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Ecumenism has become a blight in Christianity I recently became aware of a seminar that is about the family being put on by true value ministries whose goal is to build harmonious communities one family at a time. To rebuild, restore community and renew the nation. They are claiming to be a faith based initiative seminar.

It all sounds so good, sounds wonderful!  But you may not be aware that it is put on by a Moon front organization The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Moon has been pushing his campaign called America come together. Recently at a luncheon in Washington they had Pat Boone sing, and Dr. Robert Schuller attend. Moon knows if he can get celebrities to be involved it validates his message. This has always been the way he operates.

This is a religious agenda and many do not know of Moon’s programs.

This is just one of Rev. Moon’s front organizations. Rev. Moon has a powerful international network with upwards of 350 closely affiliated companies worldwide (280 of them are located in the U.S.).  They have 200 front organizations many of which are family oriented (since Moon believes that this is his mission of restoring the family because Jesus failed).    Some of his Family Organizations-American Parents Association.  International Family Association.  World Family Movement. True family Ministry, Youth for an Ethical Society (YES).

 This cult has more money than the Mormon Church and it is run by only one person Rev. Moon who is serious about his message.

So when I read of true family values I wonder Whose values are we agreeing with? If one looks at Moons values he says one thing and practices another. He has a completely different meaning for his terms.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon in his Proclamation of the Messiah states “They say there is a new Messiah coming: find out about it!” It is the True Parents. “TP,” and the True Nation, “TN.” To understand the possibility of saving the nation, we must understand about our parents. This is synonymous: the reappearance of the Lord of the Second Advent means that now he has completed the perfection of his family. The new era follows automatically.”

Moon's goal to start a new human race under his leadership. “I must save America… I know the direction that human kind must go, and I, with the help of God, will lead the world there…my wife and I can now stand on a worldwide foundation as true first true parents.”  This is because the first Adam and Eve failed, and so did Jesus because he did not marry and have children. “We, therefore must realize that Jesus did not come to die on the cross (p.144) Jesus failed in his mission which was to marry and have perfect children. Moon teaches it was God's plan for Jesus to marry and for he and his wife to become the True Parents, succeeding where Adam failed. According to Unification theology, it is God's ultimate desire to give a physical bride (not just the symbolic church) to His son. Moon states, “Jesus came to this earth to be the true, everlasting father of humankind”, thus fulfilling that which Adam failed to accomplish. He further teaches Jesus did not come to earth to die; it was not God's plan for him to go to the cross. However, man, in his lack of faith and because of his sinfulness, crucified Jesus and thwarted God's original plan.

The Moonies accept Jesus as the son of God but he could not enter heaven without receiving the “Marriage Blessing” first from Moon. The Moonies teach that you must be married before you can go to Heaven, since Jesus died never having been married, He did not go to Heaven the Bible says He did ascending before many people Acts 1. Moonies teach that He went to “Paradise”, a lower spiritual realm. Since Moon became the Messiah in Jesus’ place, he was able to help Jesus go to Heaven, by marrying Jesus to an oriental member of Moon's church who known to the members as Jesus' wife. This is one of the teachings that not known to non-members of the unification church.

Moon’s son was engaged to be married, but died in a tragic car accident before this could take place. Moon then married his son (in the spiritual world) to a girl who is living today as Moon's daughter in law. She is waiting for the day she dies to be united with her husband. Since marrying his son (when he was dead) Moon has proclaimed that his son is in charge of the entire spiritual world and that even Jesus bows down to him and serves Moon's son.  Not unlike the Mormon teaching of baptizing for the dead Moon is able to perform a marriage ceremony that has no boundary from heaven to earth.

Moon's own Kingdom of God on earth will be established by what he identifies as the “third Adam”. The  “third Adam” is Rev. Moon and that he has already begun to establish God's kingdom. “He [God] is living in me. I am the incarnation of Himself... The whole world is in my hand, and I will conquer and subjugate the world.”

