is nothing in Scripture about demons to be fought to have this work be successful.  The Cleansing Stream is promoting itself as a holiness movement for the Church, their heart may be in the right place, they want to see the Church be victorious. So who can fault that?  I’m not going to judge their intent, but the doctrine that is being promoted is not all Scriptural, especially with promises such as “… that together with our Lord Jesus Christ we can see His bride cleansed and spotless for His return.” (Year 1 - Preparing for War brochure).   Is this the program the Lord will use to prepare His Church for His second coming? He certainly did not use it in the first coming nor during or after His stay on earth. Where have we heard this one before?

If the program takes this long and everyone needs to take it for the bride to be cleansed, what if Jesus returns in a few months? Does this mean those who did not take this course did not participate in being cleansed and ready for His return?

The abundant life is found in Him who is “the way, the truth, and the life.”  We are “Sanctified through His truth found in His Word” (Jn 17:17). When the Gospel in the Church is compromised, not accurately taught or explained one will not understand the message of sin, repentance or saving faith. Without the Gospel presentation of Christ as the Savior from our sin, and the message of forgiveness of sin one can walk away with a superficial knowledge of what it is all about. It is for this reason many people struggle never gaining the victory over sin. Its not that any of us have arrived but there should be growth in sanctification by applying the knowledge available in the Scripture.  If we study to show ourselves approved and gain understanding and put the knowledge in to practice we will see Godly wisdom at work. The Church does not need another fixer upper course. How many have come and gone already? Pragmatism is not to replace the Holy Spirits work. One could only wonder what the disciples did without this course for their discipleship. It’s only until our day and age that people have found extras to help the saint live the life that the bible says is found only in Christ through the power His Spirit by the Word.

Ps. 46:4 “There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High.”


Quotes are from Cleansing Stream workbook fourth edition 1999

An in depth look on cleansing stream http://www.geocities.com/Bob_Hunter/csintro1.htm

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