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I was sent this in the mail by a friend who received it anonymously and thought it might be good to post.


Imagine that you were in Palestine about 2000 years ago and that you heard of the ministry of someone called “Jesus of Nazareth” who was healing the sick. Not having seen Him yourself, you are thrilled when you come across a great gathering in Jerusalem, listening to a famed speaker called “Jesus”.

Nearing the platform you find that, seated with “Jesus” (the speaker) are also Herod and Pilate, Annas and Caiaphas. “Jesus” then comes forward and tells the crown how honored they all should feel that day because the two greatest secular rulers of Palestine,”the most honorable Herod and Pilate had taken time off from their busy schedule and graciously come to honor the meeting with their presence”. Further, he goes on to say “two great men of God, the Right Reverends Annas and Caiaphas were also there tobless the gathering”.

With this introduction, “Jesus” then invites Herod and Pilate to inaugurate the meeting and to speak a few words. They both praise “Jesus” by saying what a lot of good he is doing for the community through his ministry, and that he deserves the support of all the people. “The Right Reverends Annas and Caiaphas” were then invited to say a few words and “open in prayer”. They also praise “Jesus” highly and invite all the people in their denomination to support “Jesus” ministry wholeheartedly.

The “Jesus” invites Judas Iscariot to say a few words about the financial needs of the ministry. Judas speaks about the tens of thousands of denarii needed to meet all the needs of the ministry.

He states that 'forms' are available with the ushers for those who contribute more than 1000 denarii saying that “Jesus” has promised to pray special prayers for such people (it does not matter whether they are believers or unbelievers - all the rich are welcome, and the richer the better!). Herod then gets up and offers to give a tax reduction to those who contribute to this ministry. The collection is then taken. Then “Jesus” gives a brief message, demonstrates a few of His miraculous powers that astound the simple people, and heals a few sick people. And then before anyone can meet him, he rushes off with Herod, Pilate, Annas,

Caiaphas and Judas Iscariot (and the bags of money) in the royal Roam chariot to the archbishop's palace in central Jerusalem to feast with them.

Somehow, at the end of all this, even though you are only a new convert, with a little discernment and experience, you still feel a bit uneasy. All that you saw does not seem to fit in with the accounts that you heard about Jesus from some of His disciples like Matthew, Peter and John. Satan, however, is nearby to whisper in your ears, “It is written, 'Do not judge' “ (Matt. 7:1). But you tell him, “It is also written, ' Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world' “ (1 Jn. 4:1).Finally you come to a definite conclusion: “ This is not the Jesus that I heard about. This is certainly “ another Jesus”. (2 Cor11:4).

You are right. It is another “Jesus.” What makes you so sure? The anointing within you, the warning voice of the Holy Spirit cautions you to beware. (1 John 2:19,20,27). The following facts run through your inner man:

1. The real Jesus would not seek any sponsorship from secular rulers or any recommendations from unconverted religious heads for His ministry. Neither would He flatter any of them. When a bishop

once came to Jesus, He told him that he needed to be born again (John 3:1-10). Jesus called King Herod 'a fox' (Luke 13:31,32),and even refused to talk to him when He met him (Luke 23:8,9).

2. The real Jesus would never ask for money from anyone - not even for His ministry. He made His needs known only to His Father, Who would then move the people or even a fish) in one instance) to supply Jesus' needs (Luke 8:1-3, Matthew 17:27).

3. The real Jesus would never sell His prayers for any price. Simon the Samaritan magician once offered money for Peter's prayers and Peter rebuked him for such wickedness to imagine that a divine gift could be bought with money (Acts 8:18-23). The “real Jesus” specifically warned that in the last days, deception would be so subtle that even the elect would almost be deceived - particularly through signs and wonders (Matt 24:24). If there is any ministry that the elect are to beware of and examine most carefully today, it is the 'sign and wonder' ministry. By their fruit you shall know them.

Living among gullible believers, we must not remain without discernment (Hebrews 5:14). The Word of God gives a clear light for all who desire it in these last days. If we follow this light alone we will never be deceived.


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