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Dr.Christian Harfouche

Recently my friend and I had attended a sign’s wonders and miracles conference at an AoG church here in Hawaii where Dr. Christian Harfouche was operating. The advertisement read Joy healing, miracles, signs and wonders. So we had a fairly good idea what to expect, but there is more to some of these ministries than meets the eye.

Christian Harfouche came from a Catholic family who moved to Los Angeles, California when he was fourteen. He was brought up in Beruit, Lebanon As a young man, he dropped out of high school and comes from a background of drugs being a former 5th degree black belt. He was saved in 1977 while he was high “ flipping through the television stations. He stopped at a Christian program and felt the presence of the Lord. He suddenly felt the love and forgiveness of the Lord.”… “and let him know everything's going to be alright.” (KITV interview) He states God called him to preach in 1979 as his eyes fell on the scripture Luke 4:18. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel...” Dr. Harfouche and his wife were ordained by Dr. Lester Sumrall Evangelical Association Ministries in 1983.. (http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2003/Aug/02/il/il17afaith.html )

His ministry headquarters is located on Executive Plaza Rd. in Pensacola Florida. People at his meetings give testimonies of the Pensacola outpouring (basically a repeat of Toronto with a mixture of sometimes good preaching with extreme unholy manifestations and bad doctrine). So he does endorse it,  promotes it and practices it from we have seen first hand.

Harfouche wants to take people to the realm of the supernatural.  His ministry is about power for miracles. Harfouche claims that on one occasion you could hear angels singing from their service and it is recorded on the CD spirit songs (others have claimed this as well in their services). The ads for their songs  are said to be full of revelation and the anointing, that people are healed, set free, and forever changed by the power of God as they listen to the songs.

He teaches on the anointing and ones authority, he and his wife state we have all authority which not found in the Bible anywhere. Jesus does not give that equality to any sinful man. There is no Scripture to validate this. He teaches the more you magnify the anointer you magnify the anointed one. This too is unscriptural. The anointer (who from what I gather he means the Holy Spirit) magnifies and points to Jesus. We are not to focus on the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit's ministry is to focus us on Jesus. This is typical of today’s charismatic meetings where they focus on the Spirit instead of the giver of the Spirit. This always will bring someone into serious error.

He parrots what so many other Charismatic's teach: if there is a counterfeit there is a genuine. Once someone accepts this idea they can accept a false experience as well. This is Nonsense; there is no genuine for the Ouiji board, for channeling, for automatic writing; for astral travel or angelic communications. The Devil is ingenious enough to invent new spiritual practices besides copying, after all he invented religions and false spirituality. 

Harfouche talks about the third move (which we now know as the third wave coined by John Wimber and C.P. Wagner which Harfouche is saturated in). In his topic of “The Word/Faith Movement Arrives” he cites Kenneth E. Hagin who brought the “message of the Word: “You can have what you say” (The Ministry of the Prophet p.77). Harfouche puts our speaking on an equal basis with what God speaks He believes as Kenneth Hagin taught “creating your world through words. “ “The authority God gave you to operate on planet Earth goes out with those words” (The Hidden Power of your Words p.14). On the back cover of this book it states “life used to be a playground to you, now it’s a battlefield ----created by your own words.” We can find Harfouche has been influenced by word faith teachers, the new wave, latter rain and a host of other aberrations that should be avoided. 

Harfouche was at the same Church that Rodney Browne received his acclamation, Carpenter's Home Church in the fall of this year (no pun included). This all makes sense as one see the connection. Rodney Howard-Browne helped dedicate their new facility The Christian Faith Center November 22, 1998. You can often tell what the person is about by the people they associate and work with. We find Drs. Christian and Robin Harfouche teaching Biblical Economics with Dr. John Avanzini-Don't miss this awesome revelation on prospering in every area of your life!  12 Tape Set-$55.00 posted on http://www.womanofthelasthour.com/

He writes in his book  “millions came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ during the Healing Revival, when great men of God like Jack Coe, William Branham, A. A. Allen, Oral Roberts...”( The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet p.75)

I think that the people that Harfouche cite are questionable at best and at worst dangerous in the practices he approves of. Harfouche may think he operates in the gift of miracles but a little discernment would help immensely.

