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p2 Voluminous Revelation quirks from Linda Newkirk


Third Message from our Saviour “A False Rapture, An Alien Invasion,
The Skies the World Over will erupt with UFOs “ his army are cleverly disguised robotic elements, and robotic humans, as well as great numbers of his own children, who are also human.

Then, he also has at his disposal billions of humans all over the world, who have fallen to his wicked and deceptive ways, who do his bidding and are not even aware that they do his bidding. They kill at command. They steal at command. They lie at command and all under cover of government and official business. His chain of command is very great and you, oh My people, are grossly ignorant of him and his vast armies and means to both deceive you, and to destroy you

She speaks of a false rapture “The curious and the spiritually weak listen and many of them will obey the commands and they will willingly go and enter into these ships. And, many, who believe what is called the “early-out rapture” will believe that these ships are of Me”.

… many of you will be killed straight away! You will be served up to these evil hoards as one great feast, and they will feast on upon your flesh and upon your blood. For, they are not at all human, but you will see many, who are part bird and part reptile; and these are the Dragos. They will eat you alive, pecking and clawing at you and delighting in your fear as they gobble your flesh and drink your blood; for it is your life force that they wish to consume. It is your light, that they wish to devour. ( As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of July, 2011, Linda Newkirk Chapter 78 of Book 12 at www.prophecies.org)

So she claims we will see a false rapture by Christians who are deceived by entering UFO’s. Do you know of any Christian that believes that UFO’s will take them away to safety (pre trib, mid or post?) Nibiru, the Nephlim, shape shifting grey’s, UFO invasion … sounds like we are listening to the art Bell, now George Nori program, a platform for everything strange to be accepted as valid.

our Father had delivered this warning to me in prayer over the telephone, as I was praying with a dear soul!

God tells her “ I want these words recorded! I want a record of what I told you this morning, even as the clock showed 2:22 AM, then 2:23 AM. On this “double devil day” (2X11), as you call it, even on their double-devil hour,

Now, Satan, I warn you! I am going to move against you swiftly and with great precision if you continue to kidnap, implant and torture My Loved One! I Am Jehovah, Most High God and you know me well!

Well, my Dear Ones, as you can see, this was given in the early morning hours of January 22nd, 2006.

She speaks of Lucifer and his saucers ‘On that day, he hit me with beams and attacked my throat with these beam weapons, causing me to swallow violently, as I was trying to drift off to sleep! Then, he would repeatedly hit my body in various body parts with beams where he has put implants on my tendons and ligaments, thereby causing different body parts to fly up and awaken me, so that I got no rest, and also these things cause pain.

As you can read, this message was first given to me during the early morning hours of the 22nd of January, but Satan continued to persecute me and to torture me, even into the 24th when our Lord and God gave me the very stern prophecy regarding the beginning of the Day of the Lord! And at that time, our Saviour came and cut out one third of Satan’s Kingdom and threw it into the Lake of Fire. Then, He reached out and knocked him off the top of his own pyramid and must have punched the holes in his pyramid, even though I did not specifically see this. I just saw Him throw Satan off his own pyramid and then I looked and saw great holes in Satan’s pyramid. (If one wants to get the whole gist of what is being communicated please read -Our Father’s Warning to Satan! January 22nd, 2006)

If the Tribulation began in 1998 as she writes elsewhere, how is she getting a date for the Day of the Lord that is the Tribulation according to the Bible?

Where and what is the origin of all this?

HER life Experiences shaped her revelations and much of what we read sounds like a cacophony of her feelings of what she went through. She writes that since 1981 her immune system was poor, having fevers, severe arthritis, rashes, seizures and catching other illness easily was common. As well as being a former alcoholic.

In her article “GOD'S HAND IN MY LIFE’ we have much insight into her troubled life.

In 1987, I experienced a head-on collision between the world and myself. My beautiful dreams of success were tainted by dark and menacing shadows.”

1986 she moved across several states to pursue a doctorate in psychology,

She describes her predicament like this “ It seems that the dregs of society were hired to play minimum wage games; and when no one was looking they allegedly had orgies with these, who were helpless .

