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In response to the Rumors of Christianity using the Myths of pagan gods for Jesus

First let me preface this article by stating that Satan knows the Bible and counterfeits the true religion God gave to man to bring confusion. He did this before and after the events take place as well.

Horus, Mithra are often used by atheists and those who side with Pagan religions- but these are myths and the Bible has been substantiated with the manuscript evidence -archeology, and PROPHECY.

Lets begin with Horus who is depicted as a falcon-headed man - each king was considered a  manifestation of him, this does not sound similar to the Bible at all.  Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris but in another tradition Hathor is regarded as his mother and sometimes as his wife. Horus was one god in the Egyptian pantheon of gods, the god of the Sky, god of War and god of Protection. Isis goddesses of Egypt was the divine queen and mother of the heavens, both sister and wife to Osiris and mother of Horus. This does not sound like what the Bible at all about Jesus.

The Pharaoh was Horus in life that became the Pharaoh as Osiris in death, where he was united  with the rest of the gods. This is what they mean by resurrection; not that he came back to life in the same body but lived on in another world. Most ancient religions had various types of reincarnation but not in any way similar to the Judaeo-Christian view of resurrection, where the person is brought back to life on earth in the same body that died. They have no resurrection but transmigration. There is no crucifixion either.

Then you have the Sons of the god. Horus who assists the dead in their journey to the Underworld. Horus was worshiped in the form of a hawk, or falcon, a hawk headed man. Thoth was an ibis, Khnemu was a ram, and Hathor was a cow. The sun had various symbols--the obelisk, the sacred scarab beetle, the uraeus cobra, and the sun disk. Another myth says that the sun and the moon were the right (sun) and left (moon) eyes of the sky god and the sun is seen as more powerful. He was identified with the rising sun. Later, to be associated with the sun-god Ra. Atum was the god of the setting sun. Egypt had hundreds of gods of nature, he was but one god among the many. So there are no similarities in this.

Some make the audacious claim Horus was born on December 25 just like JesusÖ from what we know of history it was in the months of Oct/Nov. One cannot reinvent myths to defame Christ and think their animosity will not be noticed. December 25 became the date in the third century A.D. It has nothing to do with the Bible it was invented by man. We donít know the date he was born.

Speculation is fertile ground for ultracrepedarianís. They entertain themselves with the theory that at the age of 12, he became a teacher like Jesus at age 12. But Jesus did not become a teacher until age 30 plus. He was contending with the teachers. Some say Horus was baptized at the age of 30 like Jesus, really baptism in Egypt?

 The Old Testament speaks of Jesus dying and resurrecting and this comes (700 BC- 1,500 BC) before these concepts in these other religions (who had other gods not one God). So if one is going to accept that Christianity borrowed from them why does the Bible have it prophesied. Why are the prophecies so exact with details 1,500 to 600 years before the event?

 How do we have 30 prophecies fulfilled in one day of his crucifixion. Where are the prophecies of Horus like the prophecies of Jesus?
OT prophecies have specific statements (Ps.22) how this can be true if itís a myth? Roman scholars and Jewish unbelievers both wrote of the crucifixion. How many Egyptian manuscripts are there with this story of theirs?

Furthermore, why would Israel that was enslaved to Egypt, those who hated them and their God (whom was already known at that time to be different than the Egyptians) borrow one of their gods and insert it into their Bible that was written by Moses who actually forsook Egypt?
The Egyptians had a pantheon of Gods, the Israelites did not, they had only one. They did not get along.
The Bible is a collection of historical narratives books written by 40 authors over some 1,600 years. Starting to be a book some 3,500 years ago (Horus is the Sun God of Egypt of around 3000 BC)

To take the position that the Bible and its depiction of Jesus is just an amalgamation of pagan deities, myths in other cultures shows that one is not only ignorant but is close minded ignorant.

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