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Moon's teaching on God

"They say there is a new Messiah coming: find out about it!" It is the True Parents. "TP," and the True Nation, "TN." To understand the possibility of saving the nation, we must understand about our parents. This is synonymous: the reappearance of the Lord of the Second Advent means that now he has completed the perfection of his family. The new era follows automatically.”( Proclamation of the Messiah by Reverend Sun Myung Moon )

In "The Reappearance of the Second Coming," what does reappearance mean? The Lord of the Second Advent was to appear in 1945, but since that foundation was lost, he must reappear now. From 1945 to 1952 was seven years, and from 1952 to 1992 was forty years, during which time Father re-indemnified everything. Why 40 years? Father has to restore the 4,000 years of Israelite and Christian history. But Father cannot live 4,000 years or even 400 years, so his only option was to do it in 40 years. Within this mere 40 years, Father re-indemnified the entire 4,000 years of the Old and New Testament eras. All realms of individuals, families, tribes and nations and the whole world itself opposed Father. God and Father were chased out into the wilderness, and they now have climbed up each wall inch by inch and have pulled down each wall of the eight stages, from the individual wall to cosmic wall..(Proclamation of the Messiah by Reverend Sun Myung Moon)  

 Moon's own Kingdom of God on earth will be established by what he identifies as the "third Adam". The  "third Adam" is Rev. Moon and that he has already begun to establish God's kingdom. "He [God] is living in me. I am the incarnation of Himself... The whole world is in my hand, and I will conquer and subjugate the world." (8/24/92) 

  Moon teaches that Jesus was only a man who attained Deity by fulfilling the purpose of creation.  Jesus was not the unique, only begotten Son of God who was pre-existent with the Father before all created things. Jesus attained deity, as a man who fulfilled the purpose of creation but can by no means be considered God Himself. (DP p. 209, 210)

Yet Moon has no trouble attributing the titles of God to himself.

"I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end." He calls himself " the Lord of the Second Advent", "Father of the Universe", and the "Visible God".

 "God and man are one. Man is incarnate God."

Besides moon's self claims to be the Messiah , God King of Kings, he does have a very metaphysical, occult view of God and the Bible.

 "Unification theology starts with the fact of polarity as the main clue for understanding the essential nature of God. hence it is not primarily interested in defending Trinitarian doctrine of the 4th century creeds." (Unification Theology p.53) "God's essential Positivity and essential negativity are attributes of His essential Character and essential form ... Here we call the of God positivity and negativity, masculinity" and "femininity respectively." (Divine Principle p. 24).

The God of the Bible is a personal Creator and Father who loves his children and interacts with them. He's not just an "invisible essence like electricity or magnetism.

He also states "The Holy Spirit is a female Spirit, this is because she came as the True Mother, that is, the second Eve'...She is also the spiritual wife of Jesus (Divine Principle, p. 215)This mother of course would be his own wife.

Creation means nothing more than the Creator, God, projecting Himself into a substantial form...When God takes form, this is creation...Genesis gives us the impression that God's creation is accomplished through some magic of His words...But now it has been revealed that it was not this easy at all. God invested Himself in creation. He did not reserve even one ounce of power. Creation was...His total effort of giving all of Himself." (Sun Myung Moon & The Unification Church p. 18).

("God is just like you and me. All human traits originate in God." Rev. Moon, Christianity in Crisis, p. 4)

Filled with an Unholy Spirit

This he says in the forward of his speech; "The words that follow are not concepts of one man’s thinking. Rather they are a direct revelation from God especially for this age." (Mid Week magazine Mar.19, 1997)

He goes on to say wherever you go, please try to spread Rev. Moon's message through television or other media. You will never perish." But the problem is that if you do espouse the doctrine of the most irreverent Moon you are certain to perish.

Unification Church teachers state "Only Father has been able to solve the secrets of heaven which have been veiled for 6,000 years. True Father proclaimed that he knows more about God than anyone in the world." (Prof. Taek Yong Oh, Today's World, June, 1997, p. 17.) 

Who is Father?   "The real teacher, the king of teachers, is Father. The real King of Kings is Father. ...My teaching is the real one." (Sun Myung Moon, "Let Us Realize That My Family Is The Representative and Central Family", Today's World, Sept/Oct. 1994, p. 7. ) So here is Moon blaspheming God by calling himself the Father and the  King of Kings.

"Within this world there is no individual whom God loves more than Reverend Moon. There is no one else who knows God more than Reverend Moon." (Unification News, June 1996, p. 3).

I’m sorry but I have to strongly disagree, there seems to be no one further away from knowing the God of the Bible then Moon . One day Moon will be eclipsed by the Son, who will come from heaven and all that was said by Moon will be taken into account, but until then we will all have to have longsuffering for his followers and others who claim their message is in the name of God.

Divine Principle and Rev. Moon teach that all religions will be abolished one day except for the Unification Church. I guess this is survival of the fittest. He states the same for languages, only one to survive will be his native tongue Korean.  It will be according to his personal delusion of grandeur a "Unification theocracy"  established for world- domination where Moon and one of his designated leaders will have total power. considering his age and his exit out of this world is soon to be accomplished, I don't think he will see his mission complete. Unless of course he rises from the dead. Moon is now 80 years so time is not on his side, neither is God. He will soon have to answer to his maker for all his blasphemous claims and the ruination of so many lives through his revelation of  marriage.

What else can be said of a man whose theology and practices are dangerous to the average person. It's incredible that he’s gone this far, but in the end he will know how wrong he was. The concern for us is how to reach all those that are dedicated loyal followers of his teachings. We would love to see them loyal and follow the true Christ.

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