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Worship Of Christ… IS THE LIGHT GETTING BRIGHTER or DIMMER ?             

Russell.jpg (6073 bytes)Charles Russell wrote "a new view of truth never can contradict a former truth. "New light" never extinguishes "older light", But adds to it." (Zions Watchtower p.3 Feb.1881) Do we see the Watchtower incorporate this in their practice?

The Jehovah's Witnesses state they have been the true organization of God and one of the proofs is that they only worship Jehovah, who is the Father.

The Greek word proskeneo (worship) is used 22 times in their own Bible showing that God the Father is to be worshipped. When it comes to the same word used for the son it is changed to obeisance(reverence and homage) by their own translation, Why? What are they hiding? Is this the type of honesty we can expect from God’s organization. They purposely removed worship from the New World Translation. In the 1950, 53, 60 and 1970 editions of the Emphatic Diaglott it was there.

It was not always this way in their history. Jesus in the early days of J.W.'s was also worshipped until their light of Scripture got dimmer by new revelation, quite the opposite of what the Bible says should happen with truth.

"To worship Christ in any form cannot be wrong" (W.T. pg.83 3/1880) "…And the disciples worshipped him."(W.T. pg.410 5/15/1892) …"Yes we believe our Lord Jesus while on earth was really worshipped, and properly so." (W.T.pg.216 7/15/1898)…"All creatures in heaven and on earth will worship Jesus as he worships the father."(W.T. pg.252 8/15/1941)…"You must worship and bow down to Jehovah’ chief one, namely, Jesus Christ."(W.T. pg.313 10/15/1945) "Christ to be worshipped."(Make Sure of All Things pg.53,85).

What we see is the W.T organization was teaching that it is correct to worship Jesus even as a command. The people who this was written to were practicing it and now are considered idolaters. They then went to eternal destruction from obeying the commands of the J.W. organization. this would include their founder as well. Or are the people today being disobedient to Gods commands through the Watchtower. Does God change his mind like this? Is not His truth eternal truth!

Today they are forbidden to practice what they formerly embraced. How tragic it is to see them move further away from truth. They are moving away from true light, instead of going toward it.

In the publication "Make sure of all things 1953 pg.177 it condemns relative or secondary worship. On pg. 178 to bow before men or angels is forbidden. In another publication they state about Idolatry. "It is the worship of any one or any thing aside from the true God." (W.T. Jan.15 p.53 1963).

" Do not erroneously conclude that Christians are to worship Christ. That is not what the Bible taught."(W.T. pg.421 7/115/1959) .."It is unscriptural for worshippers of the living and true God to render worship to the son of God Jesus Christ."(W.T. pg.671 11/1/1964).  Here we have the J.W. organization admitting that they misled their own people in the past into false worship.

However the opposite is true. What the Watchtower does is change the word for worship to obeisance which they interpret as an act of respect. Lets read from their own bible to see if this is true. In Acts 10:25 we find Cornelius bowing down to do obeisance to Peter. Peter does not accept this bowing down (obeisance) in vs.26 he says rise, I myself am also a man." He refused this act of "obeisance" being only a man. This same word is used elsewhere in reference to angels who refuse to be bowed down to in Rev.19 and 22. Yet when we see this word describing those who bowed down to Jesus, he never refused worship ,but freely accepted it.

The scripture is clear only God is to be worshipped Ex.34:14 "For thou shall worship no other God for the Lord (Jehovah), whose name is jealous, He is a jealous God."

In Psalm 2 it says "Kiss the son lest he be angry with you." The word kiss is a term for worship.

The Bible teaches that Jesus was not only worshipped but also called God by Thomas in John 20:28. ln their own publication… Thomas said to him: 'My Lord and my God!'-John 20:28" (Interlinear reading, literally: "The Lord of me and the God of me!") The interlinear Greek shows ho theos. (INTERLINEAR '85, p. 513)  Instead of being rebuked for this statement which would be blasphemy if false, he is commended and blessed something no true prophet would do unless it was correct.

We find the wise men worshipped Jesus as a child (Mt.2:11).

The leper worshipped Jesus (Mt.8).

The ruler bowed and worshipped (Mt.9:18).

The believer who was blind worshipped him ( Jn.9:38).

The women worshipped him, (Mt.15:25).

Mary Magdalene worshipped him (Mt.28:9).

The disciples worshipped him (Mt.28:17).

And in Phil.2 we are told by the Father that every knee will bow (in worship) and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord (Jehovah) to the glory of the father. Yes, God approves of his Son being worshipped. He says in Heb.1:6 let all the angels of God worship HIM." Certainly angels would not be instructed to worship another angel.

It seems every one in the Bible worships the SON except the Jehovah's Witnesses!


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