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Answering the knock at your door!

When opportunity knocks do we answer the door? Some people ignore the knock hoping it will go away. Too many times I have heard people say they are not going towindow.jpg (4533 bytes) bother to answer the door when a Jehovah's Witness comes because we can't change them, they are too stubborn and not open. Actually we are the ones that need to be open. Open enough to believe God can work in their heart. This means we are not answering our door because we are in doubt, instead of faith. Nothing will happen, because if you aim at nothing and you get nothing.

If the Lord brings someone to your door you have an obligation to explain your faith no matter how little you may know. Whatever little amount of the truth you may know, is immensely more than the great amount of falsehood they know!

Why is it that Christians who have the truth are unable to do what cults do for a lie? The reason we are so timid is because we don't feel confident enough to go the distance with them. Its true they are very well trained in what they believe and how to answer people. But if we take a little time to prepare and not go into the areas they are trained in, we just may see some interesting results.

I have heard too many testimonies of why Jehovah's Witnesses left the organization. The main reason is because the Christian at the door gave them the time, asked the question they were not able to answer.  It may have taken years but it was a seed of truth, which became a seed of doubt that made them realize the society was not Gods organization.

One thing I like to do in a quick discussion is show they have agreements with others  that they clearly think are wrong. Such as the Mormons who also believe Jesus is an angel. So one would ask are the Mormons a true religion?   Then ask are they correct on this matter of Jesus being an angel?  Comparing them to others who have the same beliefs gets the point across without attacking the organization directly.

One of the problems that happens in our witnessing is that we should not be defending what we believe, they should! Our beliefs are not in question, since they are coming to our house bringing a different Gospel.  So one might ask what is the Gospel they are bringing?  I have never received a right answer on this yet. They will say paradise earth, the bible says something quite different. You can't be in paradise earth without being saved, which they are not.

We should ask questions, lots of them. Can they read  the Bible alone, or do they need an organization and its publications to  understand it? After this is established as the only source of truth you can have them answer from the Scriptures alone and watch how little they know without their reference books.

One can bring up the similarities of the Pope and their president. The Watchtower organization has a similar apostolic succession. So one might ask  what was the name of the person who passed mantle of God's Spirit  to Charles T. Russell when he founded the organization? We know from history who their first president received his theology from. the teachings of William Miller who was one of the originators of the 2nd advent movement. Miller had taught that Christ would return in 1843 then 1844 . When this didnít occur, E.G. White received visions and understood this to be that Christ went into the Holy of Holies in judgment (now known as the investigative judgment in the 7th day Adventists) In 1874 another 2nd day Adventist Nelson Barbour, announced Christís invisible return in 1874.   Russell already influenced by prophecy from them personally met with Barbour, who convinced him of Christís invisible presence returned on earth. And eventually  wrote a book with him.

One can ask questions about following Jehovah, If Christians are to persecuted for the sake of Jehovah's name, why did Jesus tell them  they would be persecuted for his name sake  (Jesus') not Jehovah's. Why were they called Christians (Mt. 24:9; Mk 13:13; Lk.21:12,17) If kept simple one can go far in showing what the bible says in relation to their organization's teachings.

Ask them how they were saved? Of course you will not get this kind of answer from them unless they lie.  I have had only one person say they were saved, but when further pursued he had to admit that his definition was different than the Bible's. You can show them that Jn.3 states unless you are Born again you cannot see nor enter the kingdom of God.  Share your testimony of how you came to know the Lord. This is something lacking in their organization that always seem to stump them.

The truth is we have no excuse. God has brought people to us all we need to do is engage in a conversation, which means stepping out in faith. One does not need to know all the teachings of the Watchtower to hold their own in a conversation. We would be better equipped if we took the time to familiarize ourselves with their belief's. All we need to know are some of the facts of what they believe and the basics in Scripture to effectively witness when "the knock comes at the door." Whether we feel ready or not, we should be ready in and out of season, always be ready for an answer for your faith.  Stay on the subject and make another appointment with them so the questions posed will eventually be answered. Whatever you do, don't give up, they do leave and find Christ.

So the next time you hear them knocking on your door open it up and speak to them and explain to them it ďis Jesus who is knocking on the door of their heart.Ē It is they who need to open up the door.

we also suggest for everyone to get the tracts and stickers for protection in their neighborhood

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