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Energy medicine - the final frontier p.4

We are told by those promoting the Healing Code, everything at its root is an energy frequency and that illness and disease can be traced to an unhealthy energy frequency. If you change the unhealthy frequency to a healthy one, the illness or disease goes away without drugs, surgery, counseling, or even effort. “And, when you feel threatened, the cells in your body are then constantly forced into a stress filled “defensive mode” as opposed to a normal, healthy “growth mode.” When that continually happens—day in and day out—your body become so stressed, that it begins to break down, and you are no longer able to repair yourself.”

Healing code practitioner Diane Eble- What The Healing Codes do is change the vibration of all those memories, all those little tuning forks inside. When a "big tuning fork" on the outside is struck–like a storm, the holidays, or the elections–no little tuning forks start humming. You are able to deal much better with "big tuning fork" vibrations because you are dealing only with that, not all the extra stress from unhealed memories. http://healingheartissues.com/triggers-and-tuning-forks/

Healing secret #1 on p.33 there is only one source of illness and disease, they say its stress.

“when your immune system is working correctly, it’s impossible to get sick. (Live Long, Free and Blessed, Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC http://www.thehealingcode.com/
Has anyone in our human history never been sick? No one has ever had their immune system work at 100% and clearly this would not fight off diseases.
So if one gets the flu its because of stress, their immune system cannot fight it off. What is being proposed is that people can live sickness free. The Bible says all sickness is caused by the state of sin the world and man lives in.

Do children have damage to their cells so young from memories? Why are children born handicapped?

The Bible teaches the heart is where sin comes from yet they are telling us they are not healing sin

Is stress the root of all disease? To relieve stress may make one more conducive to healing but to say pointing fingers in various motions reaches deep into the cellular level through energy centers is hardly scientific. Some scientists will say we can be born with corrupt DNA which gives us propensities to be ill, disease can be passed on.

The nucleus contains most of the DNA in a cell and this DNA is called the chromosomal DNA. It is separated from the rest of the cell (cytoplasm) by a double layer of membrane.

As far as memory in a cell (read http://www.skepdic.com/cellular.html


Can a bad memory damage DNA? A new age viewpoint http://www.learniet.com/cellular_memory.htm

Loyd cites research of scientists finding that memories are being recorded by cells not just stored in the brain, claiming its now been proven that energy patterns can be stored at a cellular level. “Cellular memory” are not memories like the ones stored in your brain. They are bits of stored energy found all over the body. Its like sending a photo electronically via email. Its not the actual physical photo, but an electronic representation in the form of energy.

Consider what is being said, this is a memory apart from your mind that can affect you even if your mind thinks nothing of it.

Healing Codes website “According to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), 90% of illness and disease is caused by stress! Dr. Bruce Lipton of Stanford University Medical School has shown that the real number is closer to 95%.”

Interview on TV, Alexander Loyd: Stanford, Harvard, Yale the mayo clinic, the center for disease control… that up to 95% of our illness is caused by stress, its not just illness but our relationships, success, pretty much everything, so we have been working on that, and some work on it by medication, … with natural things. But we still have been getting worse, more diagnosis, people being sick. The last few years … there’s another kind of stress, there’s external stress and internal stress, the kind that makes us sick and causes us problems is internal stress.”

Not all have the same statistics, some say 99% of all Disease is caused by Stress! Even the Healing Codes representatives seem to have a varying degree. Did you know that 86 95% of all illness and disease today can be traced back to one common element?

Others will say far less. According to Healthy People 2000, a report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, stress has a great impact on our health. Did you know that: 70-80% of all visits to the doctor are for stress-related and stress-induced illnesses. Another says: Stress contributes to 50% of all illness in the United States. http://faculty.weber.edu/molpin/healthclasses/1110/bookchapters/stresseffectschapter.htm

There is no question stress can affect the immune system to fight off sickness but when we are speaking of certain diseases, this is hardly the case. We do not catch a disease from stress. No one ever caught a disease by stress, we may have better immune system to fight a disease but there is no assurance being stress free makes us immune to disease; none. Apparently everyone is stressed out enough to be sick. Are we going to tell people not to be vaccinated for the flu or any other airborne virus? This actually brings into question vaccinations which have prevented polio and antibiotics (Im well aware of the controversies that are known with continual use). We read Antibiotic overuse doesn’t just lead to drug-resistant superbugs, it may also permanently wipe out the body’s good bacteria. http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=148632

Stress may contribute to the severity but it is not the cause. Insomnia, eating disorders, depression can be a result of stress, yet all these seem to increase with age. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infectious_disease

Infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic infectious agents bacteria, viruses, fungus or parasites. These agents can cause disease in human beings if the natural immunity of the host is deficient or is overpowered by these agents.

