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Why the Heavens Hold Back the Rain

Deut 32:1-5: “Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak; and hear, O earth, the words of my mouth. Let my teaching drop as the rain, my speech distill as the dew, as raindrops on the tender herb, and as showers on the grass. For I proclaim the name of the LORD: ascribe greatness to our God. He is the Rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice, a God of truth and without injustice; righteous and upright is He.” They have corrupted themselves; they are not His children, because of their blemish: a perverse and crooked generation.”

It is God’s word that comes from heaven that is as spiritual water, life, to those who receive it. Only God’s word can give us spiritual life and nourishment. For crops, for judgment and for blessing (Joel 2:23; Ez.38:22; Hosea 6:3).Spiritual -I will pour out My Spirit is seen in Prov.1:22-24; Acts 2:18; Joel 2:29; Isaiah 44:3; John 7:39). Living water is a type or a picture of the Holy Spirit poured out, causing there to be a harvest. No rain from heaven-no grain on earth; this is applied physically as well as spiritually. Oftentimes God’s blessing of rain is dependent with the people’s obedience, adhering to His Word.

Oftentimes God will give us a physical example to explain a spiritual truth. Isaiah 45:8: “Rain down, you heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness; let the earth open, let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together. I, the LORD, have created it.”

As Christian’s, we have seen God pour out His Spirit to save many at intermittent times throughout our history (beginning with Jonah and then in Acts 2). Instead, today we see the opposite, where it is more a rarity. What is actually been poured out is a false unity -- resulting in ecumenism and interfaith of religions. The spirit of the age has actively been at work influencing more than ever before to bring those who are apart together, a uniting of diverse religions to work as if they are one.

Because we have not see a genuine revival the church talks about it, prays about it, strives for it using anything possible to invoke it: by music, drama, spiritual warfare prayer meetings to bind the demons that prevent revival. The church marches and prays, it decrees, declares, and confesses into the heavenlies what God will do. We use movies to draw people through entertainment, we abandon our traditions to make ourselves more relevant, we evangelize the public by mass mailings instead of equipping the church to personally do this. We give away food, clothing and prizes to have people come to church. Any available means is an option to bring about a revival and get a response from the people (and God). The church is doing her “rain dance” to bring upon itself a revival from heaven. At the same time, the church at large is striving to unite with everyone who calls himself a Christian (and others who do not) to achieve a religious awakening. Yet, the true God is really asking us to separate from those who are not in Christ, and be obedient so HE CAN send us a revival. But we have turned a deaf ear to His word what He has already written that is needed for this to take place.

Amos 4:7-8: “I also withheld rain from you, when there were still three months to the harvest. I made it rain on one city, I withheld rain from another city. One part was rained upon, and where it did not rain the part withered. So two or three cities wandered to another city to drink water, but they were not satisfied; yet you have not returned to Me,” says the LORD.

God will never stop saving people, but there are times when it will be less than more. God is giving rain in places he never has before. This is what the church is experiencing today, intermittent sporadic showers. We do not have a great worldwide revival taking place as some have claimed, instead we have as GOD later said by the prophet Amos (8:11-12): “a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD. They shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east; they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the LORD, but shall not find it.”

Why do we not find what the church desires? Why are so many seeking and not finding? The Old Testament was given for our example, and we can learn much from Israel. Jeremiah 3:1-3: “They say, ‘If a man divorces his wife, and she goes from him and becomes another man's, may he return to her again?’ Would not that land be greatly polluted? But you have played the harlot with many lovers; yet return to Me,” says the LORD.” Lift up your eyes to the desolate heights and see: where have you not lain with men? By the road you have sat for them like an Arabian in the wilderness; and you have polluted the land with your harlotries and your wickedness. Therefore the showers have been withheld, and there has been no latter rain. You have had a harlot's forehead; you refuse to be ashamed.”