What she found was despair and ended up working in a mental hospital, and found herself equally disturbed with the system she writes:

This job was a razor slicing deep wounds into an already bleeding soul. On occasion, a typhoon brewed within me. It threatened to override my interpersonal boundaries. It started in my dark recesses and pushed my heart to explode. My thoughts raced wildly, cascading one upon the other in quick succession. Tidal waves of barren emotion bathed my withered sense of self. “

In what sounds like panic attacks she writes she “feared the darkness in me and around me. I was like a gazelle pursued by a lion in the shadows.” She sought whiskey which bathed my fears. It kept the lion at bay” she had a struggle with Jack Daniels until anearby mental health center offered her work counseling children” she eventually was overloaded with work stood up for herself and was terminated.

The darkened lights of my spirit called out to Jesus, to hear the cries of one so lost. I had been searching spiritually for months, going from church to church but never seeming to fit in. Suddenly, the aloneness of my situation was the longest night I had ever known. My soul anguished amidst such great drought of spirit.

"Please, please hear my prayers. Please, please help me," I begged Jesus. "I am alone and destitute with no money, no energy, no life." Dark thoughts of suicide raced through my mind. Jack Daniels and the lion were winning.

She writes “of always picked men who mistreated and abused me.” married and divorced four times by the age of 31, and single for seven years.

My Father had schizophrenia favored her sister. she says “ I tried to sit on his lap, but he shoved me away repeatedly and said in a mean voice, "Get on!" Deep inside I feared rejection from all men

Late one night as I begged Jesus in the company of Jack Daniels, a gentle warmth pervaded my bedroom. A great peace moved in and coddled me like an infant. Such peace I had never known. A bright radiance bathed a corner of my room.

"Child, I am Jesus. Come and sit on my knee. I will never reject you, and I will heal you of your hurt toward your father."

I was consumed of this radiance. Then, suddenly Jesus took me up in His Spirit and I sat on His knee. I don’t know how long this went on. What I know is that from that day forth, I have never had another bad feeling toward my Father. That night Jesus healed my heart.

You are probably asking, "Wasn’t this a little strange to you?" Absolutely. But, I knew it was real. I glowed with the love from this experience for days. It gave me hope when I had none. It brought me joy when I knew only sorrow. It showed me that Jesus is real and that He hears the prayers of the most lost and forlorn. Jesus gave me life and a desire to live.”

I don’t recall Jesus putting anyone on his knee, especially a grown woman; Santa Claus puts children on his knee. While it may have seemed real it dies not mean it was, nor does it rule out a counterfeit experience.

Newkirk has the whole package, sitting in Jesus’ lap, portals visits to heaven, extreme spiritual warfare with Satan, aliens, and reptilians are all part of her spiritual worldview. She claims to call on warrior angels with great swords of light and in The Spirit of God and took giant nets of Spirit and tossed it over and around the demons.

One of her stories she claims she went to sleep and she woke up, her left palm felt like someone had stuck a dagger into it and she saw that Satan had stabbed more implants into the tendons and nerves of her hand and other places while she slept. She portrays herself as being chosen by god to be superhuman to survive all these attacks. She wants you to think of her as being especially chosen above all women, (even Mary).

Some of the things mentioned are so far off they need no explanation (if you think they do then you need to reexamine how grounded you are in the faith). Can it be real, yes, but the better question to ask - is it true or genuine, or is it a counterfeit, since Jesus (of the Bible) does not make personal visits like this and the Devil does not attack someone for years in this manner.

Newkirk further explains her past “My surroundings were just as bleak in many ways in spite of the experience. I had no money and no job, but I was given what money cannot buy: a miracle.”

When I told my neighbor a few days later that I was having trouble sleeping. She said, "Try L-tryptophan."

I bought it and took six L-tryptophan capsules a day for two weeks. By the end of the second week, the lion was pushed into the shadows never to return again.”

L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps the body make proteins and certain brain-signaling chemicals. Taking this for sleep can be beneficial, but to call t his a spiritual experience is absurd. One should not be repeating six L-tryptophan capsules a day for 14 days without breaks. Usually one starts with small amount and may increase it to two capsules a day. L tryptophan side effects are a lack of appetite, nausea, and lightheadedness so one is to be closely monitored by their doctor. Those with certain medical conditions need to avoid it. Amino acid supplements are known to make dreams more vivid. In Canada, tryptophan is sold as a prescription drug to treat mood disorders (such as bipolar disorder, depression). It is usually used with other medicines.

