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Islam - The prophet Mohammed, their teachings, the Koran (Qur'an)

Web site Listings continued
Basic Teachings of Islam-Outline of their beliefs
The Prophet of Deut.18- Islam claims this is Mohammed , Christianity proves otherwise.
Do Muslims believe the Bible -Muslims refer to the bible often but what do they really think of it ?
Is Gods name Allah ?- What does scripture say Gods name is? Is Allah  a valid interpretation?
The Comforter- Islam uses the bible to say the one later sent is Mohammed the prophet how to refute this.
Who is the greater Prophet ? Jesus or Mohammed, a comparison chart.
Crucifixion and the Koran- It is the capstone of Christianity yet Islam rejects this event, how do they explain it?
Islam's proof that Christ did not die- Did Christ fake his death , does the bible teach he did not really die?
The Qur'an's Jesus- What does the Qur'an teach about Jesus, the Son, begotten and the father?

The real Islam - Does the Qur'an teach peace or violence, and to whom?

The start of the conflict- Abraham's seed of promise and the blessing to all nations.


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How can we know who the Messiah is? -tracing the genealogical line to find the Messiah.
Who is the MESSIAH ?- Who is he and what would he would do when he came?
Jesus in the Talmud-Did the ancient Rabbis believe similar to what Christians do today, what does the Talmud say about the Messiah?
Messianic Miracles- What were the miracles for?
The birth and childhood of the Messiah- Yeshua and his time of growing up into ministry.
From Abrahm to Moses to Christ- A short look at Israel's history and the concept of the sacrificial lamb of Passover and the fulfillment in Christ


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Roman Catholic Religion- Mary, purgatory, traditions, Peter

Mary's sinlessness- Is Mary sinless, what does scripture tell us?
Mary's Son or Gods only Son -Is Jesus the only son of Mary or of God, where there others in his family?
Praying to Mary?- Can we pray to Mary or Saints in heaven?
Problems with the Mary of Roman Catholicism- Is what Roman Catholicism teaches about Mary the same as what the bible teaches ?
Purgatory the Spiritual Bermuda Triangle- Is it necessary to be purged of ones sins in Purgatory after one dies, to go to heaven ?
The Virgin Birth- Did Mary stay a virgin was there an immaculate conception?
Peter the Rock- Is Peter the Rock or does scripture point to another?
The Eucharist-What does the Roman Church teach and what is it really ?
Jn.6 eat my flesh- what did Jesus mean by this statement?
Is it a Mass ?- Does the bible teach such a concept for grace?
Idolatry-What is it according to Judaism and is it being practiced in the Catholic Church?
Who gave us the Scripture?- How did we get our bible and who is responsible for handing it down?
Traditions found in the bible- Are there traditions found in scripture, what should we be practicing today?
Traditions,Traditions,Traditions - Can traditions help our spiritual life?
Yesterdays are still with us- Can we make the same mistakes Israel did and not even know it?
It is Written- Does God have his instructions to be written down?
Unity sought with Islam-  Where is Rome leading its people in its ecumenism.
What is a Saint?-How does one become a saint?
Marriage and the Priesthood-Can priests marry, whose a priest today?
The Bibles Tradition of the Word ONLY - Does the bible uphold Scripture as being our source of instruction? Catholics need to seriously  consider the teaching of the apostles and prophets.


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Bahai faith teachings- Baha'u'llah,worship of God, progressive revelation, oneness of prophets, new world order, ecumenical

Who are the Bahai ? Introduction to their religion
Basics of Bahai Beliefs- Overall teaching of their religion
Who is the Way Today ? Is Christ the way for his time only ?
The Choice of Absolutes or relativism- What is the real philosophy under the surface that Bahai operates from.
Progressive Revelations- Do all religions teach similar things and are from the one God?
Did Jesus Prophesy Baha'u'llah- Examining the Bahai's claims of Baha'u'llah which they claim is in  the bible.
Bahai's and the unknown God- can one know God according to their religion or only obey him?
Contradictions in the Bahai Faith- Just some observations from there writings
The Coming New World Religion- Bahais are one of the numerous religions working toward a new world order, not knowing they are fulfilling biblical prophecy.
Bahai's deny the bible- While they claim unity with all religions they in fact believe and practice something different.
Bahai's deny the Resurrection- The essentials of Christianity and the preaching of the apostles is reinterpreted.
Symbolism over Substance- Did Jesus rise physically or is it only a spiritual story.
Bahai's and the missing Power of God- can one really serve God without being in Christ?


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Basics of Buddhism-What are the teaching and practices compared to Christianity
Background of Gautama and Buddhism- History of the Buddha and his spiritual search.

