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The End according to Hollywood

Have you noticed the kind of movies that have become popular these days -- end times, end of the world scenarios are being produced by Hollywood in record number. Science fiction has been and is a popular genre. From the old flicks of Frankenstein and Count Dracula to Atomic bomb mutations and UFO’s invading earth the public has always come out to see these movies.

Everyone has the sense the world may be coming to an end, even Hollywood has a sense of the apocalypse. Of course these movie themes mean money, big money. While they may not be running around like chicken little, saying, the end of the world is coming, they may as well be with the abundance of movies being made on it.

Conspiracy scenarios are multiplying. Mankind is fighting and being challenged by Apes, aliens, microbes, zombies, you name it and it is our enemy. From vampires and the occult to end of the world invasions of extra-terrestrials, inter-dimensional beings, angelic creatures that are fallen, good and evil battle on the big screen for our entertainment. I read UPDATE: 'APES' DOMINATE BOX OFFICE... And I thought of those who actually believe they descended from real apes and have them running our country, our businesses and Hollywood movies. Not too comforting. and we wonder why things are lawless and lack ethics.

Science fiction from man’s imagination can be fascinating in books and especially when put to life like images on the screen. Sometimes it can even have you think more deeply on a certain subject, other times it can just be pure entertainment. currently  anything from the Bible is distorted and made to be more like the powers from the Occult than of God.

They are willing to make merchandise from the masses and not have it come out accurate in the end. Seems they are infatuated with the strange, the science fiction about anything but the actual truth.

They want to make the end up on their terms, so they make a movie with what they think not with what actually happened. Even the movies that are to portray the Bible accounts such as Noah end up being changed. It becomes a mockery.

We can only expect the worst from Hollywood whether it’s the Son of God, Noah or the new Exodus film. Why do some ask Hollywood to entertain them with Bible stories that they do not believe? I find it absurd to ask unbelievers, even haters of God to deliver to the Christian or the public an accurate story from the Scripture.

While the cliché states “truth is stranger than fiction” the truth is not something that the business men from Hollywood will deliver. If we want the truth we should insist that it come from the pulpits in the church than go to pay for a movie hoping it will portray the Bible correctly. We need our faith to built up as we are living in the last days. Faith comes by hearing the word of God just as the Lord intended it.

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