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Moon's “We Will Stand” tour in Hawaii

The local paper the Star - Bulletin reported About 1,500 people attended the “We Will Stand” tour in Hawaii on April 14. The crowd consisted of 500 Korean and Japanese tourists (no doubt those enamored with or brought in followers of Moon) along with Pastors of several local Pentecostal Christian congregations participated in the program.

Moon’s statements were much of the same rhetoric that has made himself famous “Recently, many young couples don't care about lineage, they don't want children, just want to enjoy life. They are less than human.”   “If you are guilty of infidelity, you are bound for hell, you are going in the trash can. Wives who avoid having children are committing a sin. “To have children was God's main purpose for humankind,” Moon told the crowd. “Without children, that's not a family. You cannot enter the kingdom of God ... you enter as a family.”

What a put down to be called less than human because they are not married. If you are married but are unable to have children according to Moon there is no salvation for you, at least not in his man made organization.  With one broad sweep he has condemned anyone who does or does not believe in Jesus. Even the Eunuch whom Jesus did not condemn Moon has. There won’t be any rush from those who are childless to join his sect.

Moon told the crowd, “I have spoken to God and Jesus, I know what to expect in the spirit world”

The Jesus Moon is speaking of  is one who appeared to him from the spirit world in Northwestern Korea in 1936 to choose him to establish the kingdom of God on earth. And we thought that it was Jesus who was in charge of this kingdom (Isa.9:6), this is just one of the areas Christians are wrong in according to this Korean reverend.

Over an hour of his two and-a-half hour talk detailed marriage in terms of male and female “love organs”

“Father and Mother Moon received a commission from Jesus to anoint families,” said the Rev. Michael Jenkins, president of the Family Federation for Would Peace and Unification.

How can Moon anoint anyone if he has not received the real anointing from Jesus? Jesus does not anoint anyone who does not confess him as God or submits their lives to following him according to the bibles teachings.

The religion professor of the University of Hawaii Cromwell Crawford said, “He's not singular in that perspective, every religious leader has a messianic consciousness. No single leader has done more for ecumenism than Rev. Moon.”

He went on to say attacks from organized religion that marked Moon's nondenominational movement in the 1960s and 70s fit a historic pattern. “We were all on the fringe once. Every religion has been a `moonie,' even Christianity was `moonie' in its time. Every great religious leader was persecuted. We become monopolistic.”

 Obviously this man does not know what Moon actually teaches, for he is just as “monopolistic” as Jesus was, except Jesus was telling the truth, while Moon has made his up.

At the end of the gathering the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification presented awards  to the Family Home Evening Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Mike Gabbard, founder of the Alliance for Traditional Marriage and Values; and Leon Siu, founder of Christian Voice.

These are strange co-belligerents indeed. Mormons who now want to look like Christians and who promote family values on earth but in heaven one can become a polygamist. Mike Gabbard who many think is a Christian but follows a guru called Jagad guru. Jagad guru has mocked the crucifixion and called those who believe it  “idiots” (something Moon would be proud of). And Leon Sui who is supposed to be a representative of Christianity calling his organization “Christian Voice” receiving an award from someone the majority of Christians who hold to the truths of the bible would call an anti-christ.  

 No one who is a Christian should have anything to do with Moon, he should be denounced as a enemy of the true gospel in the bible, not embraced. We can see how the real deal will one day come on the scene and unite everyone despite our differences for the greater cause.

All this shows is that having reverend before your name does not mean reverence.

(quotes from Star -Bulletin)


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