Reincarnation, Karma, Samsara , Nirvana-

Way of Salvation


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Latter Rain Directory

The modern prophets/apostles movement in the Church

Kingdom Dominionism pt.1- Is the Church going to have glory, be immortal and rule over the earth. Reconstructionism in a Charismatic package.
pt.2Who has all authority?- How does the Church takes its dominion over the earth.
pt.3 The Cleansing for the Kingdom-Who will go and who will stay in this Dominion now Kingdom.
 pt.4 Spiritual war  - Is Joels Army marching today?
What is the true Latter RainWhat does Scripture mean when it states the Latter Rain?
The "new order" of the Latter Rain- Roots of  today's Revivalism traced back to 1948 and the 1800's.
William Branham- A historical view of the modern prophet William (Elijah) Branham
William Branham- Who was he, what did he really teach and  where did he get his power from?
 William Branham's beliefs- updated- What he said and taught
A Prophets Prophet-Branhams end times view of him fulfilling Elijah and opening up the 7 seals in the book of Revelation.
Paul Cain- A William Branham disciple has been called the greatest prophet of today by other prophets. His story and  his influence on the Vineyard movement.
Manifest Sons of God doctrineThe extreme teaching from the Latter Rain of believers becoming immortal on earth without Christ's coming. 
Joel's Army- What is marching today is a new Christianity. And will soon affect everyone it comes in contact with it.
The new thing-Triumphalism, ruling over nations, the miracle army of eternal beings.


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7th Day Adventist Church -Sabbath, Sabbatarians, Law, Grace, Commandments, legalism

What Day are we allowed to Worship on? - Which day are we to worship and gather on ?
Is the Law a creation Ordinance?- When did mankind receive the law ?
How to Keep the Sabbath- What Sabbatarians are not telling their own people and new converts to the law.
Is the Church Spiritual Israel?-Are the blessings of Israel now the churches do we become the Israel ?
Which Law to keep?- Is there a difference between the law of Moses and the Tablets and  the law of Christ?
Law and grace-Describing the differences between each and how each functions today for the believer.
Remember the Sabbath - Is the Sabbath the only command to remember or are their other commands as well ?
The Eternal Sabbath- Is the law or the Sabbath eternal existing before man and given to him in the garden?
Sabbath keeping in the New Testament- What day did the apostles and the church keep during the book of Acts and after ?
The Ark and the 10 commandments-How does the commandments relate to our living today.
The Issue of the Sabbath -Who is it for ,when did it begin.
What is the greatest Commandment?- Is the Sabbath the crown of the commandments?
The Old or the New covenant- which covenant are we to live by today and does some of the law continue ?
Leo Schreven Offers $1,000- What did he offer to pay if found in scripture?
They changed the Sabbath- Refuting the accusations of the Church going into apostasy and following the Pope
What is Sin?- Definitions in light of the bible and law keepers
The Law for the Righteous?- Who is the law for today, Christians or the unbelievers?
The Purpose of the Law- the internal requirements for the law.
Can the Law help us overcome Sin-Should we keep the Law today and what benefit do we derive from it, does it give us power or holiness.
Soul Sleep -(spiritual snoozing)- What really happens when we die?
What is the holiest of All ?-Is the Sabbath the Most holy or the Law?
Who is Michael in 7th day Adventism- Is Michael just another name for Jesus?
Is there a prophet among you?- E. G. White's  prophecies- What did she really teach and believe.
Col.2 Sabbaths or Sabbath- Which  Sabbath in Col.2 is no longer to be observed?
Entering our True Sabbath Rest- Where do we find our Sabbath today?

The fallacy of Sunday being the mark of the Beast- A two part article that examines at length the end times teachings of he 7th day Adventist church, specifically Sunday worship and the name of the Beast.

Foods unclean or clean- Are there prohibitions on what we are to eat today?

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E.G.White on the Sabbath Revelation-The great controversy solved

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Heresies in the Pentecostal movement-signs and wonders, miracle crusades, Apostles and prophets, the anointed, slain in the spirit, vineyard, revivalism, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Fred Price, Rodney Howard Browne, and others.