By accepting the many new patterns of church practices that emerge (labyrinths, contemplative and centering prayers, yoga, guided imaging, Bible mantras), we remove ourselves from the Bibles traditions of faith and practice. When God’s people go to find sustenance in broken cisterns, answers from the godless and those who worship other gods we commit spiritual adultery. A good portion of the church is being romanced by the world, trying to have a legitimate marriage to the world; to do this they must forsake God’s way. They are using the world to reach the world. We are ignoring what God has said, to find our own way, using our own understanding to reach the world. In doing so, many have naivly become part of a growing Global Spiritual movement of interfaith. The spirit of our age is using “tolerance” and the goal of peace as a means to synthesize all the different religious beliefs to unite us as one. Will Durant writes of the very same thing taking place after a few centuries in the early church, “While Christianity converted the world, the world converted Christianity” (Dave Hunt, Global Peace and the Rise of the Antichrist, 1991, p. 108, from Durant’s Civilization Vol. 13, Caesar and Christ, p. 657). After Christianity was made legal by Rome, the pagans came rushing into the church and a synthesis of their religion with the visible church that was Christian took place and changed its practices. Some were adopted, Christianized, and then spread.

To empower this unity there must be a spiritual experience, a supernatural experience of transformation to accelerate its effectiveness. Inside the church, we have seen this ongoing process engage many into a mystical experience by Toronto type meetings. It does not matter if it has no Bible precedent because many do not allow the Bible to be the rule of faith in their life. They have put aside judgment to experience something supernatural. In fact some of the very things now taking place I have heard, seen and experienced when I was in the new age movement. Being formerly part of the New Age Movement and aware of their agenda and goals and I believe I can write with some knowledge on this subject. This is no accident what is now taking place inside the church. Those in the New Age has always wanted to influence the Church that kept itself separate and did not agree with the other spiritual practices found in the world’s religions. Now it is different; a new openness has taken place in our time.

Matthew Fox has claimed, “a global renaissance seems well underway” (The Cosmic Christ p.246). New-Ager Barbara Marx-Hubbard seems to have her handle on the pulse of this worldwide shift as she has written “the human race is beginning to experience a 'Planetary Pentecost, one in which the spirit is poured out on all flesh.” This is of course a biblical term, but it is being presented from a New Age movement slant. This Pentecost is supposed to erase the divisions of the religions. From what we are seeing, it is actually happening, except I would have to disagree on what spirit is actually at work. So many people recognize that there is something spiritual, even supernatural happening in all this. What they cannot discern is what sprit is operating. Because they have been uniting with what we are not to be united with they are no longer are in the truth; they have a spirit of error and are blinded.

Lets Talk

The World Council of Churches has long believed that: Dialogue offers the promise of discovering new dimensions of understanding our faith.” Roman Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Humanists, Traditional African Religions; you can fill in the blank who are brought into this dialogue that will help bring us to new understanding. “Love requires us to recognize and respect the integrity of our partners who enter into dialogue from the standpoint of their faith and commitment.”

Interfaith organizations are springing up everywhere across our landscape and the main way they want to unite the religions of the world is by dialogue. They all have the same agenda, here are just a few:

The Interfaith Encounter Association is dedicated to promoting peace in the Middle East through interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural study.  We believe that, rather than being a cause of the problem, religion can and should be a source of the solution for conflicts that exist in the region and beyond.

The Institute of Interfaith Dialog - “whose purpose is to unite the global communities through interfaith dialogue by sharing the differences and similarities in cultures and religions in an effort to achieve world peace in the foreseeable future.”

Global Dialogue Iinstitute (GDI).

The Institute for Interreligious, Intercultural Dialogue (IIID) founded in 1978 is an “outreach" instrument of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies (founded in 1963).”

United Communities of Spirit: “A global interfaith network, linking people of diverse faiths and beliefs who want to work with others to build a better world.

World Congress of Faiths- A pioneering fellowship dedicated to bringing people of different faiths together. Their beliefs “understanding between people of different religions is important for good community relations, for moral and spiritual renewal and for world peace. A principle is respect for those of differing faith. WCF by its educational work encourages interfaith understanding and co-operation at all levels of society.”

The Interfaith Alliance and The Interfaith Alliance Foundation Founded in 1994 Has 150,000 members from more than 70 faith traditions- work to promote interfaith cooperation around shared religious values…

The Biblical teaching says, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11) We are to stand for truth in our dialogue to be a witness of Jesus Christ. A continuing dialogue has become the main means to transverse people over. Once we keep silent and look for bridges and commonality, we compromise.

Gary Kah who is concerned about Christians involved in interfaith points out, “the establishment of the World Council of Churches in 1948 signaled the resolve of the ecumenical community both to work for the fuller unity of the church and to participate in the struggle for a new just world order” (p.207 New World Order, Gary Kah).

