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   JW's canvassing.jpg (4923 bytes)              Most of you are probably familiar with the Jehovah Witnesses       through their two major magazines Watchtower and Awake that seem to show up at our door, Laundromats, Hospitals, magazine racks just about anywhere they can put them.

The Watchtower Organization are known by their mass publications. The fact is, they are the largest publishers in the free world. In a recent year, they published  over 550 million magazines of the Watchtower Magazine which they publish [over 12 million copies every two weeks] in 103 languages of the world, and over 44 million books.They publish over 10 million copies of the Awake Magazine in about 53 languages every two weeks. They also publish 3 million New world Translation bibles each month. David Reed accounted in his book on Jehovah's Witnesses literature, that by the late 1980's they published their 10 billionth piece of literature, that's almost two for every person alive on earth.the circulation of their literature outsells the combined total of time, Newsweek, and US news and world report.

They are obviously having a great influence around the world through mass distribution of their Magazines and books by door to door advertising. So who is buying or receiving all their material? We are! Most people buy the material to either be nice or sometimes to have them move on their way to someone else's doorstep.This organization takes in hundreds of millions of dollars from people such as these, so before you give them .50 or a dollar, remember by doing this you are actually supporting them to come back to you and go to others. This is how they built their empire

They have even mapped out the entire United States, so that they keep a record of every home, Everyone will be contacted more than once probably twice a year by their workers who bring their magazine publications. (mine had been crossed off their list until I moved) Here in Hawaii there are thousands that go weekly to visit your neighborhood (almost 5 million regularly throughout the world) coming to us by the way of those infamous door to door visitations that show up at the most inopportune times.

They claimed recently that in one year, over 3,200,000 members spent over 700,000,000 hours of going door to door for the Watchtower. This is only a small increase from 1985 where they reported to have 3,024,131 distributors door to door. Yet out of persistence and the naivete’ of the unwarned consumer they have had great success, bringing many people to join the counterfeit Christianity of their society. You are with many others a potential member to this organization

What they bring is called the Gospel of the kingdom , that their will be a paradise on earth. This is different than the Gospel of salvation that Christianity has taught where one comes in contact with the savior who is God come in the flesh to die for our sins.

"The Gospel of the Kingdom ceased to be proclaimed shortly after the death of the apostles. It was not preached again until after 1918.)WT 12/1/19281 pp. 363-64) SO THERE WAS NO TRUE PREACHING OR TEACHING FOR GOD UNTIL THEY CAME ALONG.

When Danger comes knocking at your door !

Before you join this church there are some things of vital importance to you and your family. If you purchase their literature and have thought to join their church, here are some things you need to know now, that they will not tell you until much later after you join. What you don't know can be harmful.

HERE ARE THE FACTSflag.jpg (2404 bytes)

How would you feel if you joined a church and were then forbidden to pledge allegiance to the flag,1 to serve in the armed forces,1 to vote,2 to grow a beard, and more importantly you are not allowed to use physical force to protect your family from an intruder?3

WAIT THERE'S MORE               

How would you react to a church that does not allow members to celebrate holidays, including Christmas and anyone's birthday'? 4wpe16.jpg (6337 bytes)

wpe19.jpg (4844 bytes)

A church where your children would not be allowed to be cheerleaders 6 , or join a hobby club,7 play chess 8. A church where they would not be allowed to join little league baseball,9 or play sports with non church member kids?10 They cannot take self defense courses, or participate in school elections?1No school dances, dating 10 or joining the YMCA,What kind of childhood would be left for them ? They can go door to door with their parents.wpe17.jpg (5558 bytes)

Most of the restrictions would not be revealed to you as a new member until you and your family accept the authority of their organization "as being the one and only true organization on earth".

JW's on the surface seem to be law abiding citizens but in fact they are not. They abduct their own children from the hospitals  to keep them from receiving blood transfusion. When child custody ends up in the courts the parents are uncooperative resisting court orders.taking boy.jpg (1565 bytes) JW's account for almost half the child custody battles in Americas courts.


I have held back the most destructive ruling of their church for last. If your child or other loved one becomes ill and is brought to the hospital; and you learn from your doctor that he needs surgery and requires a blood transfusion. Your now you're confronted with the choice of life or death. wpe1C.jpg (3916 bytes)Why? Because the church you have joined believes that members cannot receive blood under any circumstances, and if one does, the family will be cut off from their religion ,church and God. Yet without a transfusion, your loved one will die. What kind of organization would force you to make such a decision?11

 This is the Jehovah Witnesses. Numerous people have died, many of them children, because of their  unbiblical rules pertaining to blood. In their past many children and adults died from their policy of no organ transplants 12 or vaccinations .13

So before you join this church you need to ask questions and get answers, your life or your loved ones may one day depend on it.

For full quotes on Jehovah Witness children click here>

1.School and JW's: 1983, p. 13-15. Saluting flag. P. 16 school elections.(note: JW's now let people join the armed services if it s non combatant and voting is left up to conscience sake).

2. United in Worship: 1983, p. 166; Watchtower: 10/1/67, p. 590; 8/15/75, p. 501 beards on men, voting.

3.Pay Attention: 1981, p. 150. Self Defense.

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8.Awake: 3/22/73, p. 12-14. Chess.

9.Your Youth: 1976, p. 118. Baseball.

10. Watchtower: 2/15/60, p. 112-113 association with non JW children. Awake:6/22/82,    p. 15  Dating.

11.Watchtower: 12/1/67, p. 724 blood medicine and the law of God 1961 p. 54-55.

12. Watchtower 1/1/5/1967, pp. 702-4

13. Golden Age, 2/4/1931, p. 293 (Note:JW's now let their people take vaccinations and and organ transplants and they may possibly let them have blood transfusions in the near future).


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