Besides his having delusions of grandeur he is egocentric “Within this world there is no individual whom God loves more than Reverend Moon. There is no one else who knows God more than Reverend Moon.” (Unification News, June 1996, p. 3).

Who is Father?   “The real teacher, the king of teachers, is Father. The real King of Kings is Father. ...My teaching is the real one.” (Sun Myung Moon, “Let Us Realize That My Family Is The Representative and Central Family”, Today's World, Sept/Oct. 1994, p. 7 ) So here is Moon blaspheming God by calling himself the Father and the King of Kings. 

The Unification Church is one of the most bizarre mind control cults in all history. The Unification Church has  successfully done a PR job to have the public be unaware of their teachings and support their cause. With family values in the forefront this is all the public knows about them.  Most people are totally unaware of the true teachings of the Rev. If people were able to read his speeches and his theology which he claims is true Christianity, they would be aghast. Moon publicly declared himself to be the Messiah the savior of mankind at the opening session of the Assembly of World Religions held in San Francisco CA. A number of years back.   Moon and his new revelation, being a new Messiah - Lord of the 2nd advent is necessary for human survival.

According to Moons philosophy a new age dawned in 1960 “At that time the marriage of the lamb prophesied in the 19th chpt of Rev. took place. Thus the Lord of the 2nd advent and his bride became the true parents of mankind. (this occurred by his marrying Hak Ja han) (The Moon is not the Son p.62-63). He also claims that he is the only one who can open the scroll sealed with 7 seals in the book of Revelation. He may have to compete with Branham and a few others for this honor. Nonetheless my bible says  no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll, or to look at it... no one was found worthy to open and read the scroll, or to look at it.” But one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals. Only the one who died for our sins and rose again is worthy, But moon says his death was  mistake.

I don’t think anyone should align themselves with this man as he is using them for his own insane schemes. He says of anyone outside his organization “Even the religious people are now on Satan's side. The Jews and the Christians came against me and God. “... How could America, which God fostered, and which was so righteous, decline in a mere 40 years? It is because they opposed Reverend Moon and God… There is not a single person, family, tribe or country that did not come against Father. Everyone went against Reverend Moon.” Now we know the cause of the moral decline in America it was because we did not accept the Re. Moon.

“I know the established Christian theology....I know the enemy, but the enemy doesn't know me. Thus the enemy has already lost the war” His followers are taught, “Until our mission with the Christian church is over, we must quote the Bible and use it to explain the Divine Principle. After we receive the inheritance of the Christian, we will be free to teach without the Bible” (Master Speaks, March/April, 1965, p.1). “The bible is not the truth itself, but a textbook teaching the truth. It must not be regarded as absolute in every detail” (Divine Principle p.9). “God is now throwing Christianity away and is now establishing a new religion, and this new religion is the Unification Church.” This is his real motives, this is what he really thinks.

Unfortunately there are Christians and others who ignore his new age science fiction and look at the causes promoted by his organization. Moon has solidified his alliances with a number of important religious figures,  Louis Farrakhan and Jerry Falwell. In 1994 Falwell accepted $3.5 million donation from one of Moon's front organizations Liberty University was saved from bankruptcy . The Women's Federation for World Peace Moon has also reached out to the Nation of Islam, and its members have attended his events Louis Farrakhan  spoke at one of his mass weddings in Washington, D.C. not to long ago.

Because Falwell has become friends with Moon attended and spoken at his gatherings. The Unification Church has this to say about him, “Southern Baptist church leader Rev. Jerry Falwell sincerely praised Father as the world leader establishing true love” (Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, “The Significance of True Parents' American Speech Tour”, Today's World, September , 1993, p. 22). “Jerry Falwell and people of conscience in America are beginning to recognize the contributions and sacrifices Father has made for America. For the first time in 40 years, Abel-minded people like Jerry Falwell are testifying to Father” (Jin Hun Moon [one of Moon's daughters], (“Challenge Yourselves”, Today's World, May, 1995, p. 22). Now this is a terrible witness and Mr. Falwell should know better. But he still has associations with the false Messiah. Write Falwell a letter asking why he has done this? It becomes clear that moon gives money out and then uses the names of the people to promote his cause of family values.