The World Council of Churches “In 1971 a sub-unit within the WCC was formed to promote dialogue between people of living faiths.” A document entitled Ecumenical Considerations for Dialogue and Relations with People of other Religions was produced. Though they use various dialogues spiritual dialogues seem to be priority. In their policy statement released in September 1997, the World Council of Churches (WCC) acknowledged its critical role in the unity movement: the World Council of Churches is a highly visible part and a prominent instrument and expression the ecumenical/interfaith movement.

The former secretary general of the U.N., Muller stated, “The United Nations is much more than a political organization, it is a paradigm, the expression of a deep, evolutionary change which in the long run will transform the world for the best” (New Genesis - Shaping a Global Spirituality p. 122).

In the last 10-15 years we have seen an acceleration of this new ecumenism and interfaith cooperation. At the World parliament of Religion 1993 responding to Robert Muller's plenary address on “Interfaith

Harmony and Understanding,” Swami Ghahanananda, Vice President of the Ramakrishna Order, proclaimed: We are obviously at the dawn of a New Age....Religions of the world are called upon to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the people of the New Age. Religions have to provide a vision of the unity of life and reality that reconciles the intellectual insights of science with the spiritual intuition of religion. In this context, I would like to place before you two models of universal religion developed by Swami Vivekananda: one model views universal religion as the sum total of all existing religions, each religion complimenting the others. The other model regards all the religions as manifestations of one eternal, universal religion which consists of the universal truths and laws of spiritual law. Whether or not we accept either of these models, we need a holistic vision of the religions of the world....This Parliament may not enact laws, but it can create a vision of unity. If the motto of the first Parliament was, “From dissension to harmony,” then let the motto of the present Parliament be“From harmony to unity.”

The World Council of Churches and other interfaith organizations main objective is to promote syncretism. Many involved believe that the Holy Spirit is working in other religions not just those who claim to be Christian. God’s work is to unite us as one. The first division to go-- the belief that only a certain Christianity is accepted by God. Then it is broadened to have people must be convinced we are all children of God.

Editor Stephen Strang of Charisma magazine and a promoter of the Charismatic movements ecumenism says it is “A Time to Build Bridges.” “Reconciliation seems to be a major focus of the Holy Spirit's work in the church today.” Not long ago I talked with Vinson Synan, ... Synan believes the Holy Spirit is emphasizing reconciliation. 'The Holy Spirit is talking to the church about breaking down the walls and bringing warring groups together, such as Catholics and Protestants” (March 1995 Charisma magazine).

This was the beginning of the journey for the church at large to travel on a road that has now led them to more interfaith cooperation.

We can find many such statements from inside the church and those who accept others that hold this same ecumenical position. The overall church promoted Catholic Mel Gibson’s film, the Passion of Christ movie, yet they ignored what he said, “We are all children of God, doesn’t matter what you are”… we are all children of God” (Diane Sawyer interview, Primetime Feb.16, 2004).

The Bible does not endorse such a statement, therefore this becomes another worldview the church has accepted. This affects the core doctrine of ones need for reconciliation to God. Roman Catholic Mother Teresa said, “We are all children of God” (film entitled 'Mother Teresa', world première at the United Nations 40th Anniversary celebration 11/11/1985). Mother Theresa even said, “I love all religions” (12/4/89 Time, pp. 11, 13).

I think there is a difference of showing love to the people of a religion and loving their false religious system that they need to be delivered from! Yet, so many Christians accept and promote Mother Theresa as a representative of the Christian church. This is what the world believes it is NOT what the Bible teaches.

Frank Buismato, “I strongly follow the teachings of Vatican II and firmly believe in dialogue and actions together with those of other faiths. We certainly can work together for a common purpose. We are all children of God and, though our God of Gods may seem different, we do have common interests: the foundation for social action and that we are all related and have dignity as persons” (Call to Renewal Evangelical Environmental Network, Frank Dino Buismato).

The Sikh leader who was one of the opening speakers at the Parliament of the World's Religions stated, “'We are children of one God. We are citizens of one planet. I have just been informed that there are some 3,200 sparks of the divine flame in this auditorium tonight. Welcome!” (Barcelona, Spain).

