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Books by Let Us Reason ministries

There are six books we offer from our Ministry. Five of these are currently in spiral binder form. We also offer books from other authors (Order form is at the bottom of this page.)

*NOTICE*- our prices have changed because of rising shipping costs

Books in the US are shipped first class to save on price. Fast shipping can be requested, which is $5.80 in the US and delivery is no more than two weeks.

Because of the shipping price exceeding the book, overseas orders will be discontinued, except by special request. These books can be sent by PDF files.

Other Books we recommend for reading




Branham pdf booklet on William Branham's life, teachings and practices 24pages

This small booklet (24 pages) condenses many topics from the near 1,000 page book I have written on Branham’s life. With over 100 documented references you will learn how his religious career began, who his angel was, how he operated and what his revelations were.

 This new book on Branham will help you understand the greatest influence  on the modern Pentecostal church of our day, know also as the third wave, Latter rain.

This overview of his teachings and practices and why those who endorse him should be avoided at all costs.



PDF  $3.25




A Man and His angel- A Biblical examination of William Branham's Practices and Teachings


PDF book on William Branham  over 900 pages covering the most important topics Branham taught on.








A thorough look at the gospel, its activities and various facets.

It is important that every Christian understands the Biblical meaning of the Gospel and historicity of Christian Baptism. This book covers the fall of man the introduction of the sacrificial system, how it was used throughout history. What the Gospel is and what it is not. The way of salvation. refuting those that add works to the gospel, such as the law, and the ceremony of baptism. The Biblical view of grace, faith and the message that saves. 

This book is about the gospel and God’s way of salvation. How a person is saved from their sin is the subject of this book. Covering man's sin in Genesis as we trace God's solution through biblical history.

 Is the gospel something we hear and respond to by faith or something we also need to do by works? What is the difference of religion and relationship. Numerous churches teach that you must be water baptized to receive salvation or to complete your salvation. There are a number of different opinions, all seem to have biblical arguments for their position. However, there can only be one correct way.  This book is meant to clarify scriptural misconceptions and point to the saving knowledge of the truth. What is focused on are works and the addition of baptism “baptismal regeneration” as part of the gospel message. This is a practical book, that builds on the basics with a strong and thorough refutation on baptism being part of the gospel.  234 pages


US orders $19.00 includes priority shipping

Foreign orders $25.00 includes shipping



“The Empty Pulpit” is about the fact that many in the pulpit are not engaged in true Bible expository teaching. Thus there is a lack of equipping the church for genuine ministry. It is about Christ being replaced by following certain men, programs, activities, entertainment and motivational speaking. It is about prophecies on the return of Christ. It is about a last day’s deception that affects the Saints of God as well as the World. In this book we find the answers from the Bible and from a Biblical perspective on the various winds of doctrine blowing through the Church today. If you have enjoyed the articles on the Let Us Reason website you will benefit from this book. Many new topics are expounded on. 

This is a good book to give to those involved in the third wave, Latter Rain, extreme charismania and liberalism of today. (412 pgs.)





8 1/2 X 5 1/2- 416 pages  verlox binded 

United States only-  $25.00- includes shipping



Birth of a Cult Book on the International (Oahu) church of Christ  

(51/2 x 81/2-  173 pgs.) 

   An in depth look at the newest controversial group that began as the Boston movement and now is in over 150 nations. This book has exited numerous members out and prevented many more from joining. It contains a  history of the movement, the key leaders, and numerous quotes on what they think of themselves and others. How do they conduct  their church government are they manipulating people? Inside are refutes for their discipleship techniques and their exclusiveness to being the only true church, and there teaching on baptism for salvation.  Teachings are the same world over no matter what country they are in. Recently updated:  (for excerpts from this book go to International Church of Christ on this site)


USA $16.00  includes shipping in USA

Foreign with shipping $20.00

wpe26.jpg (961 bytes)
The Trinity Defining and Defending the Trinity
 among the cults


wpe21.jpg (6033 bytes)
         How does the Bible describes the nature of God and His Son? Learn how to explain the Trinity to those who oppose it.

Straight to the point explanations. Bible history and early church quotes on the deity and Trinity will equip you defend and explain this doctrine to those who oppose it. Learn why the Trinity is the only honest conclusion one can come to when studying the nature of God and Christ. How the Trinity upholds the deity of the Son and the Father. Why it is so important. Traces the appearances of God in the Old Testament (explaining Christophanies to the saints) with numerous quotes from the Early church on the deity and Tri-unity of God. (for excerpts from this book go to articles on the Trinity on this site)

 (217 pps. verlox binding)         


Trinity book

USA $17.00 includes shipping

$20.00 Foreign  includes shipping

Books can also be ordered by writing a check out to Let Us Reason ministries P.O.860683 Wahiawa, HI  96786-0683 or call 808 621-1133

wpe26.jpg (961 bytes)
Who is Jesus? on Oneness theology                      


(51/2 x 81/2 199  pgs.) 