Coe would sometimes "pick people up out of the wheelchairs. If they fell, he'd say you didn't have faith" ( from Harrell, All Things Are Possible, 59). Coe warned followers “that the day would come when those who consulted physicians would have to take the mark of the beast” (ibid. p.101).Coe suggested that those who opposed him were in danger of being “struck dead by God” (ibid., p.59).

Even the Assemblies of God were embarrassed by Coe's fabrications (healings), he was expelled in 1953 on the grounds the he was “misleading the public” (from Harrell, All Things Are Possible, 111)

A.A. Allen was also kicked out of the Assemblies of God denomination when he jumped bail after being arrested for drunk driving (Harrell, 70-71). In 1970 Allen died from what “news accounts report [as] sclerosis of the liver.” (Reported in “New Revival Tent Dedicated in Philadelphia,” Miracle Magazine, September 1967, 15; quoted in Harrell, 202)

Branham is even worse, as a prophet he spoke “Thus saith the Lord,” trinitarianism is of the Devil” (Footprints, p. 606). He denied the very nature of God in even a greater way than he confused it and taught Christ was not eternal and was a word spoken. Also denying a triune baptism and stated numerous times `Go baptize them in the Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit,' it was Jesus Christ. And that's why we baptize in Jesus' Name” (Conduct, Order, Doctrine, pp. 181, 184). For more on Branham

I don’t think these are good mentors to look back to yet these are the ones Charismatics will default to because they are their modern day heroes of miracles and healing. Yet they ignore the atrocious teachings and aberrant practices that made up their ministry. These were not mistakes but practices that brought harm not health.

Speaking on Wigglesworth he states of the third move “the church is going to take the gifts of the spirit; its awareness of the third person of the trinity; its awareness of the revelation gifts, the utterance gifts, the power of the gifts; and its going to put it together with a balance: the word based revelation of the integrity of God” ( The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet p.78)

It’s interesting that he mentions the third person of the Trinity considering that Branham whom he endorses condemned the trinity to be of the Devil and numerous other aberrations. In his book he is aware of that the angel of the Lord appearing to Branham since childhood (The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet p.83)

There is no angel of the Lord since Jesus. So where is the integrity he is speaking about? Where is standing for the truth in Bible doctrine.


Harfouche mentioned in one meeting  A.A. Allen and Smith Wigglesworth as great men. He then tells a story of how he was shocked at what they would do under the anointing. But the “Holy” Spirit was telling him to do the same! He related a story about how God spoke to him to punch a woman in her deteriorating jaw. So he punched her in the face. She hit the floor out cold, when she came too she was healed by the power of God. He punched another in the stomach and healed a tumor. I’d hate to think what he’d do to an impotent person. This is suspiciously similar to Kenneth Hagin’s tales of the spirit. And why not, the Rodney Browne connection to Hagin is there. If you can find in the Bible any apostle physically do such a thing to anyone please inform me on this.

Harfouche does seems to take the Wigglesworth approach- a “woman in tormenting pain came up for prayer. Her back was deteriorating. I said, “Turn around and show me where it is.”

When I said that, the pastor knew I was going to hit her in the back. His wife knew I was going to hit her in the back. And my wife knew I was going to hit her in the back.

Later, the pastor told me, “I almost stopped you and said, 'Don't hit her in the back! She's in a lot of pain.'“ But before he could talk me out of it, I had hit her in the back, and she was completely healed by the power of God! Why? Because there is a “knowing” that can operate in you” (The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet p.93)

Hopefully this will not catch on and we will not have punch you in the face healing ministries to heal. Unfortunately this is not being avoided, but accepted by those who gather to watch a miracle show. One day you may walk into church and see the preacher punching punching people in line to give an impartation of the spirit and healing. All under the auspices of the new order of the latter rain’s anointing. The Holy Spirit does not promote violence, he is called the comforter not the brawler. He does not pack a wallop. I have seen this kind of activity in the occult but not in the Scripture. It is the fallen nature of man that is violent, not God. So I see no validation for this. The Spirit of the Lord is gentle to his people who need healing, he is another like Jesus.