Sister Margaret Irene Johnson states “We all have the ONE and SAME God, no matter how we name her/him. We are brothers and sisters of one another. Very definitely we can work together on COMMON projects; for common purposes. We not only can, but we must if WE will continue as a WORLD-WIDE community. We need one another! (Call to Renewal Evangelical Environmental Network, Sister Margaret Irene Johnson. OSU Quoted in MEDIA SPOTLIGHT -VOL. 22-NO. 3).

Popular teacher Rick Warren “And by the way, there's truth in every religion, I, I, Christians believe that there's truth in every religion. But we just believe that there's one savior. We believe we can learn truth -- I've learned a lot of truth from different religions. Because they all have a portion of the truth. I just believe there is one savior, Jesus Christ” (Larry King interview, Nov.22 04).

Warren teaches that we can learn from other religions, he has, and it is perfectly acceptable because they have truth too. The only difference is that we, as Christians have a savior.

John Marks Templeton has continually offered a million dollars from his religious research center for progress in religion. This prize has become the most prestigious..lucrative..Ecumenical award. Many evangelicals have already received this award. Templeton has been noted for saying, “I am hoping to develop a body of knowledge about God that doesn’t rely on ancient revelations or scripture. (the bible)… The main purpose of the Templeton foundations is to encourage enthusiasm for accelerating discovery and progress in spiritual matters (the Humble Approach p.135-139). He goes on to say the heart of true religion is the willingness to see truths in other religions. The Persian Scriptures claim, “whatever road I take joins the highway that leads to thee…Broad is the carpet God has spread” (ibid. 35-36,45)

On the power of purpose website that is headed by Templeton’s organization (of which Rick Warren was one of the judges of the purpose essay): They ask-What is Purpose? “In day-to-day life, we encounter men and women who seem driven by something outside of themselves, whose commitment to their profession or volunteer activities, their community, or their cause seems to rise above the necessary, above the possible, above even the human. Indeed, we say that in such people we see 'the divine spark.'

Many religious traditions, both Eastern and Western, subscribe to the idea that there is something of God’s presence in each of us. Even for the growing number of people who describe themselves as spiritual, but not necessarily religious, there is a certain attachment to this concept of the divine spark. It is the sense that our lives can be guided from within by something more important than our simple survival, something not merely intellectual either, something in our souls.” http://www.powerofpurpose.org/about.html

For an extended time we have watched some leading evangelicals that claim to embrace the good news and at the same time claim that other religions have truth and can even be of God. They see Jesus Christ and the Spirit forging new alliances and having us embrace those who we have stayed apart from because of Biblical reasons. Now these “little details” no longer matter. Why is that? What has taken place to change their minds? As we see the world becoming mature in its sin and evil inclinations, we feel helpless in being a moral influence. So many believe if we of different religions can be bought together for the common good to advance a moral agenda we can make the world a better place. The Bible tells us to avoid this trap.  Paul states, “Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry. I speak as to wise men; judge for yourselves what I say” (1 Cor. 10:14-15).

The World Congress of Faiths believes that understanding between people of different religions is important for good community relations, for moral and spiritual renewal and for world peace.”

This sums up the goal of the majority of interfaith organizations. This is not the spiritual unity based on the truth found in the Bible but a humanistic unity. Ecumenists focus on the brotherhood of man for the betterment of civilization. The Bible speaks against any unity based upon man’s desires and goals independent of the God of the Bible. We have already seen this play out at the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9. These ancient apostates built a tower to heaven to worship as they please. God had to come down and stopped the building of the city. But we are told the latter days Babylon will reign over the kings of the earth, God will allow it to grow. The clarion call today is the unity of the world and religions (Revelation 17-18). It is this same foundation of false unity that eventually will be headed up by the Antichrist who will convince the world by his peace and power that he is the genuine Christ.