Does the CDC believe infectious diseases are caused by stress?


Doctor Bernie Seigal on Fox News said not all stress is bad (week of Mar.25, 2013), its continual stress that affects us adversely.

Mayo clinics stress management- http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/stress-symptoms/SR00008_D

We read If you do have stress symptoms, taking steps to manage your stress can have numerous health benefits. Explore stress management strategies such as: Physical activity Relaxation techniques –Meditation, Yoga, Tai chi.

This what they are now recommending.

We are told in the Healing Codes: “If you can heal those destructive memories or beliefs, then the destructive energy signal can no longer be transmitted. The immune system is thereby reactivated and it begins to heal whatever condition in your body that needs to be healed. That’s why these cellular memories are the key.

Theres a power here, just give it a try.

One absolutely does not have to believe it for it to work. They promote this as inclusive.

Their web articles WARNING: “Because the healing technology youre about to learn is unconventional, you may be inclined to regard it with skepticism or think its “too good to be true.” Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of ignoring this important information because whether you understand its workings or not and whether you believe it or not IT WORKS! Even medical doctors are shocked by its effectiveness.
If you do not have an open mind about energy medicine as described above, please stop reading now. This is probably not for you.

However, if youre willing to suspend your disbelief as you continue reading, youll discover a scientifically tested healing mechanism with none of the mysticism that usually surrounds energy therapies. And Im sure youll agree, as countless people have, that energy medicine specifically, The Healing Codes is the most powerful healing technology you’ve ever encountered for practically all diseases, even so-called incurable ones. (Live Long, Free and Blessed, Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC http://www.thehealingcode.com/)

They are telling us the healing codes “whether you believe it or not IT WORKS! Even medical doctors are shocked by its effectiveness. but you need an open mind about energy medicine as described above.

Has this been put through years of scientific scrutiny? Blind tests with different subjects from different doctors.

The Healers

Those who are trained are called Practitioners, it usually takes about 9 months to become certified. They are “Independent Contractors,” they use “Certified Healing Codes Practitioner” in their marketing materials.

The fees charged are up to the Practitioner and 100% of those fees go to the Practitioner. The fee for this training is $3,995 + shipping. We require a person have their own experiences with The Healing Codes and be coached by a Practitioner first before becoming a Practitioner.
http://thehealingcodes.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Practitioners_Training_complete_agreement_8-29-2011.pdf with a 90 day money back guarantee.

For the non practitioner: The Healing Codes Manual a 196 page, full size workbook is offered with the “Quick & Easy Start” DVD. A Pocket-Sized Summary and Guide. 4 Recorded Coaching Sessions in mp3 format, on “How To Do The Healing Codes”

  • 1 Recorded “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) in mp3 format on “How To Do The Healing Codes”
  • 12 Recorded “Live Group Coaching Calls” With The Head of Our Coaching Program Tom Costello in mp3 format.
  • One Person-To-Person 15 Minute Phone Call Between You and a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner to Help You Refine The Focus of Your Healing Codes Work.
  • Weekly LIVE Q & A Teleconference Calls
  • Clients Only Forum

The offer comes with a complete 100% satisfaction One –Year money back guarantee!

There seems to be a varying of prices. The kits started at $800 and now its $199. A special price for your copy of The Healing Code with 1 personal Coding session is only $64.95. Youre essentially getting a personal custom code plus the book for only $9.95, http://thehealingcodeinfo.com/buy.html

The Success Codes Package at a $99 deposit special, with 3 more payments of $233.00. Then there is the new and improved healing codes (assessed Jan.8, 2013). The “Q Codes” are the biggest breakthrough in “The Healing Codes” since the discovery of the codes themselves”.….codes take less than 30 seconds to do.
(Warning For the foreseeable future, the size of these programs is limited to forty participants.)

So, what are the implications of this? Imagine increasing the power, efficiency, and effectiveness as much as 10x the speed.