What does the Oneness Pentecostal /Apostolic movement believe? There are very few books on this subject.  Does the Bible teach or refute their position that God is strictly one person at a time, and the name for all three manifestations being Jesus. Learn how to understand and explain the most confusing counterfeit of Jesus being called God but at the same time denying the Trinity and the eternal Son as a person. Also the issue of salvation by baptism in Jesus name is covered. Why we baptize as Matthew 28 dictates. 




USA $17.00 includes shipping

(for excerpts from this book go to Oneness Pentecostals )

$21.00 Foreign  includes shipping


Idolatry in their Hearts

Does having eternity in your heart mean that you know God and are His child? Could Gentile cultures understand the Gospel from the stars? Did God create man’s cultures? Has God always been in the process of redeeming cultures from the time of Babel by placing in them a true revelation of Himself? Did God shape men's cultures and leave them truth, or other ways they worship. Is there the worship of YHWH in all cultures and religions through the names of different “supreme beings”?  Have all cultures always had a way to make things right between them and God? These questions and many more are answered in this book that addresses the teachings of the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People movement. It also looks at the development of unity and where the unification movement is moving toward

This is a 414 page book that contains a wealth of information on this new teaching and movement of interfaith.




now only in PDF  $13.00 for both US and overseas


The Confusing world of Benny Hinn

Nearly 300  pages expanded and updated in its 9th edition. Which continues to grow as long as Benny Hinn continues to teach.

Time and again preachers burst onto the scene, attracting attention and followers with what they claim are new insights into Scripture and new powers from God, only to be exposed as being not only unoriginal but false.

Benny Hinn, founder of Orlando Christian Center (now known as the World Outreach Center) in Florida, is the most prominent example of this phenomenon. Hinn, whose charismatic church at one time numbered weekly attendance at 10,000 and whose televised services and crusades reach a potential audience of nearly 100 million homes in the United States and Canada, epitomizes the kind of histrionics, emotionalism and hysteria that can bring reproach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Even more damaging to his claim of "revelation" from God is the confusion which abounds in the statements and stories of preacher Benny Hinn. His propensity for exaggeration, embroidery and myth making is well documented within his many public statements and writing.

The Confusing World of Benny Hinn is a collection of several popular articles investigating the best-selling author and healing evangelist, first published by Personal Freedom Outreach in its newsletter publication. The reader is furnished with solid research and irrefutable documentation to unmask the bizarre teachings and contradictory spiritual experiences of the faith healer some have dubbed, "The Miracle Man." (on back cover)

new edition-expanded Personal Freedom Outreach Publication Cost is $26 USA- includes shipping  (includes shipping) US


A Study of the Sequence of Prophetic Events
newly revised edition 

Dr. Fruchtenbaum gathers the many pieces of the prophetic puzzle and places them in sequential order with the result summed up by Dr. Charles Ryrie in his foreword: "Those who read this book cannot help but be instructed and stimulated by his work." Footsteps is detailed, thorough and scholarly, yet written in a style that the average reader can easily understand. With a wealth of wisdom drawn from his Jewish background and extensive research, the author even tackles the "problem passages" to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire range of prophetic truth.

 Over twenty years of teaching Eschatology since the original writing of this book has given Dr. Fruchtenbaum further reflections on some passages. He has added five new appendices to the book.

 If you get one book on prophecy this would be  it. A valuable resource to anyone's library no matter what their end time perspective is (though it upholds the pre-tribulation view). With charts and explanations of all the prophecies of the end times it is put together in an concise and simple fashion for  people that are unfamiliar with prophecy to those who are scholars.

Hardcover (880 pp.)

In USA $41.00 includes shipping US


The Missing Link In Systematic Theology

One's view of Israel is key in determining one's theology. This groundbreaking study investigates four approaches to the theology of Israel Past, Present and Future, and scrutinizes beliefs that tend to confuse the identities of both Israel and the Church. The Biblical Evangelist called Israelology a "tremendous, masterful book... Amillennialism, postmillennialism and other forms of Covenant Theology go up in smoke under the withering blaze of biblical light Dr. Fruchtenbaum places on them."

This book defines and explains the differences clearly and concisely for both scholars and layman who are interested in Israel and its history. Hardcover (1,100 pp.) ...


In USA $38.00 includes shipping

To order by check or money order:

 call 808 621-1133

We will respond quickly to the order after we receive the check. Thank you. Please allow up to two weeks to receive the book.