But there is more to his hitting people to be healed. I discovered some interesting facts on this.

Dr. Christian Harfouche began his study of martial arts as a teenager in Beirut Lebanon from an instructional book written in Arabic at 12 years old. Now, over thirty years later, he is one of the highest-ranking martial artists in the world.

When he moved to the US “karate school in Hollywood. He trained there for two years and counts the Japanese karate legend as a major influence in his martial arts upbringing Harfouche’s curriculum, which is taught at 107 affiliate schools in the United States,” is “described as one of the most comprehensive martial arts on the planet.” Dr. Harfouche holds black belts in Kenpo, Jiu-jitsu, Tae kwon do, Kyokushinkai karate Black-belt-level rank in several different kung fu, He is a tenth dan in TAI karate, the highest level that can be achieved in the discipline Fourth-degree black belt in American kenpo and a 10th-degree black belt in David German’s TAI jutsu. After Harfouche earned his sixth-degree black belt in TAI jutsu in 1984. His motivation stemmed from a desire to create a hybrid system that contained the basic techniques taught in traditional arts and coalesced them in such a way that any student, regardless of his or her physique, could make them work.

Harfouche has studied with Mr. German for many years and Shorite Ryu-TaiJutsu is recognized by David German as an official sub-style of TAI. Harfouche is the founder of Shorite-Ryu Tai Jutsu, Victorious Hands Karate and released his 5 volume Shorite Ryu-TaiJutsu: The Chin Na Connection video tape series. A two page ad was featured in the June 2002 issue Black Belt Magazine. This style is a complex yet flowing series of movements based on the expansive art of Chin-na. Chin-Na techniques for controlling and incapacitating your opponent. These techniques can be found in Dr. Yang's best-selling book “Comprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na”. The techniques in this program are named: Control the Dragon's Head, Control the Dragon's Tail, Send the Devil to Heaven, Twist the Arm and Press the Neck, The Arm Holds the Dragon's Head etc.

In the article Shorite Ryu Tai Jutsu Is the Unifying Force of Self-Defense (http://w3.blackbeltmag.com) Dr. Christian Harfouche, creator of shorite ryu tai jutsu says “Every martial art has within it every other martial art under the sun.”
“The spiritual side of shorite ryu tai jutsu training must not be overlooked”

In the interview it stated “Harfouche, who holds doctorate degrees in ministry and theology, stresses that while Christianity is an important part of his life, martial technique, not religion, is the focus of his teaching in the dojo.” “Although we’re not using religion with the martial arts, you cannot separate the spiritual aspects,” he says. “Training will help people improve in every area of their lives.” Harfouche says. “If the spiritual aspect is neglected, a person can end up a detriment to the martial arts and to society” (http://w3.blackbeltmag.com/).

These statements are  certainly something to think on; considering that the majority of Martial Arts believes that ch'i flows through the body along a system of channels, or meridians. T’ai-chi has been described as a moving meditation. T’ai-chi is based on the Chinese principle of yin and yang, in which opposing but complementary forces combine to create harmony in nature. That two opposite forces in the body, called yin and yang, could be kept in balance by acupuncture, thereby promoting health and controlling disease. T'ai = The ultimate, supreme, gigantic Chi = energy, power, internal force T'ai Chi means the ultimate supreme internal force. Tai Chi Chuan has its own style of chin na referred to as Tai Chi Chin Na it also contains the 108 but with slight variations in keeping with the Tai Chi Chuan principles of yin and yang

“The yin and yang are both said to proceed from the Supreme Being, or Ultimate. Their significance through the centuries has been felt in every aspect of Chinese thought, including astrology, religion, medicine, art, and government. (From Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe)

The Philosophy of many of the martial arts were influenced by Eastern philosophical and religious thought, Buddhism and Daoism (Taoism). Buddhism emphasizes the role of individual seeking and effort to attain self-mastery, self-realization, and enlightenment. Daoism advocates the use of certain physical exercises and breathing exercises directed to the same end. Traditional teachers of martial arts emphasize self-improvement, spiritual development, discipline, and aesthetic form. Non-traditionalists will emphasize self-defense combat, discipline, and spiritual development. Yet one must dedicate an enormous amount of time to reach this certain skill level. Harfouche, teaches approximately 200 students at his dojo in Pensacola, Florida. I cannot fathom someone who is supposed to have the anointing of God in such a fashion continue to teach, practice and even invent a new system of martial arts while they are a Christian minister. This seems to be an oxymoron. This is a very different worldview. This is not a put down on martial arts. It's not my purpose to debate whether a Christian is allowed to take martial arts, as many Christians take karate classes and keep this to its simplest factor; this goes far beyond that and needs to be seriously considered into this mans ability to heal.

