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The GOSPEL - Good news to those who are seeking truth.

What is a Cult - Identifying and escaping the clutches of the Cults
Common characteristics of Cults- What they all share in common together.
How to Recognize if you are in a Cult- Are you involved in a group that may not be spiritually healthy , there are warning signs.
What is a Cult? Eight Marks of Heresy- Explaining the identifying term and what heresy is.
What about Jms.2:17- What is James actually saying? Do we work for salvation or to keep it? What is the correct interpretation.
How to find a Church home-What one needs to look for to find a church they can call home.
Universal World Church ( Hawaii fellowship) -Teachings are a  mixture of the Bible with a  new age interpretation. Latter Rain manifest Sons of God doctrine, superior knowledge in basic truths and idolatry.
True Jesus Church- They believe they have the restored gospel from China, believe that baptism saves and that Jesus is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Ogamisama- A modern day savior from Japan.
 Sacred Name Movement- A Hebrew roots movement that promotes restoring the divine name for salvation. What do they claim about themselves, their leaders and the Bible? What do they think of Christians?
Rastafarianism- Is Rastafari the Messiah? Looking at the music and a religious  movement that continues to influence a generation.
Tenrikyo- One of Japans most popular new religion
 Christian Science- The metaphysical teachings of  a woman who started a movement -Mary Baker Eddy. 
 Beware of false Prophets that come in sheep's clothing - What is the fruit that Jesus spoke about?
Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research- Dr. Kinleys new revelation about Gods name, the Bible and he being Yashua.
IDMR pt.2- More refutes on this metaphysical cult of Dr. Kinley.
History timeline of World Religions and it's founders
The One true Church- Which Church has the truth that one must join to be saved?
The Urantia book- Is it a book from God or channeled by spirit beings?
Christadelphianism- Denying the essentials yet calling themselves Christians.


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International Churches of Christ    Boston movement   ICOC   

Kip McKean steps down from leadership - New and interesting developments fro the International church of Christ.   
Their defense of NOT being a Cult!- Looking at how the ICC practices Christianity and their statements defending it.

Oahu Church of Christ-This is the introduction to this movement particularly on this Island. Please read this first before visiting the articles

History of their Movement- A birds eye view of where they came from and how they started.
Authority- How does this Church operate in their shepherding.
Refutes to Baptismal regeneration-Examining the scripture to disprove that baptism saves a soul.
What Saves water or Faith-Is salvation by Faith alone or faith plus water Baptism?
Spirit baptism- What does the Bible promote that makes one a Christian, the Spirit or baptized in water ?
What is Baptism-Defining what the act actually is and means.
Baptism in the Boston movement-What do they teach about baptism  and what makes them unique.
Why Was Jesus baptized-What was the purpose for his baptism and what is the significance for us today.
Confession Sessions- Examining their practice of confessing their sins to their disciplers.
Revolution Through Restoration- Kip McKean's solution to Christianity.
The True Church - The ICC claims to be the restored true Church, a look at their claims and quotes.
Confusing the doctrines of Justification with Sanctification -Does the combination of works give assurance of salvation and when is one declared right with God.

Biblical discipleship- The differences between the Boston movements discipling and the biblical manner it is to be done.

Being a Disciple of Men-How are we to be discipled , who does it?

What is faith- what exactly is it and does it stand on its own merit or do we need additions?

Help for the Confused-When to know to leave and what to do afterwards.

Becoming their disciple or saved- Discipled or saved is the real issue at hand.

Where's the Beef ? Some true statistics about their phenomenal growth.

Disciple or Saint- Who are we according to the New Testament teaching?

Obeying your Leaders- What are the inner workings of control by discipleship in the ICC.

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Iglesia ni Cristo

Biography of Felix Manalo- Who is their founder and his background.

Who are they-What are their basic teachings.

What do they teach about Jesus- Who is Jesus to this church?

The true church- Addressing their exclusive claims of being God's Church on earth

Felix Manalo the 5th angel-What did their founder think about himself?

Salvation- How does one receive salvation in this group?
Favorite Bible Translation- Which translation do they refer to when hard areas of theology are addressed?