 Touch not My anointed- This has become the cliché to build a wall of protection around certain teachers, but are they taking out of context, what does it really mean?   
 The two churches in the end times- Which side have you taken in the last days?
Another Gospel- are signs and wonders part of the Gospel package?
Apostles and prophets-Are there modern day apostles or prophets, what does the bible say.
Romancing the Necromancer-Benny Hinn's Incredible teaching on contacting the dead.
Slain in the Spirit- Addressing the phenomenon of falling by the Power
The coming revival-Review of Rodney H. Browne's book.
What is Real Revival?-Is today's gatherings of Toronto or Pensacola revival ?  A look at the biblical model and those in the past who participated in them.
Discerning the vineyard- what is really going on spiritually.
Guidelines for testing- what you should know of how to test the Spirits
Last days Fictitious Revival-What if things are not what they first appear to be.
The Anointing-Is the anointing passed around to day the same as the apostles, what exactly is the anointing?
Purpose of signs and wonders- Who performed them and what exactly did they do?
Rodney recommends not to Pray-Rodney H. Browne conducts his meetings by directing people away from prayer.
Rodney Browne coming to N.Y.- What happened to His crusade planned at Madison Square Garden?.
The Former and Latter Rain-Are we experiencing the latter rain of the Spirit today?  What does this mean 
The Gift of Tongues -What is this supernatural gift and how is it to operate.
Tongues as the evidence -Does one need to speak in another language to be filled of the Spirit.
The Mind or the Spirit -Does being Spiritual mean we only use our Spirit and bypass our mind ?
The New Wine -The new teaching of laughter to bust up your wineskins.
Yo Toronto'- Refuting what is practiced  in the new neo Pentecostal movement
Whooping it up under the new anointing -What is really happening to the church is it a blessing or a blight.
Spiritual warfare - The true facts or fantasy of today's modern warfare fought.
Demon Possession in the Christian- a look at the recurring trends of the Devil made me do it -from the inside!
What is really happening in the Church? -Some descriptions and thoughts on the current revivalism fad.
Tracing the trail of the new Revivalism- The roots of the revival can be surprising, Jesus said we can know a tree by its fruit. What is the source of the seed that has sprung up the last 8 years? Following the yellow brick road back to the wizard of Oz.
I was healed at a miracle crusade- What's it all about, are people really being healed?
Benny Hinn's Romance with Necromancy pt 2.
Learning how to receive an offering-Learn from one of the best, how to get Gods people to give extra money. (Benny Hinn's way)
Revered Among the Prophets- William Branham's influence in the neo Pentecostal movement today.
The New Violence of the holy Spirit - What has the new move of the spirit actually come to?
The next level of Benny Hinn's anointing- The current developments  that are happening with Benny Hinn "under the anointing".
The little God/Men - What are the teachings of the new Pentecostals Copeland , Hinn, Price, etc. saying.
Oneness Pentecostals and Trinitarians Unite - TBN promotes a new openness
Parables for the Covetous - Scripture in light of the success oriented Gospel of today.
TBN - A Christian broadcasting  network promoting love and unity, but not for everybody. When does love turn sour.
Gold teeth - The newest manifestation in the revival, prelude of what is to come.
How do you move an elephant in a house?- A parable of the Church.
What is Heresy -How does the Bible define heresy and what are heresy hunters? Is it necessary to identify and how are we to do that?
The New Anointing - How is this anointing described and and practiced by leading Charismatics?
The Apostasy - What is it? Why is it and who will be found in it?
The cult of "do not judge"- The new trend of excuses that prevents people from knowing the truth.


Benny Hinn- Articles on the new leader of the Charismatic signs and wonders movement.

Hinn's newest faux pas- What is currently being said and practiced by Christianity's most popular miracle worker. 
4/7 A prophet has spoken -Benny Hinn predicts Jesus is going to appear physically in Nairobi and various other places.
Touch , Topple, Tilt- looking at the enigmatic, fascinating world of Benny Hinn.
4/6 The healing Saga continues-More unbiblical and outrageous claims from the charismatic miracle healer.
3/26 Under my spell- What it is like to visit his crusade from the eyes of the discerning.
Romancing the Necromancer- Pt.1 Benny Hinn's Incredible teaching on contacting the dead and receiving instruction and teaching from beyond.
Benny Hinn's Romance with Necromancy pt 2.
The next level of Benny Hinn's anointing- Current developments  that are happening with Benny Hinn "under the anointing".
I was healed at a miracle crusade- What's it all about, are people really being healed?
Learning how to receive an offering-Learn from one of the best on how to get Gods people to give extra money (Benny Hinn's way).
Hinn and HBO- Hinn's interview with the Crouch's and his rebuttal to HBO's program on his healings.


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Word Faith movement-positive confession, healing , prosperity, false gospel, discernment  