 The Atmosphere

In one the meeting Harfouche also claimed the anointing was in Jesus' clothes using Ps.45:8.  The anointing is the Spirit who is God and he does not dwell in inanimate objects but people. Neither can we transfer him into objects such as Handkerchiefs. This is an earmark of the third wave  word/faith teaching that is so rampant today.

Borrowing Copeland's teaching that Christ talked about the anointing, (which is just plain nonsense), he launched into various stories. He used unusual circumstances such as Philip baptizing the eunuch and disappearing as a “should be” common occurrence for today’s Church. Which is quite a feat considering it wasn't for the apostles!

In the meetings tongues were continually spoken out loud with no interpretation. I guess I’m biblically old fashion, believing that the Bible states two or three at the most with an interpretation if spoken out loud? However, this is minor compared to other issues that are raised.

Then came the offering time. In a clear manipulation from Scripture he spoke on the story of the woman who anointed Jesus with very expensive perfume sparing no expense and how Judas argued that it should have been sold. He then told the audience to likewise break open their alabaster vial to give to his ministry.

Another night he gave the appeal of giving and the worship leader (his own) dropped off the offering first in front of the congregation then everyone else followed by going up front at the pulpit to drop in there envelopes in the baskets. This way they can eye who gave and whom did not. Contrary to this practice we are not to show our giving like this, at least according to the Bible. Again this has become a practice in Charismatic Pentecostal extremes.

The best I can describe his services is a blend of Rodney Browne and Benny Hinn, He's a good communicator, funny has authority and can capture the audiences attention by statements such as “thank for your enthusiasm” (when there is none). Unfortunately his teachings are a blend of word faith/Brownsville and charismatic cliché's. He has potential to be an excellent teacher (because of his communication skills) if he taught more correct doctrine and abandoned any manipulation. (The people he is affiliated with are R. Browne, Dr. Ed Dufresne, Pastor Happy Caldwel)

In one the service I attended he continued to teach that Jesus was a happy man anointed with the oil of gladness. He portrayed Jesus as always being joyful having the joy of the Lord which he equated with laughter. “You want a grave if you don’t want laughter” (another plagiarism of Rodney Browne). In his July 1, 1999 service laughter broke out everywhere it was R. H. Browne's handprint in Harfouche, there was no difference.

This is not a balanced view of Jesus. Isa.53 tells us he was a man of sorrows acquainted with grief. If one reads carefully, he wept about death, he sorrowed over Israel rejecting him and not seeing the time of their visitation.

Common clichés' are used such as “get ready for the 2nd wind,” “your gonna run with the fire,” “the fire, fire,” “fill”, “change”, “touch!” “Double portion”, “you’ll never be the same again,” are inserted all through his sermon. If one closed their eyes there wasn’t much difference between him and Rodney Browne’s ministry. It could be his personality but it was almost word for word as if the actions and movements were copied. He will talk about the oil of gladness and the people will start to laugh right on cue. One night I observed him picking people out of the audience and go up to them with the microphone and start to laugh quite loudly as he would put his hand on their stomach. He would laugh incessantly until the other person was affected. Clearly this was manipulation as the microphone was right next to him and the laughter would reverberate in his chosen subject causing him to “catch the anointing” and respond. We watched others on the floor twitching, writhing, and out cold like for surgery. Nothing new here; this is more of the same old thing that is touted as the new thing.