How exactly are these walls being broken down? What does the Dalai Lama, the Pope, Desmond Tutu, Robert Schuller, Marilyn Ferguson, Maitreya, Randolph Price, and so many others have in common? What would be the one thing that would bring people of all religions together? What would be the one common denominator to bring us toward peace (not the same peace that Paul and John in the book of Revelation wrote about). Giving people a common goal to work toward TOGETHER, our WORKS-- Having a common purpose. Our deeds and service for mankind! All the world’s religions divide on their doctrine but they can unite by their works. So doctrine must be a secondary issue for this “new unity” to be successful. There is an urgency to all this (because of the environment and other factors), we are told if we don't save the Earth, it will be the end of us all. Peace and safety in our dangerous world can only be achieved if we are all united and working toward the same goal. The desire to shape the world to be a better place has brought a tolerance into the Christian church that was never imagined before. By doing this we unite with those we would normally be opposed to and at the same time have allowed them to change our way of thinking to have a common purpose with them. This unity becomes more important than the one whom we serve, the Lord Jesus Christ. It becomes, so to speak, a spiritual socialism, a new type of communism that will sweep the world. We should not be surprised, as Revelation 13 prophecies that the people of the world unite in a common allegiance that will even resolve the world's most fragile infrastructure, our financial concerns.

Many Church organizations are uniting by their works, becoming involved in feeding the poor and helping disaster victims by uniting with others in other religions for the betterment of mankind. Some even propose to stop religious conflicts by this and bring peace to earth.  Robert Muller offered this advice: “Let all the religions work on what they have in common. And what divides them, put aside for the very end. …. So leave these aside, and take the subjects which we have in common.”

Christians brought into unity with other religions by our social concerns and works is a dangerous mix. For professing Christians to join with unbelievers to reform this world to be peaceful was once unthinkable. Evangelicals who are leading the fight against immorality in society rarely oppose other religions now because it would ruin the new friendships they have made for their common purpose and goals-- to reform society. They have united with former antagonists and have became…co-belligerents.

Consider the new reform that Greg Johnson is bringing to the church through his dialogue presentations with Mormon Robert Millet. Here is how the Mormon newspaper sees it. “This is a great occasion where people who share common moral values can come together and address the significance of Jesus Christ.” (http://newsnet.byu.edu/story.cfm/53124) In another article “Johnson and Millet have long been impressed with the moral values and commitment to Christ each has found in the members of other faiths but are concerned that theological differences stand in the way of cooperating on issues of interest to both (Evangelist to speak at Tabernacle Saturday, September 11, 2004 By Carrie A. Moore Deseret news). 

If one can ignore the doctrinal differences we find that we are all on the same page. That’s how easy it can be. Even for polytheist in the Mormon church and a monotheist in the Christian church.

Today we have Christians not only uniting with the Church of Rome but with other religions such as Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church, and now the Mormon Church and Islam. Looking from the outside in, those who hold to the true doctrines of Christ found in the Scripture can only wonder what in the world is going on as they watch so many they knew and trusted being moved into this new unity.

This new global religion that is currently being formed will be based on the common denominator of works not on doctrine. It will have common goals; they will fight against evil, each in the name of their god. It will look like the height of all goodness and cooperation to those who have no biblical knowledge. Like the rider on the white horse, it is going to ride quickly and conquer. The New Age movements influence to integrate religions and values are being felt on numerous levels. New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard sums it up well, “your feelings of separation and fear, to unity and love. From this new place, we can work together to solve the problems of the world…” (Barbara Marx Hubbard, Rings of Eempowerment p.45).

This is the new age spirit, to drop differences so we can harmoniously work with each other to achieve a utopian world. When I was in the New Age I accepted everybody’s spiritual practice and I interpreted it as love. The only absolute I held was that nobody was wrong, because it was their individual truth for them. We were all on different paths to the same place, whose to say that someone is wrong. As I look back, it becomes very clear there was a spiritual power operating to blind me by a principle  with the wideness of my acceptance to the only thing that would give me the ultimate absolute answer- the GOSPEL of peace.

Dirk Ficca of the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions stated, We are not out to create one religion. We want convergence of purpose, not consensus” (Los Angeles Times, 12-4-99). It is obvious that he is aware of the Christian viewpoint on this so he wants to avoid any association with the prophecy in Revelation. What he does not realize is that the bible does not say there will be one religion but that there will be unity. Interfaith unity is the spirit of our age and everyone is invited to participate in this new style of unity, especially the Church.

