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According to the Jehovah's Witnesses God is not the creator of heaven and earth! Jesus is! This sounds strange, but you need to understand to a JW Jesus is not God.

Jesus who is an angel who was the first and only thing created by Jehovah God (the father). "That Jehovah was truly the Father or Life-giver to this first born Son and, hence, that this Son was actually a creature of God" (Aid to bible Understanding p. 918). "Scriptural evidence indicates that the name Michael applied to god's Son before he left heaven to become Jesus Christ."    ( Aid to bible Understanding p.1152).

"Michael the Archangel is no other than the only begotten son of God, now Jesus Christ. That Jehovah directly created only one thing, Michael the arch angel and that Michael created all other things" (United in Worship p.29). So God created only one thing and Jesus created all other things. This view is produced in their New World Translation in Col.1:16 where they insert the word "Other" in between for by him all "other" things were created… he is before all other things and by means of him all "other" things were made to exist. This word is not found in any Other Greek text it is clearly inserted showing their own bias toward the Bible to completely change its meaning. You can point this out to them in their own Greek Interlinear.

We find the Bible contradicts the Watchtower interpretation in Isa.44:24 "I am the Lord who makes all things…" Isa.45:11 "I have made the earth and created man on it I my hands have stretched out the heavens."Isa.45:18 "For thus says the Lord who created the heavens, who is God, who formed the earth and made it."(see also Isa.40:28, 42:5)

"There was, therefore a time when Jehovah was all alone in universal space" (Let God be True pg.25).

This was not always the view of the Watchtower organization. For example in "Zion’s Watch Tower" April,15 1893 Pastor Charles Taze Russell translated Jn.1:1 as "In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God."  These all refer to God with a capitol G while today’s Watchtower refers to him with a little g obviously the new J.W. disagrees with their founder and restorer of the true organization of God.

While Charles Taze was in a daze and confused on who Jesus is, he did say some things that could be considered true. Yes, he did believe that Jesus was created by Jehovah, which is false, however he had a very different view of what transpired afterward. "(it is since his resurrection that the message has gone forth—all power in heaven and earth is given unto me (Mt.28:18) Consequently, it is only since then that he could be called the Almighty (as in Rev.1:8)."

This is one of those mis-handlings of scripture that the Watchtower has changed and become famous for. No J.W. wants to say that Rev.1:8 refers to Jesus. In their Bible they have dishonestly and intentionally inserted Jehovah despite the evidence that his name does not appear in the Greek manuscripts. What is even more dishonest is that wherever the word Lord is, they insert Jehovah but not when it refers to Jesus. The problem is they are not consistent with this practice. When Rom.10 says to call on the name of the Lord we find it is speaking of Jesus. Also Jn.1:3 says "all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made." Notice the word all which is explicit. All means all. It is the same all that scripture uses to convey all have sinned. Notice the word that without him nothing that was made was made. Another explicit statement that everything came by him.

Rev.1:7-8 Speaking of Jesus when he comes again vs.8 "I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, says the Lord (Yahweh) "Who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."

Isa.41:4 The Lord (Jehovah) says he is the 1st and last. Rev.1:8 Jesus says, he is the alpha and omega the beginning and the end says the Lord "who is and who was and who is to come the almighty." When did the father come to earth or die, Jehovah witnesses do not believe man can see God. Rev.22:12 tells us the one who is coming is the alpha and omega. Rev.1:17-18 identifies the one who John fell at his feet as the first and last he is the one who lives and was dead and is alive forever more. Rev.2:8 again affirms the first and the last as the one who was dead and came to life. If one believes the Father is God then certainly their is no alternative but to believe the Son is also. Otherwise if Jesus is not the first and the last, they must conclude that the Father is not the first or last either. God is the first and the last, the Father as well as the Son.

The Son is eternal by nature just as the Father is Hebrews 13:8 " Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." Micah 5:2 " speaking of Jesus-whose goings forth are from old (ancient times) from everlasting (from eternity) "there are two goings forth one from eternity, and one from in time, from Bethlehem where he was born. There is no creature that can lay claim to this kind existence. As in Prov.8:22 "the Lord possessed me at the beginning of his way before his works of old, He is wisdom personified if he is a created thing a work from God then there is a time God has no wisdom. The same descriptions for God the Father are used for the Son!