Contrary to Harfouche and others practices nowhere do we find the apostles repeating cliches’ such as these, nor did they ever hold crusade and pump the people. There were no preliminaries, incantations or repeat after me. Even when someone was unaware of the intention to heal the apostle would state to the individual, “In Jesus' name, stand up and walk.” The healings in the New Testament were instantaneous, complete, and obvious to all. The healings were usually in public, performed on unbelievers in massive crowds. I saw in his meeting several in wheelchairs that went out the same they went in. This does not discount that people were actually healed. As a matter of fact there are testimonies on his web site. They ask people to send their email testimonies to them but like many other ministries I don’t think there is an scrutinizing to see if they are true. I’m not saying they are not but it would be beneficial to see documentation. Within the testimonies are clichés' as Next level of anointing to believing in faith for my miracle etc.

What was most disturbing was the ministry time hours afterward, where the music in the background was a droning Indian type beat repeated over and over. At one service we watched his wife with her back to the crowd strangely twist and turn for over 20 minutes that looked much like what we have seen in Rajneesh gatherings. I understand she was formerly a dancer, however this was very different.

Then people lined up as he went down the line passing “it “on they fell. 

We have insight into what Harfouche believes by his comment in his book The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet. “Simon “the ex-sorcerer” could not have seen the Holy Spirit as a dove or as a flame of fire; however, he saw that through the ministry of the laying on of hands, the Holy Spirit was given.

No doubt he witnessed people shake, fall under the power, shout, get drunk in the spirit, laugh hysterically, and speak in other tongues.”

He then points out about people being “in a service when nearly everyone was drunk in the Spirit, but I've been in many of them. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens quite regularly where I have congregations dance in the Spirit, laughing hysterically, down and out on the floor, because the power of God is moving in the form of impartation, in the form of blessing, in the form of filling God's people to overflowing.” (The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet p.62).

There is no such thing as an impartation from man to pass the anointing on to others and have these types of manifestations. The early Christians did not depend on direct physical contact, the laying on of hands to get the anointing. Lining hundreds of people up may look spiritual but this is not found in scripture but one time. Remember when Jesus was arrested by the Romans and he identified himself by the holy name of I AM they all fell backwards. But nothing changed they all got up afterwards and arrested him anyway (even after seeing the power of God! The very fire Harfouche and others claim that needs to be seen for revival).

The question people need to ask is not if they felt something or were slain, but is it biblical. Although it has become the illustrative charismatic model of ministry today, it is not a scriptural one. This does not exclude that God can overcome a person by his Spirit, but not the show that it has become as a “be touch and receive' in these healing ministries.

On the news (KITV) they interviewed him about his healing services he stated “I believe the lord has put in us as humans in our physical bodies the ability to heal ourselves.” I’m not sure what he means by this, (considering he has been involved in martial arts for many years) but it certainly is not a biblical position at least not for the miracles he is supposedly doing. Besides having a cut and the body healing it, we are to look to the Lord for healing,  not ourselves.

Dr. Harfouche's newest book is “How to Receive Your Miracle “If you are a child of God, He has made available to you a power beyond your wildest expectations and your mind's ability to comprehend. There is a power available to your spirit man that you cannot analyze, evaluate, or understand.

That is why it is imperative that you learn to yield yourself to such spiritual, invisible, dynamic, supernatural power. I believe as a child of God, you have access to that anointing 24 hours a day.” This may be true but to keep all this in perspective the anointing is the Holy Spirit and we are to yield to him, not He to us.

Harfouche states that the Lord told him  “My last great move will be a move of my people.” The Lord said, “Christian, I don't want you to go where there is revival; I want you to take revival wherever you go.” So he describes “Our commission is to equip the Saints for the work of the Ministry so that they can carry revival to the nations.” The apostle Paul's heart was to do the same, except his equipping was teaching doctrine and about Christ, it was not centered on teaching how to use  power to do miracles for the believer. He also stayed with the Church for great lengths of time to instruct them.

Christian Harfouche is busy conducting national miracle crusades as well as Schools of Signs and Wonders around the world. He started his school in 1994. The first year curriculum is YOUR HEAVENLY IDENTITY, FAITH THAT PREVAILS REFORMERS and PIONEERS, YOUR DELEGATED AUTHORITY, GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, NEW TESTAMENT MIRACLES, MINISTRY OF THE PROPHET, MIRACLE WORKING WOMEN, RENEWING THE MIND, FLOWING IN THE HOLY GHOST, POWER DEMONSTRATION.