Yes, you could learn the Q codes at home once a self study package is released, but you will NEVER get the power that you will get from this weekend. You will NEVER get the chance to really kick the butts of your issues the way you will this weekend. We have seen it work with people getting remarkable results

On their ad: The “Q Codes” take 20 seconds to do and are taught in-person only.

Toronto: February 16th & 17th Heart Transformation Weekend One (1) Seat:

Payment One today $500 Reservation Fee Payment 2 - $1795.00 due February 8th, 2008th

Heart Transformation Weekend Two (2) Seat: Payment One today $1000 Reservation Fee Payment 2 - $2790.00 due February 8th, 2008.

The energy transfer of the Healing Codes

MeltAway Disease From Your Body Using Nothing More Than Your Fingertips? http://thehealingcodes.com/digital

This may be like melt away the pounds except one is physically doing something to see a proven result from exercise.

How to Command healing miracles in your body
The Healing Code is Dr Alex Loyds discovery and it involves the use of the fingertips of both hands pointing towards one or more of the four different healing centers in the body that nobody knew existed until 8 years ago.
When you use your fingertips to direct healing energy at different combinations of these 4 healing centers (theres a specific code for the underlying cause of every disease, including cancer), you effectively clear the destructive cellular memories from your body. In doing so, you turn your immune system back on.

We are being told that within the cellular memory there is both negative and positive memories of life, like a microscopic brain.

Whether the cellular memory is a fact is not a scientific actuality. The problem is this, to say one points their fingers to energy spots in the body and says positive words or a prayer is liken to any other new age practice, there is nothing new here as far as that goes; claiming the power is within you. If these memories get erased does this mean you can no longer draw on this memory? Can one change a negative experience to a positive if it already affected them? This is more akin to psychology than science in the way we understand it.

Prayer/request from Healing Codes Book. I pray that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs. Destructive cellular memories and all physical issues related to ________________________would be found, opened and healed by filling me with the light, love and life of God .
They are instructed “While you are doing the code focus on someone or something you love, a beautiful place in nature or a truth focus statement from the call.”

They further complicate this by saying it heals our heart, which apparently would be in our cells, this seems to be convoluted not only scientifically but Biblically.

Who decides what is harmful or negative (bad) memories?. Do we not learn from our mistakes that took place in the past consciously or do all we need to do is erase them from our memories?

What becomes fascinating with these claims is that these Codes work for pets not just people.These codes can be practiced not just on yourself but on other people and even animals. So do animals store bad memories in cells and have stress where an outside source is needed, pointing their fingers at the same energy centers in animals to heal them. Has anyone actually thought this through?

If stress is the main and most common cause then how do babies become sick; from bad memories. Are they passed on from the parents? There are far more questions to this than there are forthcoming answers.

We read “As you work through prayer and The Healing Codes if you’re doing them, much of the inner healing will be “underground” in the “rhizome system” of healed memories and corrected beliefs. You may have thousands or millions of hidden memories that are being healed, that need to be healed, before your physical or emotional manifestation changes" (“Diane Eble, Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner & editor of The Healing Code”)

Thousands or millions of hidden memories - that is quite a number to be healed in such a short time. All with the wave of hand, actually the fingers.

“12 Categories here: Unforgiveness, Harmful Actions, Unhealthy Beliefs (the 3 inhibitors to healing), Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Trust, Humility, Self-Control.

Suggested prayer: “Dear God, I pray that you would find, open, and heal all known and hidden negative images, beliefs, cellular and generational memories, and all resulting physical issues, related to [insert the issue, e.g. “any unforgiveness issues that are at the source of his/her issue”], by filling [person’s name] with the love, life, and light of the Most High God. I also pray that you would magnify the effectiveness of this healing to the maximum level for [person’s name] highest good, at an optimal pace, and restore everything to Your original design. Thank you, God.” The Best Way to Pray and Do Codes for Someone

In other words memories in your cells are being healed from these finger codes you do toward the energy centers in the body (no mysticism here, right!) But you also solicit God to find and open the captured negative that has resulted in thousands or millions of problems.

Here is an example of what is said “Even though I am feeling so overwhelmed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself just continue saying I deeply and completely love and accept myself
And then tap through the points on whatever you are feeling:
This overwhelm, this guilt, all this responsibility, no support, no backup, if I don’t do it it won’t get done, etc., and rotate through the points with each phrase.

