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International Church of Christ 
please read this short intro first before going to the articles.

                           INTRODUCTION TO THIS MOVEMENT

Although this is a new movement, it is not to be ignored. Many other cult groups have grown over the years because the church has not paid attention to those who have sounded a warning. I hope that we don't continue to make the same mistake.

Once a church movement increases to a certain size, it begins to become established into the culture of our society. Many world religions were, at first, considered cults until they were accepted by the populace. What this movement has done is present a new way to practice Christianity that we fell is extreme and unbiblical. They have poured into basics new meanings and practices that affect the essential teachings of the Church.

There have been many that have spoken out about this movement, yet one thing that was glaringly missing was a theological refutation aimed at the foundation of this church. First, of course, are their discipling methods, which many have written about. They are known as a multiplication ministry. Second, their uniqueness is focused on their stand on baptism. Third is their rigorous Bible study training. Concerning these practices, they believe that they are the one true church. What is practiced in one church is almost 100% practiced in the others. They believe that they have rediscovered a covered up truth and have restored the biblical format of first century Christianity. What their members are not aware of is that they are merely rehashing what their predecessors said and did 150 years ago. It made no less of a stir then, than now.

Looking in from the outside, everything can seem wonderful. However, as we take a trip from the inside, we certainly see a different story. The Bible teaches us to test all things and hold fast to what is good. This means to examine something to see if there is any falsehood being said or practiced, and letting go of what is not biblical. We will go through the maze of their appeal to the Bible to see its validity and test their practices to determine whether they are genuine. Whether they admit to damaging people's lives or not, the hard facts and statistics show that there are almost as many ex-members as there are current participants. They may be considered just numbers by their movement, but each individual is a person with real feelings who has been disillusioned by this false presentation of Christianity. Many are devastated, filled with guilt or depression, trying to adjust to being part of a church again.

The reason we are compiling this information on the International Churches of Christ and the Oahu Church of Christ is so that we can help to prevent many more people from getting involved with this machine of discipling, and to provide help for those who have accepted distorted biblical principles and practices associated with this movement. It is our desire to help others to know the truth and be set free into a real, vital, exciting relationship with the Lord and be discipled unto Him alone.


History of their Movement  Oahu Church of Christ Biblical discipleship Confession Sessions

  What Saves Water or Faith  

What is faith? Spirit baptism   Refutes to Baptismal Regeneration 
   Why Was Jesus baptized   What is Baptism   Baptism in the Boston Movement 
Help for the Confused   Revolution Through Restoration    Being a Disciple of Men
Authority  The True Church  Confusing the doctrine of Justification with Sanctification 
Becoming their disciple or saved Wheres the Beef ? Disciple or Saint
Obeying your Leaders Their defense of NOT being a Cult!   


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