My first impression is that the emphasis is on power and not on the person of Christ and the Scriptures at least not directly. Once there were teachings in schools on theology, it has now given way to schools on being a prophet and having the power. Of course theology without an active life in Christ is useless but so is becoming a miracle conduit if one does not have correct theology. The 2nd and third year classes are more of the same, not once is their anything on biblical interpretation, basic theology that would give someone a balance to their Christian walk. Instead all that is promoted is signs wonders miracles. Where do we find the apostles that Jesus picked teaching other Christians the how too in this area. Their focus was learning of the nature of Christ overcoming sin and living victoriously in a world that was anti God. Rationally being able to explain their faith and preaching Gods message of the gospel.

On his Website is written “Several prominent ministries are referring to Christian Harfouche Ministries as a “Sign” Ministry; and thus the name change from Christian Faith Center to Miracle Faith Center.”  But they are not only a sign for unbelievers “The Miracle Faith Center marquis stretches almost 200 feet and is brilliantly lit at night. There have been reports that aircraft pilots use the marquis as a navigation aid to the Pensacola Airport.”

A Prophecy was given which was almost word for word reminiscent of Rodney Browne's, the influence is undeniable, in a paraphrase- I will, shake the earth, the last house will be greater than the former, I’m going to fill my church to overflowing my power my glory I’m going to reach the world with the fire of God. This has all been said from the mouths of Browne, Copeland, Hinn, Hagin. But again this is unbiblical, nowhere does scripture say the fire of God is the impetus or what will reach the world. Both Jesus and Paul said it was the Gospel and the clear and powerful presentation of our sin and Christ being the reconciler and forgiver of it. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation not the fire (1 Cor.1:18). We need to preach the ancient gospel. Actually fire only appears once the NT in this kind of context (on the day of Pentecost as a one time event with the apostles), almost all the other times were of judgment. If one is preaching signs and wonders, that is not the biblical gospel. It may have scripture words, but is not the way God ordained revival. People today are looking for the power instead of a increased relationship with the Lord. This is not to say that God does not do miracles today, he certainly does, but we can fall into the mistake that the people did and were rebuked by Jesus. Then Jesus said to him, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe.” (John 4:48)

Jesus never allowed signs and wonders to be amplified above his message, when he healed people he said. sshhh don’t tell anyone, he never had a healing crusade. He met their spiritual needs as priority before he would meet their physical needs, the word was presented first and then God would move if he so chose. The gifts are not at our disposal to turn on and off whenever we want. They are dependent on God. Miracle crusades, traveling city to city on a tour is just as unbiblical today as it was in the apostles time. Mt.4:23 An Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their Synagogues, Preaching the Gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sicknesses and all kinds of disease among the people.” Notice what is first, to preach first, not healing. It was the same model for the apostles.

Claims of Healing

Grandiose claims of “Thousands of people have been healed of all kinds of debilitating diseases and sickness; deaf people are able to hear. Two woman were dramatically healed of multiple sclerosis, the lame walk for the first time in many years. One man from Bangor, Maine, who wore leg braces for five years, threw them away, and was able to go swimming. One lady from Florida was healed of a life threatening disease known as RSD. During the Bangor, Maine Crusade, there were over 300 documented miracles; many of which were captured on video. In one year alone we saw 10,000 souls commit their lives to Jesus.” All this documentation but none to those who inquire it. Harfouche can currently be seen on TV in India.

Robin his wife is a former Hollywood actress and dancer, who was saved in 1985. She was deeply into the occult And had a freak accident while working at a Hollywood restaurant when a 150 Lb. Door “ mysteriously” fell on her. She was saved and healed in 1985 of her life threatening Injuries at a Christian Harfouche meeting in Hollywood and later marry him.

On the Sid Roth program “Its supernatural” on TV he interviewed Christian and Robin (pastor) Harfouche.

He started the program of by saying “Modern medicine has no answers for aids or incurable cancer but when my guests show up diseases vanish what power do they possess.”