Global Peace Works website says that, “peace among religions is the key to world peace. The twenty-first century has been dubbed the “age of interspirituality” by Brother Wayne Teasdale. Whether you are Muslim or Hindu; Christian or Jew; Sikh or Jain; Buddhist or Bahá'í; Mormon, Unificationist or any other new religion; you will learn about other faiths and deepen your own spiritual understanding in our unique international, interfaith, volunteer projects

It should be apparent that those who work toward Interfaith and ecumenism are not trying to have only one religion, but a unified religion, through diversity. The premise is that we can all be portions of the single whole; that no one religion has all truth but each has only a portion of the truth. So if we come together to work for our common good it will be beneficial to make the world a better place and thus usher in an age of peace and cooperation unlike any throughout history. The Babylon syndrome is very real and active in our time and it is about to integrate into every aspect of our lives. It will continue to increase to the point that we will be unable to speak against it or convince people otherwise because of its sheer immensity and momentum.

Ecumenical leaders resolve to strengthen ties with anyone that will help provide humanitarian services to the world. Everywhere we look people are wanting to unite for a common cause. It sounds so refreshing and wonderful on a human level. I’m sure that the majority of these organizations are well meaning in their goal to see peace but they do not have the hope that Christian does who puts their faith in Jesus Christ. Those who “made peace through the blood shed on the cross” (Col.1:20) “the Lord of peace Himself give you peace” (2 Thess. 3:16) by “the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord” (2 Peter 1:2).

World Council of Churches (WCC) General Secretary Samuel Kobia who was speaking at the conclusion of a three-day ecumenical conference, which was attended by continental leaders, said that although there has been cooperation between the Catholic and Protestant churches at the high levels, the unity has not yet filtered to the bottom. “We have been cooperating with our brothers on issues of justice and peace, and providing humanitarian assistance in other regions.

Mary Ann Lundy, from the mainline PCUSA, the Deputy Director of the world Council of Churches, and a worshipper of the Goddess Sophia, stated: “We are learning that to be ecumenical is to move beyond the boundaries of Christianity...yesterday's heresies are becoming tomorrow's Book of [Church] Order.”

The new age ecumenist and ex-Catholic priest Matthew Fox explained: “Deep ecumenism is the movement that will unleash the wisdom of all world religions -- Hinduism and Buddhism, Islam and Judaism, Taoism and Shintoism, Christianity in all its forms, and native religions and goddess religions throughout the world. This unleashing of wisdom holds the last hope for the survival of the planet we call home” (Matthew Fox, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ p. 228).

According to Fox, becoming unified will be the hope for the world. Fox has longed for many years to see a “religious renewal” and “awakening' in our times. He says that: the twentieth century, beginning with the ecumenical movement in the early part of this century, has been striving to make religion whole again. We live today in a time of post-denominational religion” (The Coming of the Cosmic Christ The healing of Mother Earth and the Birth of a global Renaissance Matthew Fox, Harper & Raw, Publishers, San Francisco.)

Interesting phrase post-denominational religion, since it has also been used by Peter Wagner who almost named his new movement this  for the church “For a couple of years I experimented with 'Post-denominationalism.' The name I have settled on for the movement is the New Apostolic Reformation.” (C. Peter Wagner, The New Apostolic Churches, 1998, p. 18.) Not only is the wording similar the concept of unity is as well. It began in the Latter rain by William Branham.

As we see disasters increase, such as Tsunami’s, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions even violence, and terrorism, we will see an increase in mutual co-operation to bring us to the goal of world unity. The world religions are being played on a chessboard and we are slowly being moved into check and then checkmate.

God's Word Sent from Heaven

Isaiah 55:9-11: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven, and do not return there, but water the earth, and make it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

What God has spoken will always take place. God’s word is the only thing that can bring spiritual life to men. His word falls into two categories and always accomplishes His goal. One is to give truth, knowledge and salvation to bring spiritual life to those in need. The other is to bring a warning, rebuke for correction or judgment.

May we pray the prayer of Paul “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you, and that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men; for not all have faith” (2 Thess. 3:1-2).

The church needs to hear the word of God and hold to its narrow way to continue being the church, alight to the world. We need to be affected by the word to bring the message of life to others. Not let their influence affect us and diminish our light.

We all want to see a genuine revival take place. Fruit takes time to develop, the soil first needs preparation for seeds to be planted, germinate to finally bring forth an abundant harvest. The timing is up to our Lord. James 5:7-8: “Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.” 

If we really want to see a revival are we willing to pay the price of separation? We have a choice which road we travel on. The harvest is dependent on what we do. “For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister. And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end, that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises” (Heb. 6:10-12).


pt.2 Working Together for the Common Good


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