The body gets the message that peace has been declared, those resources are reallocated. Energy is no longer used for defense or to fight, it goes to rebuild the system.

REALLY? This is supposed to be scientific and people actually believe this is scientific.

“Diane can you tell us briefly what the healing code is, how you discovered it?

The healing code is basically the discovery of 4 healing centers on the body that to our knowledge have never been discovered before. Its not accupunture its not meridians its not chakras its not yoga. It’s a unique system that makes sense to me because it works on something different than all those other things… they work on the issues of the heart” (Replay Diane Eble interview portion also www.healingheartissues.com/alex1

You cant transfer the energy by thought or words to your body through the fingertips this method is opening one up to a spiritual self deception that is intrinsic among those who participate in the new age movement.

The set-up statement or what they call "prayer"...

"I pray that all known and unknown negative emotions, unhealthy beliefs, destructive cellular memories and all physical issues related to my (anxiety, headaches, etc.) be found, opened, healing by filling me with life, light and love of God. I also pray the effectiveness of his healing be magnified by 100 times or more."

You then put your hands over the four points - between eyebrows, Adam's Apple, sides of jaw, temples, for 30 seconds on each point, repeating 3 times for a total of 6 minutes, as seen in these videos?

The Healing Codes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChH1zpVqoiI#t=1m30s

Why pray if this exercise is from God and heals? After all we are told it works for anyone despite their belief system. So the prayer is basically to make Christians comfortable.

We read- The Healing Codes involve the use of the fingertips of both hands pointing towards one or more of the 4 different healing centers in the body that nobody knew existed until 8 years ago. When you use your fingertips to direct healing energy at different combinations of these 4 healing centers (there’s a specific code for the underlying cause of every disease, including cancer), you effectively clear the destructive cellular memories from your body. In doing so, you turn your immune system back on.”

We are told "Theres a specific Healing Code for the underlying cause of every disease (including cancer) and it effectively clears the destructive cellular memories from your body. In doing so, you turn your immune system back on. Even if youre already sick, once you remove the internal stress caused by those destructive cellular memories, your immune system will begin to function the way its supposed to and there’s nothing the body is not capable of healing.

Simply perform 6 minutes of that specific Healing Code in order to remove the destructive energy pattern caused by cellular memories. Once you remove that destructive energy pattern, the cause of any illness or disease melts away every single time” (healing code website) http://www.thehealingcode.com/lssr.html

Well thats an absolute, if I ever heard one.

How to:

Always perform the Healing Code in a quiet, private, place where you can relax without distractions or interruptions. Aim all five fingers of both hands at the healing centers listed below for the amount of time indicated. The fingers need to be 2 to 3 inches away from the healing center theyre aiming at (as shown on the diagrams).

Heres the sequence: each are done for 20 seconds
Fingers of both hands pointing towards bridge; Fingers of both hands pointing towards the Adams apple;
Fingers of both hands pointing towards the jaws; Fingers of both hands pointing towards the temples

Continue to rotate through the positions in the specified order for 6 minutes. Do this 3 times per day.

This is The 6-Minute Antidote to Stress.

One needs to watch the videos to see how strange this all is.

This is offered as a self healing power where we read:

“The Healing Codes could be used to create a pathway for the body to “heal itself from any illness.” So goodbye doctors, hello self empowerment. Apparently this is, “They will work for this purpose for anyone, regardless of beliefs, just as anyone can use a hoe to dig up weeds. No matter what they believe or look like, no matter what their background is, if they use the hoe in the proper way, they can remove the weeds.” (Spiritual Underpinnings of The healing codes)

Here is how it is explained, their apologetic for it being Christian

Cynthia Nelson a Certified Healing Codes Coach writes: The experience of that deep, healing connection to Spirit is, of course, very personal and unique to each person. But here are some examples… of what I, and some of my clients, noticed:

the mind calms, the inner voice of truth is more easily heard. Healing of unhealthy images about God we may have downloaded from others — for example, images of an uncaring, punitive, unjust, scary, “mean” God. A return to the deeper knowing that God always sees us, always loves us. An enhanced ability to love others in their imperfections, just as God loves us in ours.”

My problem with this explanation is that God is found within, called a voice of truth (there is no qualification or distinction of being Christian), a connection to what spirit. While we can love people with their flaws just like they can us, this makes no distinction of whether there is sin.

