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The many Gods of Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah Witnesses pride themselves to be teachers of God's word. They come to peoples door mostly in sincerity to teach people what they think is the truth. Of course if they come back one month later, they just might have a different truth on something they formerly taught as it has changed over the years

Some of the most intriguing conversations I have had are focused on Jn.1:1 which they claim is most important to understand for ones salvation. (Word p.52). I have never had a Witness explain this passage when we stayed in the Scripture only. 

Witnesses believe the Father is the only one called God and since the Bible says God is one, the Father must be the only one person who is God. However when we go to Jn.1 we find there are two called God. So I ask them lets count who is called God. This is so simple, there is no Greek needed to be interpreted.

John1:1-3 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was "a" God. v.2 He was in the beginning with God. v.3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made."

 Jehovah witnesses are not monotheistic, they are polytheistic in their belief.

I ask Who was the word with? They reply God the Father, Jehovah. Right I reply, you believe there is only one God right. They reply in the affirmative, of course thatís what the Bible teaches. Now lets look right after "the word was "a" God" how many Gods is that, Jehovah the Father is God (that's one) and now the son is called God, thatís two isnít it? Hereís where they get into a semantical jungle of an almighty God and a mighty God. Instead of arguing against their interpretation I use their view as if its true to show them the flaw in their logic. I then ask If God says there is only one God it doesnít matter if one is mighty or almighty, one of them is a false God. Then I ask them is Jesus a false God?  They of course would say no. Then my reply is then he must be a  a true God. Is Jehovah the Father a false God? They reply, of course not. Then I help them count them again and say Jn.1:1 has two Gods according to your teaching-- two Gods not one, thatís not Monotheism, that is paganism. Iím sorry I didnít have a camera available for the expressions Iíve seen from this dialogue, but its worth its weight in gold. Reactions can be from them running away and then coming back with an answer such as "at least Iím going door to door, to one woman who looked so perplexed and exasperated that she actually said "so were pagans"!

Their confusion becomes even more clear when the next passage states that the word made all things, which would include everything that is not the eternal God. From there you can go into the O.T. to show that God stretched out the heavens by himself, that God made all that there is. Also one can go to the OT to show that Jehovah is also called the mighty God as well as Almighty.

As much as they teach against a trinity that is united as the one God (by no fault of their own except from bad teaching and misrepresentations from the Watchtower.) They have promoted the trinity teaching in a distorted way in the past that goes well beyond what they accuse Christians of teaching. Remember they are to be teaching only biblical truth.

"Heavenly Father is the first and foremost, the greatest part of that wonderful trinity. We find that the Lord Jesus was to be the second person in that marvelous trinity. We find that the third person in that trinity was not to be an influence, disposition or power merely, nor was the third part to be a single individual. The Bible gives us to understand that the third member in the trinity will be those who have faithfully followed in the footsteps of our dear redeemer...'That they may all be one, as thou Father art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us.' There is the trinity,' there we have three in one- the Father, the Son and those who follow in the footsteps of the Son. No wonder the Word of God exalts the hope of the church as it does. We could not believe this unless the Word of God told us it was so." (1915 Convention Report, p. 123)

So the people of their organization become equal with the father and the Son. Today the Son is not deity but their teaching of gods continues...

They make it even more clear what they actually mean "We are divine beings-hence all such are Gods. Thus we have a family of God Jehovah being our fatherÖ When Jesus said he was a son of God the Jews were about to stone him, reasoning thus, that if a son of God, he was also making himself to be also a God or of the family of God [just what we claim. Beloved how are we the sons of God" "The god and father of the Lord Jesus Christ hath begotten us." (Watchtower, Dec.1881 p.3 reprints pg.301)

'Our high calling is so great, so much above the comprehension of men, that they feel that we are guilty of blasphemy when we speak of being 'new creatures'- not any longer human, but 'partakers of the divine nature.' ' ..it is claiming that we are divine beings- hence all such are Gods,. Thus we have a family of God .... Now we appear like men, and all die naturally like men, but in the resurrection we will rise in our true character as Gods ... Then the whole family- head and body are addressed as one, as they will be under Christ, their head, saying: Arise 0 God, judge (rule, bless) the earth: for thou shaft inherit all nations. The Mighty God, and Everlasting Father of the nations is Christ whose members in particular we are.' ( Watchtower, 10 & 11/1881, p. 10, Reprints, p. 301)

'After the sacrifice-soon follows the power which will under him as our head constitute the whole body of Christ, the 'Mighty God' (El-powerful one) to rule and bless the nations- and the body with the head, shall share in the work of restoring the life lost in Adam, and therefore be members of that company which as a whole will be the Everlasting Father to the restored race.' (Watchtower, 10 & 11 / 1881, p. 10, Reprints P. 298)

'...the IT ' means The Christ, the anointed of God, 'Christ meaning anointed .. The Christ is made of many members, yet they form one body .. The body of Christ, consisting of the members in particular on this earth, is a dying body. It is a body of humiliation. it is weak and dishonorable in the sight of men ... Therefore, concerning the resurrection of Christ 1 say unto you: IT (The Christ) is sown in corruption: IT (The Christ) is raised in incorruption ;IT (The Christ) is sown in dishonor, IT (The Christ) is raised in glory . IT (The Christ) is sown in weakness; IT (The Christ) is raised in power, IT (The Christ) is sown a natural body,. IT (The Christ) is raised a spiritual body.' ( Watchtower, 5/15/41, p. 156) The Christ is not the person who was sinless but the whole body.

Like Catholicism who has elevated Mary the Jehovah's Witnesses do one better -'Jesus Christ is the principal one mentioned in this prophecy, but his 144,000 associates are also associated with him in the bruising of the Serpent's head...' (Watchtower, 2/15/74, p. 106) So now the anointed 144,00 Jehovah's Witnesses do what the Bible says Jesus would. Were they born of a virgin named Mary? Because this is the one who does the bruising from" the seed of the woman", at least according to the Scripture.

"Now we appear like men, and all die naturally like men, but in the resurrection we will rise in our true character as Gods."( Watchtower 12/1881, p. 301) This has been a Watchtower teach teaching from their founder and has never been rescinded.

There are many other Watchtower secret doctrines that even the Jehovah's Witnesses are not aware of. As the years go by they become more obscured.

It is clear that they think quite highly of themselves. They go around door to door saying Jesus is not God, only the Father is, and then they teach they will become Gods. How can one preach there is only one God and teach that they are gods too. Welcome to the world of the Watchtower, where the Bible can be changed at the governing boards whim. And they wonder why we call them a cult?



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