The Jehovah's Witnesses view circumnavigates around the plain teaching and logic of the scripture saying…"Reasonably then the Arch angel Michael is Jesus Christ, the son of God, known as Michael before he came to earth." (Reasoning from the Scriptures pg.409)

"It proves Michael the archangel is no other than the only begotten son of God, now Jesus Christ. The very name Michael means who is like God and indicates Jehovah God is without like or equal." (New Heavens and New Earth pg.30-31). Jesus is actually the incarnation of Michael the Arch angel and resumed the name when he ascended into heaven( ibid. pg.30 Your Will be done on Earth pg.316 ) "At that time you were told that Christ is the highest of the spirits created by God and the sole one to be created directly." (Communication with the Spirit World p. 301)

They call the Christian church Babylon because of the belief in the Trinity.   " In mystic and occult writings, Michael has often been equated with the Holy Ghost, the Logos, God, Metatron, etc ... Michael derives originally from the Chaldeans by whom he was worshipped as something of "a god.'"  DICTIONARY OF ANGELS by Gustav Davidson (Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines a Chaldean as a person versed in occult arts also is another word for Babylonian) So who really has this practice their org. or the Christian Church?

If Michael the Arch angel is Jesus as the Watchtower claims, we would see Michael have the same authority as Jesus before and after he supposedly incarnated on earth.  Do we? Jude 9 tells us in his dispute with the devil over Moses body he says the Lord rebuke you, this is a funny thing to say if he is the Lord Jesus. In Daniel when Michael wrestles the prince of Persia for 21 days, he has to struggle, but when Jesus was confronted with Satan the head of all the evil princes, he rebukes him with the word and he leaves. Is the prince of Persia more powerful than Satan? Then why could Michael not do what Jesus was able to since he is suppose to be the same person? Because he's not.

If the name Michael is of any significance to Jesus it certainly is hidden from the plain reading of Scripture.

Remember he is ONE of the chief princes so there are others like him. This makes him not "the Only Begotten Son", but one of many sons.  If we use names and titles to validate who a person is in nature what of the name Joshua whose name means salvation (the same root as Jesus). Is he now the savior because of his name?  This is the same type of reasoning that the Catholic Church used for Peter. They presumed the church was built upon him as the rock because of the word rock that Jesus used and so he became the first pope. J.W’s have done the same with the name Michael for Jesus.

Heb.1:4 "having become so much better than the angels." How by nature ? NO, by exaltation at the resurrection returning to His former position. Phil.2 tells us he already existed in the Form of God, meaning he continually is same nature. How can he be better than angels if he is an angel? He already was better in nature before his incarnation as the very one who created all the angels." Does an angel create other angels? Yet the Society states, " In due time God exalted Jesus to the highest position a creature could be given."(Awake 9/2/959, p. 7)  Can a creature be the creator?

Heb.1:5 "For to which of the angels did he ever say "you are my Son today I have begotten you" The answer is none of them!  Here the writer is proclaiming the Son as superior to angels. Angels who are the greatest of Gods creation and the Son is better vs.4 How? Because he as the Son is of the same nature with his Father.

Heb. 1:8 God the Father says to the Son "your throne O’ God is forever and ever." J.W’s change this to "God is your throne." So instead of having the Son as God they now made an inanimate object- a throne God. The lengths they go to prove their false view.

V.10 the Father still speaking to the Son "and you, Lord, in the beginning laid the foundation of the Earth and the heavens are the work of your hands..." The father calls the Son Jehovah and says he was present as the architech of all things. (see Jn.1:3)

They agree that he Jesus the angel created all things but they disagree with God the Father who calls the Son Jehovah !

Jesus Christ was not made a human creature at his resurrection but was made a spirit, which accounts for his invisibility. (WT 4/1/1947, pp. 101-2)

"There is Scriptural evidence for concluding that Michael was the name of Jesus Christ before he left heaven and after his return." (WT 5/15/1969, p. 307) That he was raised a spirit creature called Michael. So where is Jesus? Phil.2 tells us this is the name above all other names (even Jehovah) and that people will bow down to him. Is this an angel.

What about 1 Tim.2:15 there is only one mediator between God and man the MAN Christ Jesus. But they say he's an angel who is spirit form. How can they possibly get away with this teaching? Because very few read and study the bibles on their own.

In Heb.2:5 we find the world in subjection to the son. Did God put an angel in control of all things? Can an angel share in the very glory that God had before the world began? (Jn.17:5)

Can an angel actually have all authority? This is what we see God the Father giving to Jesus in Mt.28:18.