Now for the real problem, the flyer contains descriptions of the family fighting against divorce- drugs –suicide- alcohol abuse. This is all true but we need to consider that these are all things that the Rev. Moon has experienced in his own family. I don’t think he is qualified to speak on these subjects considering he thinks he is Christ- the father and his messenger for our age. 

Moon had selected Young Jin Nim's wife and married him giving the “Blessing” to both of his sons Hyung Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim together in a joint ceremony.  

Moon's elder son, Hyo Jin Moon, and his wife Nansook, are divorced. It was the Rev. Moon who matched and “blessed” them in marriage as Hyo Jin married Nansook a 15 year-old school girl at the time. So much for the perfect family and marriage. Nan Sook Hong told a Boston Globe reporter that she was chosen to be Hyo Jin's wife by a psychic in Korea who Moon had sought out. considering Moon was the best qualified in history to choose marriage partners for his followers and anyone else. When it comes to his son however, Moon goes to a psychic for advice. Nansook described a pattern of abuse, coming from drug abuse. She describes Hyo Jin beating her in 1994 while she was seven months pregnant. Nansook complained that her in-laws did next to nothing to confront Hyo Jin although aware of his problem. “Although Hyo Jin's family knew of his addictions and his abuse of me and the children, I received very little emotional or physical support from them,” Nansook wrote. “I was constantly at the mercy of Hyo Jin's erratic and cruel behavior.” His ex-wife has accused him of adultery, physical and mental abuse, drinking alcohol, using cocaine and a few other things I will not say. The drug habit which he himself admits to. He has been to the Betty Ford clinic for treatment and apparently released from the program at least once for refusing to follow the orders of doctors there. One of Moon's daughters, Ye Jin, is said to have denounced her father while another, Sun-Jin, left her husband only weeks after having received her “blessing.”  

 She said he beat her repeatedly, even when she was pregnant. Hyo Jin's  lawyer denied Nansook's charges. He was jailed for a few months after failing to obey a court order to pay $65,000 toward Hong's legal fees. Nan sook accuses both her husband and Mr. Moon of adultery. At the end of 1997, Hyo Jin and Nansook reached a divorce agreement, in which she was granted full custody of their children. Nansook Hong has written her chronicle her account in “In the Shadow of the Moons.” She was also interviewed on 60 Minutes where much of this had become public. 

Moon's second youngest son (of thirteen children) Young Jin Moon of 21 had committed suicide by jumping from the 17th floor of a Hotel in Reno, Nevada. Instead of finding fault in his son, the Moonies representative Tyler Hendricks said, It is because the members didn't fulfill their responsibilities, that is why Moon's son is dead. what a way to make people feel guilty. 

 It is stories like these that are hidden from the members and public. so we have divorce, drug abuse, and suicide in his immediate family.  Yet despite such problems, Moon, continues an aggressive crusade to eliminate evil from the world. He is also involved in infiltrating youth groups with a campaign of pre-marital chastity.

Moon believes he is restoring mankind’s destiny by marriage -Such wisdom has come from this mans mouth like, “In order to have a relationship with your husband you have to be married. Women who refuse to marry will be condemned to death. If you were to survive, the universe would eliminate you. This is the truth.”

What is a marriage like for members “After the Blessing the couples spend a period of time, usually forty days, abstaining from sexual contact, and during this time each spouse prepares in a prayerful way for a pure, new start to married life. After this period of time, a three-day ceremony is performed privately by the husband and wife, thus completing the process of the Blessing” (Marriage family and world peace. International Religious Foundation). Imagine just getting married and not consummating the marriage, Bible verse for this will be found right next to all the other teachings he received in Revelation chapter 23. This is all to have control over his members.