“Robin and Christian Harfouche are really a supernatural couple why Am I saying that do you that last week show Robin lightning literally hit the studio,.. you were talking about when you were in the new age before you had your encounter with the messiah that you were going to a theatrical agent and the address just happened to be (robin responds 666) and lightning struck.”

Sid talking to Christian…”you realize there is no answer for aids but what’s going on when you show up? Were just seeing people delivered we have now two documentation’s on HIV positive cases that were totally free from it with doctors report delivered from aids.”

I had contacted the ministry on phone in early October of 98’ for some of these documentation's they were advertising. I was questioned why I would ask for them by the woman on the line. When I explained that you are offering documentation publicly on the video, the woman on the other line told me the records are private and may need permission to be released. She said that they would have to see if they can be released and made public. She then got into a discussion telling me that the burden and proof is on the Lord not them. I had waited patiently for their phone call to see if someone will follow through, no one contacted me. I then sent out 2 E mail's after not hearing from them for one week. Two weeks later still nothing. I then contacted people at the Red Hill Assembly of God  where he spoke at for some of the audio tapes. I was put in touch with someone who does the tape ministry who said he would send out the tape as well as documentation of healings. I Asked for documentation from 1st Assembly and the head of the tape ministry agreed. Nothing came. I visited again in 1999 as was not warmly received, but I asked for the documentation in which I was assured would come. I sent another email out in June. As of July 2000 I have still not heard from either and don't expect too. (as of 2004 - nothing)

On the Sid Roth program Robin relates her story of going to heaven by stating “Paul said In the body or out of the body I’m not sure which one it was when he was caught up to glory,”

Sid Roth proclaims that as he is interviewing Robin about her heavenly visitation a miracle will happen in many of your lives. That same presence of God that pours out of them at miracle services is going to happen so tighten up that seat belt and get open for your own visitation.

Robin states “when I went to heaven I saw Jesus standing in front of the gates of heaven I saw a big city and all this sky and I saw 2 angels on either side of him and they were tall like 8-9 feet tall …the colors you can’t really describe because they don’t really look like cartoons but they look like something lit up from the inside out, their clothes look like they were lit up from the inside out. When the people saw me they knew me, it was if I didn’t have to speak to them and say hi my name is Robin,...I walked through the streets of heaven with Jesus and the whole time I was there he held my hand and I saw the people waving from the buildings and he brought me to this place that looked like a gigantic worship assembly and I saw hundreds and thousands of people all different colors and different nations raising their hands up and worshipping an praising God. And the presence that I sensed at that moment was like the strongest electrical energy I guess you could imagine going through my body and the lord said this to me “I’m tuning you into the worship of heaven, he said because in this last final harvest because we so close to the time when Jesus is going to come back he said in this last final harvest the worship and the prayers of heaven are going to unite with the worship and prayers in earth and your going to see my created hand created miracles, arms growing out legs growing out amputated limbs where there have been no limbs will begin to grow out and the lord said he is going to show himself as mighty God…Then he took me to another place and he talked to me about the |spirit of pain that’s what I think is so amazing …Sid Roth comments actually if pain is a spirit that’s good news not bad news you can get rid of a spirit. Robin: “you can get rid of a spirit in Jesus name so the lord looked at me and he told me there is a spirit of pain that is running rampant through the earth and he said the spirit of pain is the open door to disease. And he said its just a spirit in other words your going along fine and all of a sudden you have symptomHow many times has someone woken up in the morning and their back is hurting and it never goes away again? Sid so what should you do when that happens?…Jesus told me he said he gave us all power and authority over work of darkness and he said if we would rebuke that spirit, say spirit of pain in the name of Jesus Christ go, it will have to leave you. And the door will be shut for that disease, in other words if you have pain what do most people do they go to a doctor. Sid says “and the doctor plants some thought, it could be this disease or that disease. I’m not against doctors but isn’t that almost giving an opening to that spirit?” “Yes (Robin replies) and how many people do you know say I have cancer and its not even a proven fact yet…. Just because the symptoms say cancer they are already saying they have cancer, so the Lord showed me the first thing that happens when a person is about to get sick. The spirit of pain comes first then the 2nd thing that comes is the disease actually comes in. Sid: “so if you can nip it in the bud that’s the way to do it” “Yes.”