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Reverend Sun Myung Moon-  The Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon. a cult leader extraordinaire who proclaims himself the Lord of the 2nd advent and restoration of the gospel by marriage.

50 state tour to Hawaii- The response of Rev. Moon's Hawaii trip 

The Ecumenical war for the family- Rev. Moon's newest ruse to get everyone united to save our families, and nation.

The Revelation of marriage- Rev. Messiah Moon's revelation for all mankind.
Moon's organizations- The extension of Moon's control and influence in society.
Who is Rev. Moon- What is his history, and where does his beliefs come from.
The Jesus of Reverend Moon- Moon's teaching on God and Jesus.

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The Coming Revival-Review of Rodney H. Browne's book.
A Divine Revelation of Hell- Mary Baxter's trip to the underworld
The Gospel in the Stars - Do the stars reveal the Bibles story? Reviewing the book Perpetuated in Righteousness and the Hawaiians gospel.
The Final Quest - Rick Joyner
The prayer of Jabez- A Biblical look at the newest sensation on prayer that is sweeping America and other countries.


Assorted Popular teachers in the world and the Church

The Price is right or wrong?- Fred Prices' faith teaching on prosperity.
Parsley, Purple Passion and Paisley- Rod Parsley is a leader in the new Pentecostal paradigm, where is his teaching going. 
TB Joshua- The miracle man from Nigeria who heals aids.
Christian Harfouche- Following in other men's footsteps another rising star in the charismatic camp .
Benny Hinn- He has become the most influential Charismatic teacher of all time. Many articles to consider on this mans doctrine and practices.
Arnold Murray- The Shepherd Chapels pastor who will condemn you if you do not believe in the same falsehood he teaches.
Robert Schuller- The gospel according to the worlds leading possibility thinker.
Norman Vincient Peale- The modern proclaimer of the minds power by positive thinking.
Bishop Spong-Controversy and disputes, and confusion are what his new reformation is all about.
The Trinity refuse or confused- A look at the more popular teachers teaching on the nature of Christ and God.

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JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES- Charles Taze Russell, and the Watchtower society's teachings.

 144,000 mediators or One- Refuting the Jehovah's Witness teaching on the 144,000 going to heaven mediating for the great crowd.
And the Word was What?- Jehovah's Witnesses and their unique and intentional distortion of Jn1:1 in their NWT. Johannes Greber and his influence on their translation.
Scholars on Jn.1:1- What do Greek scholars think of the J.W's rendering of "the word was a god"?

Who are they and what do they want?-What do they teach that they won't tell you until you join.

Tacking in the wind- How they are never wrong.

Watchtower and Believers- Are there any?

The Watchtower and Pagan Pyramids-Did the Watchtower once promote what they now would call paganism?

Is the Light getting Brighter?- What about all the changes in the Watchtowers history, are they getting closer to the truth?

A Lie for a Lie- What happens to the old light that is replaced with the new
The Jesus of the Watchtower-Who is the Jesus they present to their members?

Mighty or Almighty God ?- Is Jesus only a mighty god compared to Jehovah ?

If he is NOT God then ?-Proofs of what he said from his own mouth and what it means
JeHoVaH's Name is ? Is this the authentic name of God they have inserted in their NWT.
Is Jesus Michael the Archangel-proving from the Bible he is not an angel!!
Lying to the Public- What they say is not what they do

No Christmas for A J.W- What do they think of people celebrating Christ's birth- What do they think of people celebrating Christ's birth

Jehovah Witness Children- what happens to the children in this religion

Forbidding Blood Transfusions- Their teaching of eternal life forbids saving physical life, they die for God.

Blood Transfusions-What really is a transfusion?

Who is Your mediator-Christ is the mediator of the 144,000 only, a mock conversation as a outline to make sense out of this teaching to a JW.

The 144,000 - Who are they and where are they?

Shepherd of the Sheep- who is the shepherd of the church? Is he the same shepherd over the Watchtower society?

Singing the Song of the Lamb-who is The real song of praise sung in heaven by the saints to?

