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        Drugs    Drugs


PHARMAKIA –Use of medicine and drugs used not for medicinal purposes , used in spells and religious rituals and ceremonies or for ones own pleasure. This includes the use of charms, amulets and occult powers.

In Gal.5:19-21 it gives a list of practices that are from the fallen nature of man that are condemned. One is called witchcraft (sorcery) this word in the Greek language is Pharmakia where we get our word Pharmacy. These are things used to put people under an outside influence bringing them into an altered state. That is a state that is not natural to mind but prompted by a foreign substance. this is called sorcery and is just as forbidden as drunkenness caused by another foreign substance, alcohol. Drugs can open   one up to the spiritual realm as it alters the mind to function in a way unnatural to the how we were made.

After the fall of Adam and Eve the ground was cursed by God, it was no longer sustaining the state he formerly created it in, that he pronounced as good. There are plants that are medicinally good and others that are not. We should consider the bibles actual interpretation before using the bible to validate what it actually forbids .

Some have said quoting Jesus, its not what goes in the mouth that defiles a man but what comes out. True , but would this same person be willing to take poison or be able to eat excrement of another animal off the ground. Certainly their are limits. Jesus was talking about food that we eat not substances that affect our mind.

In the end of time this will increase and be part of peoples lifestyle. Rev.9:21, "And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts." Gr. pharmakeus); from pharmakon (a drug, i.e. spell-giving potion); a druggist ("pharmacist") or poisoner, i.e. (by extension) a magician:  sorcerer. It is a fact of history that drugs have gone hand in hand with sexual promiscuity. Religious orgies were often taking place when people practiced their sorcery. Because the in gestation of the plants would make everyone loose.

Rev.18:23. MAGIA—magic wizardry or sorcery. an example of this is marijuana which can be used to alleviate side effects in cancer patients chemo therapy. There are numerous other drugs far more addictive then marijuana. yet it does have a medicinal use. but there are those who use it by smoking it for spiritual use and recreation and this is where it becomes pharmakia.

Another example would be Paul telling Timothy to take a little wine ( for medicine) for his stomachs ailments. But he also writes to Timothy, a leader in the Church should not be given to drinking wine. So he is making a distinction of a custom of drinking at dinner and  recreation or pleasure vs. a medicinal value. This is not to promote the freedom we have to take drugs but to give the example that some of them have a medicinal use. Almost all medical drugs are based on their original source of plants and herbs as they are made in laboratories. We should always seek a better alternative but even natural does not always mean better.

Many take them as recreational or for pleasure while others find it more important, the drug becomes their friend. No one starts out thinking they will become dependent most think they can quit anytime they wanted, to stop is just as easy as they started. Those who take drugs will find that their experimentation leads to Drug dependence. Dependency is defined by certain basic characteristics. When one continue their use of the drug over an extended period of time it becomes harder to break from it. Just how long it takes to quit depends on the type of drug , the amount consumed and the users strength of will. They will find its more difficult to stop using the drug if they enjoy it  powerless to quit.

If one stops taking their drug of choice forced to quit for any reason, they will find themselves undergoing  physical or mental distress, sometimes quite painful. This is because the flesh , the body is used to its daily dosage and when taken away reacts as starving a fire. There is a misconception that this occurs with only hard addictive drugs. This can be so for marijuana as well as prescriptions. Drug dependency can lead to drug abuse when one has a bountiful supply or they graduate to something stronger because the old is not doing it for them anymore. I can speak from experience on my own marijuana use. I had so much THC in my blood that my body hungered if it was not fed. It was by the grace of God that I stopped completely one day after using it for years on end. Jesus can deliver even the hardest user if they will surrender their will to him.

Many while on the high feel they are in control when in fact they are not, they only perceive it this way. Like one who is drunk and says they can get behind the wheel, that they are not affected by their drinking. All they need do is ask their friends (if they are not high too) what they were acting like to find out the truth. I once had a friend who told me he was in total control and felt actually more able when he was high. At the time his said this his eyes were rolling back in his head and I could only see the whites of his eyes. I wish I could tell you he's changed his mind on this but I can't. He was shot and killed while trying to cop more drugs one day.


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