Not only is this extra biblical but unbiblical. Will Jesus hold each one of our hands as we go to heaven and give us a personal tour, or only certain people. The scene, the revelation is all just out of this world. Jesus never said we have all authority over the work of darkness and the solution is just as unbiblical as the story. This sounds exactly like the word faith metaphysical view. And it should, because that is what they teach.

Robin's revelation from Jesus about the spirit of pain is false. Pain in cancer is a symptomatic. If one feels pain it is way too late. Cancer is a silent killer that is working  and its advantage to conquer the victim is that they have no clue it is there. Why? Because they feel no pain.. Contrary to what she claims is Jesus showing her “The spirit of pain comes first then the 2nd thing that comes is the disease actually comes in” is flat out false, ask any doctor.  To give a simple example of something far less dangerous: when you have a toothache it is because you have a cavity or it is infected already, its not a sign that its coming. So the Jesus that took her on a tour of heaven does not know science or medicine.

Pain is actually a God given prevention for most sicknesses as it warns us that something is wrong. What Robin teaches is absolutely deadly and can kill innocent people if practiced.

In the interview Sid then turned to Christian and says, “Christian their are so many people that are going to get healed right now I’m so excited tell me about these people that are going to be healed? The people out there that are viewing this telecast today many of them with pain with arthritic conditions bursitis, bone cancer, scleroses, I want to prepare yourself because the anointing of God is going to just reach out of the television set begin to straighten you out and begin to deliver you from pain.”

Let's go over this, Paul who went to heaven called it illegal, a crime (unlawful) to speak about the things he saw and he waited 14 years to even mention it, but he had a purpose in doing so. Along comes Robin and her testimony is so powerful that one can be healed from hearing of it. What of Paul's? Is his testimony weaker? Can’t one read the Bible and be healed from God's word? What of John when he went to heaven? What did John do when he met Jesus in His GLORY. He knew Jesus on earth but this was different. He fell as dead before him seeing him in a glorified state, he did not have Jesus hold his hand and walk him on a tour of heaven. Nor did Jesus reveal all the flattering things he did to Robin. What a whole lot of nonsense. Yet people want to believe this over the Bible.

When I attended the July 1 1999 meeting in which Dr. Harfouch states God told him, “why do you give an altar call, because you speak on salvation. So if you speak on healing what should you expect? That people be healed.”

If this is the method--what if you speak on the resurrection, will the dead be raised (guaranteed). Or of Israel becoming restored, do they become a saved nation. Or those who are hungry, do they now become fed. This is exactly what word faith teachings state. There is no such guarantee in Scripture except for the gospel. Jesus commissions us to preach the gospel to all the nations not healing or some of the other additives we hear today. This doesn't mean we dispose of praying for the sick and ministering and having faith, but it needs to be kept in the scriptural boundaries. Just as Paul the apostle said who did the greatest off miracles other than Jesus “do not exceed beyond what is written, that none of you may be puffed upon behalf of one another.”

But what I heard taught was much beyond what is written. At this meeting I heard when Adam and Eve sinned they allowed the nature of the Serpent run wild in their life, his bloodline was contaminated.

All the bloodline of mankind is infested with satanic nature. He stated in his sermon Adam means the blood of God. FALSE

Adam was the carrier of the life of heaven. FALSE

The only way to destroy it was to become sin (K. Hagin’s influence). FALSE

Jesus became sin on the cross. (K. Hagin’s and Copeland’s influence) FALSE

He buried our sins in the earth. FALSE

All the bloodline of mankind is infested with satanic venom (W. Branham influence). FALSE

Jesus was born not of the seed of man but God’s seed. FALSE (Bible says it was the seed of the woman)

What more can be said? This kind of teaching needs to be avoided like the plague. Personally I like the man and his style though similar to others, he is unique and he comes across sincere. But this does not excuse what he is doing is wrong. Again, in my opinion if Dr. Harfouche would change his word faith-latter rain theology to be Biblical, he could be more effective in communicating what is most important- the truth. If so, he could be more effective in building up peoples spiritual lives and see true spiritual growth instead of singing the same tune of Hagin, Branham, Hinn, Browne and others.


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