Angelic Direction for the Society- Who does the society receive their directions from today ?

What did the Apostles preach- Looking at the evidence of the sermons the apostles proclaimed.
Communication with a dead Pastor- Did the society ever hear from their beloved pastor after he died?
Whose testimony do you have?- Who does the Bible witness of?

The Way of Salvation- How does a J.W receive salvation?

The many Gods of Jehovah Witnesses- Do they really believe there is only one God the father?
Denying the Creation Account - Do J.W's believe in the biblical creation account or synthesize it with evolution?

Resurrection or recreation?- What happens when we die according to the Watchtower?

Flesh and Blood cannot inherit the Kingdom- Did Jesus rise as a spirit named Michael?
The Secret Coming of Jesus- Did Jesus come in 1914 ? What they don't want you to know about 1874.

Watchtower proclaims themselves as false prophets- The history of date settings that all came to nothing.

What does and does not happen to you when you join the Jehovah Witnesses What is it like to join and live in Jehovah's Organization.

Answering the knock at your door- What to do when they come to your house.

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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints -Mormonism, LDS  and their non Christian teachings 

Adding to the Bible- Prophet Joseph Smiths Bible.

Mormons use TV media to promote Christians Holy Book

 Polygamy revisitedA Biblical study on polygamy in the Bible compared to the Mormon's perspective.
You said What when?- LDS tries to change their position on the blacks being curse.
What's in a name?- The necessity of name of the Mormon Church. 
Are you living the Celestial law? - Are Mormons achieving what they are teaching?
RLDS -Reformed church- The reformed Church's of latter day saints teachings
Making sense out of nonsense- The straw man argument of praying to receive and answer on the book of Mormon. 
History of the Mormon Church- The early timeline of their history.
What do they actually mean when they say- How do we interpret what they teach?
Image and Likeness of God or man?- Whose image is man made in and what does it mean?
Adams test- Did Adam fail or succeed by eating the forbidden fruit?
In the Beginning MAN- Which came first man or God ?
The Confusion of Mormonism- The current state they started in, and are still in.
We're Christians too- Mormons now wanted to be accepted as Christians where before they mocked them!
Polygamy a Revelation from God ?-Where do these teachings come from and who changes their mind ?
Its in Black and White-New Revelation given to give the blacks the priesthood.
The virgin birth ?-What do Mormons mean by Mary as a virgin?
Baptizing live people for dead people to be saved-Can Mormons save people who are dead,  by being baptized in their place ?
Can I get a Witness for the book of Mormon?-What happened to the Witnesses? While they say Christianity was in apostasy but they too have an apostasy.
Why do you say the things you do?- Who attacked which Church first?
What Ye think of the Scriptures-Their book of Mormon, is it a compliment or  competitor to the Bible? What do Mormons think of the Bible , really?

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Oneness Pentecostal movement-Jesus only, baptism in Jesus name, trinity, ancient heresy of Sabellianism

Introduction to the Oneness Movement- please read this short intro before going to the articles
Who was manifested in the flesh?- Oneness teaches God is one person only, who was manifested in the flesh. How does Oneness explain many manifestations simultaneously?
Modern beginnings of Oneness Pentecostals- When did the Sabellian revival begin?
The Early Church on Oneness -Quotes from those involved in the controversy.
God Does not change- Did God become the Son or the Spirit and then change back to the Father, is he only one person at a time?
Oneness Theology- Explaining the differences between their beliefs and ours.
Preexistence of the Son- Is the Son preexisting like the Father or did the Father become the Son.
The Son being Sent- Where did the Son come from ? Earth , heaven, is it only a title of the Spirit?
Proofs of the Trinity-Is there a trinity or are they only titles of the one person?
The Word One- Examining how this is used and applied in scripture
The Trinity in the Resurrection- Who was involved in raising Jesus from the dead?
Today I have Begotten Thee-Did the Son come into existence at a certain time like other humans?
The Word Persons- What do we mean by 3 persons
Jn.1:1- Comparing their definition with the scriptures.
Who died on the Cross ? Was it the Father or the Son, or both.
The Right Hand of God-What does this phrase actually mean and teach.
Mt.28 Baptism- Is this an authentic text , does it mean in Jesus name?
The Grace of God-Are we misinterpreting this?
Are Tongues and Baptism Necessary ? What are the essentials for salvation?
From the mouth of Two or three Witnesses- What did Jesus mean about witnesses?
Oneness Pentecostals and Trinitarians Unite- TBN promotes a new openness
History of Heresies- History always repeats itself when no one is paying attention. An outline of some early heresies in the Church.