Several years later, I learned that I was having panic attacks caused from a hormonal imbalance brought on by the hysterectomy in late 1985. My immune system was also weakened by an autoimmune disease.

In late March 1987, after being fired, she had another spiritual experience “ I lay on my sofa for a Sunday afternoon nap, lazily gazing out the picture window and focusing on the billowy clouds far overhead. Whether I got caught up in a vision or dream, I cannot say. But what ensued forever changed my life.

Transferred to another location where there were no other people, rooms or landscapes. To my right, I could enter through a very ornate, black, guilded door. Or, I could go to the left and ascend a white staircase, which disappeared behind a white wall.

She went through the guilded door…. the door opened into sleepy, winding streets bathed by luxurious hills.

The door, which held such allure, opened to a black wall. She began feeling lighter as “light was quickly pulling me the stairway. Within a matter of seconds I had come to the end of the stairway .

These doors opened into a huge sea of golden-white light. Its vastness and allure were all consuming. The light created a perfect melody of pure, unparalleled splendor and filled me with joy and peace. It was a heavenly symphony reaching high notes within my soul.”

I longed to step through the double doors and out into the sea of glorious light. It seemed I had found home at last. To my great surprise, The Light said, "You will have to go back."

She was disappointed that she was brought so far only to be turned around.

She says “ journey up the stairway was only the beginning. The light forever changed me. Supernormal experiences began to invade my simple mind. Within a flash, I would glimpse energy fields around the bodies of others. Often, I would see these fields clearly divided into various layers. At other times, I would glimpse sickness and disease in others as dark blobs. I would see power lines dance with electrical currents. Power fields around wall sockets, computers or microwave ovens captivated my attention. Spirits of deceased, and foreboding entities on dark missions painted my world . But, the most beautiful and humbling of all were the many guardian angels, dressed in white robes with hoods and eyes like fire.

By nature of being able to discern demonic entities and disembodied spirits--spirits of dead people, who are in this sphere instead of in heaven where they should be--my greatest question was, "What can I do about them?"

The horrible thing for me was I had no control over "seeing." Suddenly, my eyes had been opened to another world and my cup was full with my own problems” (underline mine)

She could now see energy with dead spirits still on earth who according to the bible are these demonic entities. All this was opened to her without having any control.

Let’s pause and consider that this was an actual spiritual experience, seeing auras, seeing deceased spirits. What she learned does not align with the Bible at all but more with an occult mystical type of experience. She claims “ Disembodied spirits are spirits of people who die but refuse to cross over to the other side. They are lost and confused, loving some facet of this life so much that they refuse to leave it. … even in death or absence of the body, we make choices.”

And these who love the world can’t leave, even in death, they choose. Newkirk is convinced this was God because she did not test her experience, all she knows is that it was real to her. Many people think things are real, vivid to them but that does not mean it is from the Lord.

She writes “Other would cut me off in mid-sentence or hang up the telephone when I started to speak of these experiences. They thought I was crazy. Even a dear fellow psychologist I had known for years said he thought I was schizophrenic. I consulted various churches and talked to various ministers. They would imply that I was dealing with less than a full deck or just withdraw.”

Then she claims to have “ the uncanny ability to know a person’s heart, especially about spiritual matters. In visiting a church and talking with a minister, I would get a picture of his real connection with God. What I saw began to repel me from churches. If a minister could not explain what had happened to me, I knew I did not belong in his church. I reasoned that if they had a close connection with God, they would know that God had given me something special .”

And here is where we get to understand what she was led into, who was actually involved, and why it was not the Jesus of Scripture. Her test was whether one agreed with her experience, a ministers test would be whether her experience was possible and agrees with the Bible. It does not.

What she says next confirms who and what is at work.

within the next five or six years. I read Christian, Buddhist, New Age, American Indian and any spiritual book about another’s journey. If it looked like I could learn something, I would read it. I needed this schooling to work on discernment, to readily tell if something is a lie or the truth, to be able to tell if God is speaking, if the devil is speaking, or if the author is speaking pretending to be God.