The Watchtower early on said, "Yes, we believe our Lord Jesus while on earth was really worshipped, and properly so. While he was not the God, Jehovah, he was a God." (Watchtower 7/15/1898, p. 2337) So was this false worship or true worship? For no creature is to be worshipped, and God the father would certainly not command such a thing. However in Heb.1:6 we see Jehovah the Father,  telling "all the angels to worship the Son." According to J.W’s they are not worshipping him but only giving obeisance. If this is true than the Father only gets obeisance also, since it is the very same word used to worship the Father. Is he telling them to worship another angel? This word for worship in Greek is proskeneo the same word used for worship for Jehovah God and for false Gods. They have to be consistent in the usage of the word, you can’t pick and choose when to or not to apply it.  A J.W. has two choices, he can say Jesus is either a false God receiving undue worship or that all the creatures in heaven are not worshipping Jesus. Which means, they are also not worshipping Jehovah God, because the same word is applied to both.


Jn. 4:24: In Jesus' discusses with the Samaritan woman, the worship of God the Father is mentioned.

Acts 24:12: Paul tells the King he went to Jerusalem to worship."All these are the same word used for worship for Jesus as well as Jehovah.

Mt. 4:9: Satan tells Jesus to "fall down and worship me." Is he only asking for honor or does he want the same worship that is due God. Lk. 4:8: Jesus tells Satan to worship God." Is he asking him to only honor God?

God the father says in Heb.1:6 "Let all the angels, (including Michael the archangel who the Society claims is Jesus) are to worship the son (Jesus)."

They realized their mistake when they first published "When he brings his firstborn into the inhabited earth, he says, and let all Gods angels worship him ." (Heb.1:6 NWT 1961 edition p.1293)

10 years later they changed it to read…  "When he brings his firstborn into the inhabited earth, he says, and let all Gods angels do obeisance to him." (Heb.1:6 NWT 1971 edition p.1293)

1 Pet 3:22 "who has gone into heaven and is at the right hand of God, angels and authorities and powers having been made subject to Him." Are angels subject to another angel?

The Watchtower actually taught in its inception what would be considered Christian doctrine on the person of Christ (at least some of the time). They taught Christ was the God/ man not the angel/man. "His position is contrasted with that of men and angels, as he is Lord of both, having "all power in heaven and earth." Hence it is said, Let all the angels of God worship him"; [that must include Michael, the chief angel hence Michael is not the son of God ] and the reason is, because he has "by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they." (W.T.pg.4 reprints pg.48 11/1879)

"We think it has been shown that the Christ of scriptures is a compound being, divine and human…in the first he was a divine being in human form, and in the second a human being in divine form." (W.T. pg.6 reprints pg. 160 11/1880)

Speaking of Jesus "He being the creator, existed before any other gods. And all these gods will be wiped out so that there will be none existing after him (Isa.43:10) As the Alpha and Omega(Rev.22:13)…"(Aid to Bible Understanding 1971 p.666)

Rev 4:11"You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created."

[Say] saying even so, lord God almighty.- the Lord Jesus Rev.1:8; Jn.5:22; Mt.28:18.(the Finished Mystery pg. 240 1917)

God is God and any other that claims to be him is in fact not. Its sad to see those who started closer to the truth go further away as time goes by. There can be no true worship or service if one does not know who to follow. The Apostles preached Christ knowing full well what it meant but then they only had the scriptures to know this by!

1 Cor.15:47 "the first man was of the earth, made of dust; the second man is the Lord from heaven. Who would be called the Lord from heaven unless it is Jehovah himself."  We can plainly see it was not an angel who came from heaven but God just as 1 Tim.3:16 says "God was manifested in the flesh."

1 Timothy 1:16 -17 states, "However for this reason I obtained mercy, that in me first, JESUS CHRIST might show all longsuffering, as a pattern to those who would believe in Him for eternal life. Now to the King ETERNAL, immortal, invisible, THE ONLY GOD, who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever, Amen." The subject is Jesus Christ. Jesus  is Eternal (not the first created, as J.W.'s teach), and He is called "The Only God". Look at where the "Amen" is located in this text. J.W.'s divide up verse 16 saying this is Jesus, but verse 17 is Jehovah. This is not historically accurate since the Bible when it was first written had no distinctions or breaks for chapters and verses. There was one continual reading, and the "Amen" closes the thought of the writer. Can you say Amen to the truth in the Scripture.


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