Former members of the church have come out to say the marriage ceremony at one time included a secret ritual where the husband had to first hit his wife with a baseball bat three times as hard as he could on the buttocks. If she passed out in between, he would wait and then continue. Then it was the wife's turn, and if she was too weak from the beating, a 'brother' (other member) had to take her place to perform the rite. The rationale for this- they are chasing the Devil away. So much for Moon’s solution to marriage.

The flyer is presented with headings such as TRUE FAMILY VALUES SEMINAR

The True Family Values ministry features an uplifting seminar for clergy and lay alike that is given by a team of inspired speakers. The seminar provides a simple approach that can start marriages and families on the path of revival right away. It is based upon time honored truths of the Bible that are presented in a way everyone can appreciate.


All people desire the special love, care, intimacy, acceptance, commitment, and shared responsibility that are found in the family. This is why people from all religious, political, and social persuasions say our society needs family values.


This is why we seek to understand the meaning of true family values. True family values are those based upon principles that establish right and wrong and by which we can know how to achieve those goals that will bring health and happiness to our families. . .

The True Family Values Ministry is rooted in the teachings of the Bible. Through God's grace, this ministry is bringing new hope to millions of families worldwide, across barriers of religion, race, and nationality.


The True Family Values ministry features an uplifting seminar for clergy and lay alike that is given by a team of inspired speakers. The seminar provides a simple approach that can start marriages and families on the path of revival right away. It is based upon time honored truths of the Bible that are presented in a way everyone can appreciate.


God's Purpose for Creation: “The  Family Ideal”  The Origin of Family Breakdown  The Core Problem  God's Plan for Conjugal Love  The Blessing of True Parental Love

 [This is where we understand what they really mean as it is Rev. Moon’s interpretation of all this such as The family breakdown the blessing of true parental love (through him)]

So how is this all working?

The news reported that the Arizona Ecumenical Council, which represents 700 Protestant churches in Arizona, would not have been a sponsor for “America Come Together” if its leaders had known the Unification Church founder was a speaker and the main sponsor, said the Rev. Paul Eppinger, executive director of the council. Eppinger said he is uncomfortable about the ties to Moon but will attend anyway.

This family presentation is taking place through all 50 states in the US. The tour is sponsored by the American Clergy Leadership Conference, the United Federation of Churches, and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and others.

Recently the 81-year-old Moon spoke to a crowd of about 1,500 at the Oakland Convention Center, on the themes of love and family, calling upon them to place family as a priority. “I think a lot of religions have generated a lot of controversy,” said the Rev. Jesse Edwards, (of the UPC of  Philadelphia. who is touring with Moon's group )“What we're getting together for is to make a stand regardless of controversy.'' Edwards said “We don't care about our doctrinal differences,…The one thing that we agree on is rebuilding families.”

The Rev. Connie Crawford Bansa, pastor of the Church of the Living God, said that Moon and Farrakhan have been unfairly portrayed in the media at the expense of the greater mission of the group's tour. 

“What's important is that this is a gathering of many faiths” said Bansa, who believes that she, like Moon, is a prophet of God. “It's about bringing together the Muslims, the Jews, and . . . that we must join together and be one in the spirit of God and restructure this whole nation's moral structure and bring the family together.”

At Hilton Hotel in Salt Lake City a Mormon singing group  provided the music as Rev. Moon gave a speech for stating “The time has come for America to awaken once again,” he said in a prepared speech he has repeated in cities across the nation. “It is time for the country as a whole to create a new movement to build true parents, true families, a true country and a true world centered on God.”
 Moon is touring the country, the guest of mostly black churches, pitching social rather than theological unity.
The Unification Church is “moving into the mainstream,” said the Rev. David Carlson, associate professor of world religion at the Unification Theological Seminary, in an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune.  “This is a prophetic message for America at this time,” he said.
The news reports  that “Catholics, Baptists, Buddhists and Muslims among the Hilton dinner crowd, it was clear that much of the message was directed at members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”
 Stephensen commented that although Moon is not a member of the LDS Church, he is “a true latter-day saint.” He then quoted the LDS Church's 13th article of faith, which says that members seek “anything virtuous, lovely, or . . . praiseworthy” and said that Moon wants the same things. (

