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Recognized signatories  influencing the church on the fraudulent environmental Green movement

Dr. Raymond Brand, Professor of Biology, Emeritus, Wheaton College

Dr. Stephen Moshier, Prof. of Geology & Enviro. St., Wheaton College

Dr. Mark Noll, Professor of History, Wheaton College

Dr. Zondra Lindblade, Professor of Sociology, Wheaton College

Dr. Duane Litfin, President, Wheaton College

Dr. Robert E. Stickney, Wheaton College

Dr. Richard Mouw, President, Fuller Theological Seminary

Dr. William E. Pannell, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary

Dr. William A. Dyrness, Dean, Fuller Theological Seminary

Dr. Charles Kraft, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary

Dr. Lewis B. Smedes, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary

Dr. Chris Cross, Trinity Western University

Mr. Roger Cross, President, Youth for Christ

Dr. Loren Cunningham, President, Youth With A Mission

Dr. Russell H. Dilday, President, Southwestern Baptist Seminary

Dr. David H. Engelhard, Gen. Sec., Christian Reformed Church in N. Am.

Rev. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, Gen. Sec., Reformed Church in Am.

Dr. Ted Engstrom, President Emeritus, World Vision

Dr. Richard Foster, President, Renovare

Mr. John Green, Emmaus Ministries

Dr. Roger Greenway, Professor, Calvin Seminary

Dr. Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., Author, Dean of the Chapel, Calvin College

Mr. Marlin Groen, Chairman, Youth for Christ International

Dr. Carl H. Hamilton, Professor, Oral Roberts University

Dr. Steve Hayner, President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Ms. Jeanette S.G. Yep, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Mr. Joel Olson, Regional Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Mrs. Kathy Tuan McLean, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Dr. David J. Hesselgrave, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Dr. Marvin D. Hoff, President, Western Theological Seminary

Dr. G. Robert Jacks, Princeton Theological Seminary

Dr. Edwin Mulder, Reformed Church in America

Rev. John D. Paarlberg, Min. for Social Witness, Reformed Church Am.

Dr. Samuel Logan, President, Westminster Theological Seminary

Dr. Richard Lovelace, Professor, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary    

 Dr. Robert E. Cooley, President, Gordon-Conwell Theol. Seminary  

 Dr. Eldin Villafañe, Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Dr. David L. McKenna, Past President, Asbury Theological Sem.

Dr. Lois McKinney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Dr. J. I. Packer, Professor, Regent College

Dr. Eugene Peterson, Professor, Regent College

Dr. D.W. Schindell, Dir of Publications, Regent College

Dr. Loren Wilkinson, Professor, Regent College

Dr. Alister McGrath, Principal, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, England

Dr. Paul McCleary, President, Christian Children's Fund

Comm. Paul A. Rader, Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army

Dr. Hugh Ross, President, Reasons to Believe

Dr. James B. Scott, International Bible Society

Dr. Molly Davis Scott, Sr. Vice Pres., Word Publishing

Dr. Robert Seiple, President, World Vision, Inc.

Mr. David Neff, Executive Editor, Christianity Today

Mr. Marshall Shelley, Editor, Leadership

Dr. Ronald Sider, President, Evangelicals for Social Action

Rev. Arthur Simon, Christian Children's Fund

Rev. Raleigh B. Washington, Promise Keepers

Mr. Mike Yaconelli, Senior Editor, The Door Magazine


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