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Biblical doctrines- Basic Bible doctrines and explaining difficulties in scripture.

Why follow ONLY the Scripture-? How important is the Word of God to be a Christian.
Under construction- God's continual shaping the believer into the image of his son.
What prayer will and will not do- How to pray in God's will
 A Cross less Christianity = Christ less Christianity-How Jesus asked us to follow him and the meaning of the cross in a believers life.
  Why is there a gospel? - The mystery of the gospel, hid from the beginning of time now revealed.
 Being a fruitful Christian- How can we bear fruit that will last? 
Walking in the Spirit- How can we have a victorious fruitful life today.
Angelology-The differences in the angels.
The Nephilim of Gen.6- The controversy of angelic visitations or Sethites.
The different Baptisms of the Bible-What are all the different types of baptism's described in scripture.
Soul Sleep- Is there an afterlife or only rest for the soul until the resurrection ?
The Thief on the Cross and Paradise- Where did he go and where is Paradise to day?
Original sin-does everyone who comes into this world have a sinful nature?
Could Jesus have sinned ?-Jesus being also a human limited himself, did he have the potential to sin?
The Cross- What is it and what is its significance for us today ?
The two Adams and the Two trees- From the garden to Christ, from the first man to the last Adam.
Which day did Jesus Die and Resurrect- Was it on a Friday or Wednesday he died and when did he resurrect ?
The Resurrection of Jesus- Did he really die and rise from the dead.
Why do believers suffer? Is there any meaning to our present trials and sufferings?
Sermon on the Mount- What does it mean for us today?
Martyr's of the early church- The church was witnessed by the blood of martyrs.
Melchizedek priesthood- Who was this man, was he Christ?
The New Covenant-What does it mean to be a participate in the new covenant.
The Book of Life- What does it mean to have your name written in this book and can it be removed?
The Transfiguration-What happened on this day ?
The Feast of Chanukah- Some interesting facts in typology and how it applies today.
Pleading the blood of Jesus-Can we apply the blood to anything?
Eternal Security- Is eternal life is a gift and can we forfeit it?
Blasphemy of the Spirit- Can one be guilty of this today?
Hell- Is there such a  terrible place and who goes there?
Theological Terms and Definitions-Bible words and descriptions that define theology.
Who is Jesus? What did Peters confession in Mt.16 mean.

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Apologetics for our Age-explaining the truths of Christ and scripture, philosophy and logic

The Gospel-Discovering what took place at Golgotha 2,000 years ago that can affect you today.
The choice of Absolutes or Relativism- Which is more conducive to our reality we live in?
There are Too many Hypocrites in church-Ever hear this excuse?
Things God cannot do- Can God do just anything or is he unable to do some things?
The Eternality of God- a glimpse in understanding some of the nature of God
There are no Atheists -Is there really a true atheist or are they making this up?
Speculations to the beginning- What are the views of how the universe and life began
Biblical evidences for science- does science agree or disagree with the Bible?
Evil- How can we explain evil if there is a loving God.
Religion or Relationship ?- the difference between Christ and the worlds religions.
Christ's Miracles -the miracles and prophecies proved who Jesus was.
What of those who never heard?-What happens to the people who have not heard the Gospel?
The Jesus Seminar- Peter Jennings "Search for Jesus" and his interview of his hand picked Bible scholar's.
Choosing My Religion- Why Jesus is different than other religious teachers
 The Bible delivered to us today- Can we be confident of the Scriptures accuracy throughout history?
 The Bibles beginnings- How we got our Bible, and the enormous historical and manuscript proofs for its accuracy.

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