Alex: uses the example of a cut in your arm, (Biblically) is it okay for the blood going out of your arm going back into the body. We would all answer okay. “The discovery channel had a special a few years ago that’s showed there is energy coming out of our body, the place it comes out the most is out of the hands and the place it comes out the very most is the tip of our fingers and they even photographed it and showed that on the discovery channel special. So just like its okay to direct the blood coming out of our bodies back in is it okay to direct that energy coming out of our fingertips back in for the purpose of healing? (audio Replay Diane Eble interview)

We are also told by Eble, “sometimes toxins are released from the cells.  The body has to clear out the garbage to get well, but when a bunch of toxins are dumped at once, it can temporarily make you feel worse.  Usually it manifests as an achy sort-of getting the flukind of feeling.

Slowing down and doing the codes for shorter amounts of times can sometimes alleviate this, so not so many toxins are being released at once.  The problem will go away as the body heals and the toxins are cleared out of the system.” http://thehealingcodes.com/healingwithenergy http://www.trynaturalhealthcures.com/wp-content/uploads/healing-codes.png”

Which is it memories or toxins, it seems that heave more than one answer for its operation

What is the Healing Code? When we were in Maui we stayed with Joe Sugarman. By the way, he let us stay in his $11 million house on the beach. He lives in another $11 million house; he let us stay in his “spare” $11 million house, and it was a wonderful experience. We felt so humbled to be there. An interesting thing, he didn’t give us a key to the door. There was a little keypad that looks like the keypad on your phone, except

bigger. He said, “Okay, guys, here’s the code,” and he told us the four-digit code. All you do is punch that in just like you do on your phone, and then there’s a click. As soon as you punch in the fourth number, you hear a click, and it unlocks the door.

Well, that’s what the Healing Codes are. There’s a different, coded sequence for activating those four healing centers, depending on what the problem is. When you “punch in,” if you will, because you

do activate the Healing Codes with your fingers just like you do the keypad – when you punch in the correct code, it removes from the body, or dramatically reduces from the body, the one source of all

illness and disease.” (underline mine)

Besides being a word smith to convince us, this is far more than a key but a code to which they also make the claim The thing that makes the Healing Codes different is the Healing Codes heal it automatically. You don’t have to remember it. You don’t have to do counseling or therapy. You don’t have to think about it. You do the appropriate Healing Code, and the average one takes about six minutes”

It is proclaimed, Energy medicine is a new frontier. From the Creator of The Healing Codes and The Success Codes, June 28, 2012, we read, “The Healing Codes activate powerful healing centers that can allow the body to heal itself of almost anything.” That Loyds discovered “blueprint” could be used, to create a pathway for the body to “heal itself from any illness.”

But can you transfer the energy by thought or words from your body back to your body (or other bodies) through the fingertips. I believe this method is opening one up to a self deception that is intrinsic among the new age movements alternative medicine and it does have a mystical/ spiritual element to it.

Demonstration video http://vidgrids.com/dr-alex-loyd

One of the healing centers in between the eyebrows, then the adams apple; ignite the 4 healing centers by a certain sequence.

Heart Transformation Program The Power of The Healing Codes is multiplied when you work on someone else and when they work for you. This live program brings you the opportunity to experience the Codes at 1,000 Times the Power.

Now we know what they are claiming and how it works. Energy is being released from the body and redirected back to the body is not Biblical and has much to do with the New Age movements holistic healing. I cannot understand how this energy transference has any reference to the Bible and be validated from Scripture. Certainly the basis for its validity, Solomons statement of the issues of life coming from the heart means to simply guard ones tongue and not speak freely.

Energy flowing from our fingers back into the body through 4 healing centers to heal ourselves is the basis for this “new discovery.” Why does this energy become pure when it goes back in and not while it is in us? If energy flows from our fingertips like this we need to be more careful. What is this energy that reside in us that can heal? The answers are inadequate. There are too many questions that arise from this that remain unanswered but we are supposed to accept it because God is said to be involved. Before we respond to a cure all that is offered as the newest discovery we should research it thoroughly, see if it is Biblical, lest we be found ignoring what Jesus spoke would happen in the last days Matthew 24:4.

Copyright (c) 2013 No portion of this site is to be copied or used unless kept in its original format in the way it appears. Articles can be reproduced in portions for ones personal use, any other use is to have the permission of the author first. Thank You.

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