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The savior has the power to forgive sins.

Only God is able to forgive sins, Luke 7:48-50"And Jesus said to her, "Your sins are forgiven. "And those who sat atthe table with Him began to say to themselves, "Who is this who even forgives sins?" Then He said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you. Go in peace."

Mark 2:5-10 "When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, "Son, your sins are forgiven you." And some of the scribes were sitting there and reasoning in their hearts, "Why does this Man speak blasphemies like this? Who can forgive sins but God alone?" But immediately, when Jesus perceived in His spirit that they reasoned thus within themselves, He said to them, "Why do you reason about these things in your hearts? "Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, 'Your sins are forgiven you,' or to say, 'Arise, take up your bed and walk'? "But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins"-- First thing noticeable is that Jesus personally forgives the mans sins. He is also able perceive what they are thinking. He tells the man to rise up and walk after his sins are forgiven. Showing those around him that his statement of forgiveness is true by giving them a physical example of his power. Jesus points to himself as the source of forgiveness, this is why the Pharisee’s were so taken back, they were right, only God can forgive sins.

I King 8:39 "then hear in heaven Your dwelling place, and forgive, and act, and give to everyone according to all his ways, whose heart You know (for You alone know the hearts of all the sons of men),

"Luke 5:22: "But when Jesus perceived their thoughts, he, answering, said unto them, why reason your in your hearts?' John 2:24-25."But Jesus did not commit himself unto them (believe in them) , because he knew all men, and needed not that any should testify of man; for He knew what was in mans heart". Mt. 9:4"And Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said, Why think you evil in your hearts ." Someone who can read others thoughts and the intents of others hearts like Jesus means he is more than just a prophet or representative. This is certainly not psychic powers but an ability only reserved for God. We find consistently Jesus exercising the same abilities as God.


Heb. 3:2-6 We find Christ is faithful to him who appointed him. As "Moses also was faithful in all his house." That he is counted to have more glory than Moses and makes the distinction of ‘him who built the house has more honor than the house". "For every house is built by someone but he who built all things is God"… vs.6 "But Christ as a Son over his own house whose house we are…" Christ is the head of the house which is the body of Christ. In Jn.14 we are told just as the earth was formed by his hands he went to heaven to prepare a place for all his household, that where he is we may be also. He is called the master craftsman in Prov.8:30 and is attributed to be co creator with the Father in Prov.30:4. The New Testament is not lacking in attributing divine creatorship to his hands in Jn.1:1-3 and Col.1:15-17. The Alpha and Omega, he is the architect of all things.


The word firstborn is used by almost all anti trinitarian cults to disprove he being eternal, does this mean Christ is the firstborn in a family?   There are numerous examples used to prove how this word is used. In Jer.31:9 God says he is a father to Israel and calls Ephraim the Son of Joseph his first born, yet Ephraim was Joseph’s second son born after Mannaseh. God asked Abraham to take his only Son Issac to the Altar on Mt. Moriah, yet we know he had Ishmael as his firstborn Son. Even in Ex.4:22 Israel the nation is called Gods firstborn Son. No one would consider God actually begot a nation in a literal sense as we do people ! Both Col.1:15 and Rev.1:5 both clarify the meaning of firstborn in its context to mean risen from the dead eternally. The Greek word Prototokos is found 7 times in the N.T. It means first in rank, a heir, to have preeminence in position not in his origin. The other Greek word for created is Protoktisis which is not used for Christ. Rev.1:5 "..and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the Kings of the earth." Christ was not the first raised from the dead, but he was the the first raised to eternal life in the body which gives him headship over the human race, Since Christ is to have preeminence he is the heir of all things

Rev.3:15: "And these things says the amen, the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God."

the Greek word means he is the source and architect of creation, which actually proves the opposite. That he is God the master craftsman of Prov.8. the one who spoke and formed things to what they are today. Heb.1:3: "who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high. "

Christ is greater than the Angels

Col.2:9-10: "The fullness of deity dwells bodily in Christ, the Colossians had previously come to a fullness of life in Him who is the head of all rule and authority. "Head" means supreme "authority," "Principality and powers" is a reference to the highest rankings of angelic beings he Christ being over them all. Which means he is not in the same rank or species as an angel. Neither could he be the archangel which would still have him be in the order of a created being.

Christ is to be Worshipped

The scripture is clear only God is to be worshipped Ex.34:14"For thou shall worship no other God for the Lord (Jehovah), whose name is jealous, is a jealous God." "O’ come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the LORD our maker."Ps.95:6.

The Greek word proskeneo (worship) is used 22 times in the Bible showing that God the Father is to be worshipped.

In Psalm 2:12 it says, "Kiss the Son lest he be angry with you." The word kiss is a term for worship. . (chashaq (khaw-shak'); a primitive root; to cling, i.e. join, (figuratively) to love, delight in;... Strongs #2836) This word for worship in Greek is proskeneo the same word used for worship for Jehovah God and for false Gods. One has to be consistent in the usage of the word, you can’t pick and choose when to or not to apply it.

The Bible teaches that Jesus was not only worshipped but also called God by Thomas in Jn.20:28 "My Lord my God".(Gr. The Lord of me the God of me) Instead of being rebuked for this statement which would be blasphemy if false, he is commended and blessed, something no true prophet would do unless it was correct. We find the wise men worshipped Jesus as a child. Mt.2:11.The leper worshipped Jesus Mt.8. The ruler bowed and worshipped Mt.9:18 .The believer who was blind worshipped him Jn.9:38. The women worshipped him Mt. 15:25, Mary Magdalene worshipped him Mt.28:9, the disciples worshipped him Mt.28:17. This word for worship in Greek is proskeneo the same word used for worship for Jehovah God and for worship of false Gods. It is rendered 16 times to Jesus as a beneficent superior; at least 24 times to God or to Jesus as God. "The root idea of bodily prostration is much less prominent than in the Old Testament. It is always translated "worship." (International Standard Bible Encylopaedia) Mt. 4:10 "When Jesus said to Satan `You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.' He certainly wasn’t telling him to do reverence only. One has to be consistent in the usage of the word, you can’t pick and choose when to or not to apply it. Jesus is either a false God receiving undue worship or that all the creatures in heaven are not worshipping Jesus. Which means, they are also not worshipping Jehovah God, because the same word is applied to both.


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