She goes on to say “ Many will write as if it is God speaking. The gift to know who is really speaking can only come from God through His Holy Spirit.”

I agree and if one does not speak according to the Bible, the prophet Isaiah states (8:20) after stating about seeking the dead among the living (v.19) “To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”

God does not inspire us to seek him anywhere else BUT THE BIBLE. God and his truth are not found in other religions and other ways of worship. The Holy Spirit does not point to other religions. Jesus said He is the light, not a light among many. John 8:12 "I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life." One only receives the Holy Spirit by accepting the gospel, that you admit you are sinner from hearing the message of Christ crucified for our sins; by believing Jesus Christ is God, the only way to God the Father. I saw none of this in her testimony, only spiritual experiences she claims to have had.

She goes on to say that later on “… I heard someone speaking to me in meditation. A great peace enfolded me with the presence of this voice. In short time I could see this person. He identified himself as the prophet, Moses. His countenance was of white light radiance. He was dressed in white and had a long, white beard…. He continued to appear to me almost daily starting in the spring of 1991 and continuing for about six months. He taught me about spiritual things and gave me spiritual understanding where I was lacking. He gave me simple messages about Jesus and Father Jehovah. Deep within my heart, I knew he was Moses”

Unfortunately the dead contacting her proves it is not really Moses but actually a fallen angelic counterfeit (Benny Hinn has a similar testimony of Elijah visiting him). Necromancy is forbidden in the bible and the dead continuing to contact her, teaching her, does fall into this category.

The fact that God apparently gives someone such unusual and unique spiritual experiences while they were involved with alcohol and other issues makes it plain there is something other than God operating here. Her seeking out knowledge from other religions and not Jesus alone speaks volumes. This is another Jesus speaking as so many people have encountered, counterfeit spirits that give one good feelings of warmth to have acceptance to deceive.

“In the early morning hours of May 16, 1997, Jesus spoke to me in meditation and said, "You will be given many visions. Have no fear. Walk with me." (At this time, there was no way of knowing just how many visions I would get. But as you read on and study what He has given you will be shocked at the depth of these words.)

Many subsequent visions s how war beginning in the USA near mid-December, 1998. An economic collapse, seen in 1991, will precede this war.

It does not seem to matter to those who follow her words that this is not accurate, no war came.

One day in early summer of 1997, I was out in the garden under a shade tree praying. As I prayed a radiant angel dressed in white appeared to me. The angel said, "Follow me."

As I began to follow the angel, I found myself in spirit climbing a very tall mountain. Finally, we came to the top of this mountain. At this point that I knew that this was no ordinary mountain. It shone with a radiance, and the experience was full of light and joy. A few weeks later I ran across a passage from Isaiah 2:2.

"And, it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord’s house  shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall Flow into it."

What I did not realize in the garden that summer day was that this journey up The Mountain of The Lord was just the beginning of a long series journeys up The Mountain.” http://www.prophecies.org/godshand.htm

This is how she interprets the Scripture by experiences she had (which is never questioned). this is how mystics interpret it as well. This mountain according to the BIBLE is the Lord’s temple built in the Millennium in Jerusalem from where He will rule over the nations.

Apparently http://www.prophecies.org/ is God’s website, the Mountain of the Lord, “ from this mountain in the state of ARKansas, USA. This is MY ARK. This is the ARK OF THE COVENANT.” “One in the whole world has paid the price for My Kingdom to come into the earth and to be planted in the earth; and you, My Child, Linda Newkirk, are that person. There is no other person; and the ground on which you stand is holy ground. It is My holy mountain.”

As God was glorified through Jesus we read him say “ I will glorify myself through My servant, Linda Newkirk,” “For, My glory shall be very great in My servant, Linda Newkirk; and My radiance will illuminate a very great area through My son, who is within her.” “Linda Newkirk is your spiritual mother” (Part II June 03, 2012 “The New Jerusalem” http://revelation12.ca/)

Of the many who claim to have received messages this appears to be in the top tier of deception. Paul writes in 1 Cor. 4:6, “ that you may learn in us not to think beyond what is written that none of you may be puffed up on behalf of one against the other. Since Newkirk s experiences are outside the Bible, for believers there is no other option but to reject her writings as not from the Lord, as she is very puffed up.



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