check http://www.consortiumnews.com/archive/moon.html 

Rom.16:17 tells us as Christians to note those causing division from the doctrine of Christ- they are not causing unity but division in the Church to make themselves look right-they come as angel of light. Moon wants unity based on the fact that we can all agree against a certain evil. But it is the solution that is important. Moon’s “The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity,” is another name for ecumenism of Christianity and world religions! Interfaith united under his teaching and leadership.

The invitation committee for the conference in America and for Hawaii reads like a one world religious system right out of Rev.17. Oneness Pentecostals, senators, rabbi, board member of the national Baptist convention. Specific names are: Executive director of Ghandi Peace center; Dr. Billy McCormack Founding Board, Christian Coalition Shreveport, Louisiana; Paul Crouch Trinity Broadcast Network; Dr. David Rowberry Latter Day Saints Institute of Religion; Mr. Gary Jarmin President, Christian Voice; Robert Schuller Crystal Cathedral; Rabbi Dr. David Ben-Ami American Forum for Jewish-Christian Cooperation; Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr. Superintendent, Church of God in Christ.  Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Anthony Evans Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas; Rev. Leroy Elliott New Greater St. John Baptist Church. Board, National Baptist Convention. Hon. Raymond Flynn President Catholic Alliance;  The former president of Shaw Divinity school professor Emiritus of the Lutheran school of theology; Dr. Paul Swanson, Professor Emeritus, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago;  Minister Benjamin Muhammad, National Director of the Million Family March, New York; the Honorable Walter E. Fauntroy, former US Congressman and Pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church; Bishop William Robinson, Garden of Prayer Church of God in Christ, New York, NY and a host of many others.

 I realize not all the people and organizations involved are Christian but some are and they should know better and not be involved AT ALL! We are told to keep or maintain the unity of the spirit but this can’t be done when others who are involved are not Christian and we are uniting with them even if it is for a cause of family values. The question again is whose family values? Moons!   I have already stated that Moon cannot speak for the family as his own is a mess and it is directly because of him not by someone’s separate choice. It is not just his blood  family, but the way he runs his church as father that is abusive.

When we are removed from the gospel or put it aside for another unity is when we unite with those outside of Christ. We need to know the gospel, I’m not talking about the part Jesus loves you and we need to receive him but the internal mechanism, what it is about. Priority one it is centered on the person of Christ if Rev. Moon thinks he is the new messiah of the 2nd advent then he is opposing the gospel and we cannot have any unity with this man or his organization no matter how good his values are. He is anti Christ.

 2nd if one offers something other than the grace of God for our salvation they are opposed to the whole content of the scripture. Moon has written a 500 page book called the divine principle which attacks every point of doctrine that Christianity upholds. What does light have to do with darkness how can anyone concur with this man? despite his concept of certain things on family may be beneficial, the question that needs to be asked is whose standard is he promoting? We find it is his own, not Christ’s.

Personally I ‘d rather see one person saved from the gospel than a whole society living right according to what Moon wants to do. It really shouldn’t be an either or deal. What good is it if everyone lives in peaceful society according to Moon’s model and then enters eternity without the true Christ. And lets not forget he wants to be the ruler, or more accurately the savior over everyone, as he matches them up in pairs for life.

But if unity becomes more important than the truth you are doing more to promote falsehood than the true gospel, which alone can save. If we don’t stand up for the gospel where our unity begins-- we certainly will not be able to stand up for those teachings after the gospel. That is exactly what I see taking place today. If we remove our distinctions now, we will certainly not be able to find them later.

Don't fall for the unity Moon offers that is outside Christ.


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