Parsley, Purple Passion and Paisley- Rod Parsley is a leader in the new Pentecostal paradigm, where is his teaching going.
 The Price is right or wrong?- Fred Prices' faith teaching on prosperity.
I'm rich! -The new Gospel of wealth and the church's right to have it all.
Death by faith- How many are sick and have died from the Faith Movement's message?
Walter Martin's Warning to the Church- Over 11 years ago Walter Martin warned of the Word of Faith Movement and its leading promoter. His warning echo's to us today.
Touch , Topple, Tilt- looking at the fascinating world of Benny Hinn.
Another gospel- Read the complete the distortions of Scripture and how Christ's sacrifice and person is mocked by the faith movements leaders.
Danger , Deception and Diabolical teaching- Kenneth Copeland's teachings and the new paradigm
The Prosperity of the faith Teachers- Does the bible really teach we can become rich for the kingdom?
Becoming rich in this present age- Warnings in the scripture for today's success oriented Gospel promoters.
Another Kenneth Copeland false prophecy- What was taught to Hawaii's Word/faith congregation that made them cheer?
Gloria Copeland's teachings- When does the believer receive the Holy Spirit? Not at the new birth, they must breath him in.
His miracles- The purpose for the miracles of Christ.
I have what I Think I have- Can a positive prayer of faith get us what we want?
Exercising Discernment-A command that has been forgotten or purposely overlooked.
False Teachers among Us- How do we recognize who they are?
Is Healing in the atonement -Are we promised to be healed when we are saved.
Isaiah 53 by his Stripes I'm m Healed -Can we stand on his word to be instantly healed by claiming Isa.53 ?
Were All Healed by Faith-How were the people healed by Jesus and does he do the exact same things today?
Prayer- What is prayer, how should we pray ?
Was Jesus Rich-What's the truth about how he and the apostles lived?
Whose influencing Whom- where are all the new revelations coming from
The Image of God in Man- What does the bible mean we were created in his image, compared to what faith teachers are saying.
Suffering- Is it from God the devil, is there any purpose to it?
Visualization- What you see and think is what you get
Its Jubilee !-The Newest teaching to bless you from your Christian networks.
Jesus the Sinner- A closer look at the word faith teaching of Jesus becoming sin and going to Hell.
Jesus of the faith movement-Is the Jesus of the faith movement the same one presented in the Bible or another.


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New Age Movement- Occultism, Spiritism, reincarnation, Yoga, new age energies, crystals

Can you hear the dead speaking? - A look a medium John Edwards of crossing over
New Age Movement- basics and agenda-What are their plans and where can we trace its origin from.
Yoga- Is it just a physical exercise or more than meets the eye
Elijah is not John the Baptist-Does the bible teach Elijah reincarnated to John the Baptist
Universal Energies of the New Age- what are the new energies people are using to be healed or balanced with and what is their source.
New age Alternative Healing Techniques-other unconventional occult techniques commonly used in the NAM.
Reflexology-the occult art of healing ones organs by massaging hands and feet.
Applied Kenesiology-What is it and can it help?
Acupuncture-needle points to health and rejuvenation, is it for real?
Iridologythe occult technique of finding disease and future illnesses through the eyes
Crystals-the power of gems and stones looked at.

Hypnosis- the dangers of going under someone else's control.

The Occult-terms and meanings found in the bible and what they are called today

Channeling-How the new Age movement receives their guidance.

Reincarnation-Can it be proven does the bible teach this what religion is it from
The New age Initiation- Have you experienced the light? who or what is it that brings the higher consciousness?
Maitreya another Christ  -Who is the Christ of the New Age, is he a betrayer?
Benjamin Creme a Modern John the Baptist ?-Who is Benjamen Creme that introduces Maitreya as the Christ.

Who is the Christ of  the New Age -What does the term Christ mean to those in the movement of higher consciousness.

The Jesus of the New Age- What type of Jesus does the new age present, is he the same one from the bible?
Save the earth at all costs-Radical environmentalism influencing our culture
UFO’s Messengers (Pt.1)- Examining the popularity of UFO's ,who are they, what are they saying.
UFO explanations (Pt.2)- A UFO 2nd coming , A UFO rapture and looking at the abduction phenomenon.
UFO's Is there life in outer space? (pt.3)-Is the universe teeming with human type life ?

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Trinity and Deity of Christ-Who is Jesus, triune nature of God, nature of God and Christ, Father and the Son 

What is the Trinity- Explaining the nature of God from the bible in layman terms
 The Son in the book of Hebrews- The Father settles the issue of who the Son is in the book of Hebrews. 
 Christ is Lord of all- What does the mean when Christ is called Lord.
Is the Trinity Pagan?-Disproving the claims of anti Trinitarians.
Elohim- What does it really mean according to scripture?
The Word Person- How does the bible interpret persons and how it relates to God.
The Holy Spirit is a Person-Is he a force or personal, a closer look at the one who dwells in us.
Jesus is not the Father, how can he be God? - Is the Father only God?
 Plural passages-words and phrases in scripture that express more than one person as God
 The Preexistence of the Son-The key issue in understanding who the son is in his nature.
Proofs of Christ's Deity-Ample evidence showing Christ proved he was more than a man or angel.
What we believe Today- How to we explain the nature of God.
Ecumenical Gathering of Ant-Trinitarians- Go see if you have been represented
The Early Church on the Deity of Christ-What did the early church actually believe.
Nicene Council-What really did happen in 325 AD.?
I AM statements of Jesus-What did others say about Jesus and what did he say about himself?
The Trinity refused or confused- A look at the more popular teachers teaching on the nature of Christ and God.

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