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Attracted to Shiny Objects

Recently I saw a program on Adam, the now 19-year-old healer on ABC Primetime (July 13, 2006) that was very disturbing. People when they are desperate are willing to believe just about anything. In this case they do just that. We only know him as Adam, he is not revealing his last name but he has left an impression on many, even doctors and scientists.

What Adam does is classified as “psychic” or “remote healing”, he claims he can see auras and work on people from close or far distances adjusting their aura which is  thought to be invisible to the naked eye.

The rumors of his ability are grandiose, he can evaporate tumors, (inoperative ones) dissipate pain, desperate people seek out Adam where hundreds of people gather and pay $99 to be cured (up to 600). ABC News estimates that Adam will make more than $1 million this year, and that doesn't include the income from his books, DVDs. People are putting their faith in a boy who knows nothing about what he is doing neither the powers that he has supposedly tapped into. As we look further into the descriptions of his psychic/scientific ability this will become apparent.

It was at the age of 15, Adam says, that he began manifesting bizarre powers. “All these strange telekinetic things [started] happening around me.”’Just little things like pencils flying out of my hands, erasers flying out of my hands," he said. He also claims These experiences are relatively common…

Knowing how the occult works, I would suggest that he was involved in reading or practicing something in the occult before anything started to manifest.

Dreamhealer is a private Canadian cooperation. His name Dreamhealer is from his appointment in a dream. When he was 16 he had a dream telling him to go to an island to meet a large black bird. Apparently this dream impressed his parents so much that the next day they went with him to the island named in the dream. There, in the forest Adam found this BIRD. We are told,As it locked eyes with Adam and … imparted to him complex scientific information about the universe”. There’s even a picture of the bird by Adam’s parents to prove this to us skeptics. Unfortunately we do not have the telepathic ability to hear him convey these secrets.

Now if you are one of those who believe that a bird imparted this unknown knowledge of energies in the universe to Adam, then you have more problems then one can shake a stick at. Unfortunately this point is overlooked by those who are desperately sick looking for a cure.

Hundreds of sick people now flock to this Vancouver teen's group healings. In 2005 they received 15,000 requests for help. Many others contact him through his Web site www.dreamhealer.com seeking treatment from afar – supposedly all he needs is their picture to heal them from a distance. Like Edgar Cayce, Adam is claiming the ability to diagnose and heal from great distances. In fact Adam associates with the Edgar Cayce Organization Thursday evening October 12 at 7:30 Adam will be at the Edgar Cayce organization, the ARE, 215 67th Str., Virginia Beach for Q&A and a short book signing. (posted on: 2006-07-11)

Edgar Cayce, another remote healer, went into a trance and healed people over thousands of miles.  In a sleep like trance he claimed to be able to see “the body” of the patient he was diagnosing and could even describe that person and the bed and room he occupied. Much of Cayce's remote viewing (including his medical diagnoses) proved amazingly accurate. While we are not contesting the results (though some certainly could be challenged) we are saying that the methods being used go into areas identified as the occult and can be very dangerous. Satan who is a powerful being is no fool. He will give you a pawn for the queen in his game of chess. You may get a temporary healing but the outcome he is working towards is for you to lose your soul. Since most people do not believe in this supernatural being but supernatural energy they have no hesitation entering in what they are unprepared for. These are areas the God of the universe warns man to stay away from (Leviticus 20:6; Deuteronomy 18:10-12).

These ancient practices continue today among psychics. Rosemary Altea is a spiritual medium and a healer her spirit guide, an Apache called Grey Eagle, communicates with spirits to heal, guide and console ....in The Eagle and the Rose she writes: “Using mind energy connected with universal God energy, we can give absent or distant healing” (Time, June 24, 1996, p. 67. referenced in Occult Invasion p.58).

Adam is already recognized by many also into these psychic healing techniques. In 2002, Adam was presented with the “Young Visionary Award” at the World Qigong Congress. At the 6th World Congress on Qigong was held on December 19 to 21, 2003 at the San Francisco. ..This year's focus was on children, family, and elders with major emphasis was Medical Qigong and bringing back the spiritual-ness of the true meaning of Christmas...that of love and healing. World Renown Masters once again presided with spectacular demonstrations and sound scientific presentations! Adam, or "Dreamhealer", a fascinating young healer and his 7 intuitive steps to wellness.” (http://www.eastwestqi.com/html/qigong_congress_archive.html)

“Adam says what he does can be completely explained by science. Edgar Mitchell — who walked on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission — says he recognizes the science behind Adam's work. "It's about channeling energy and resonating with the person," says Mitchell.

Mitchell has spent the last 30 years exploring the science of the paranormal. "The principles of quantum physics explain many of these intuitive mystical aspects of attention and intention," says Mitchell”(Quote from ABC News July 13, 2006 By JOHN QUINONES, GEOFF MARTZ, KIM LAUNIER).

“Endorsements of Adam’s work in healing have been received from many people including Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, rock star Ronnie Hawkins and Qigong Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow. Dr. Mitchell has been Adam’s science mentor since their meeting four years ago, as Adam sees the healing that he does being explained within the realm of quantum physics and quantum holograms” (http://www.dreamhealer.com/who_is_adam.htm).

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the commander of Apollo 14 had a mystical experience of cosmic consciousness on his return trip from the moon. He then abandoned the outer space program to explore inner space. Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences, investigating man's inner experiences. He has stated It is that, “God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man” (Noetic Sciences Review, date unknown, p. 6. reference- Occult Invasion by Dave Hunt). This promotes the underlying cosmic consciousness, a pervading living energy found within in all things of creation.

Edgar Mitchell states, “The most accomplished psychics in the world seem to be those steeped in mysticism, so we should not discard lightly what they say. It is not anathema to me, as to many scientists, to speak of the spiritual realm.

In 1988, Willis Harman, president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell), was giving speeches on “The Immanent Reconciliation of Science and Religion.” One of Dr. Harman's friends was Marilyn Ferguson. You may remember her book in 1980, The Aquarian Conspiracy which presented the plan to generate massive change in every cultural institution-medicine, politics, business, education, religion, and the family. Again this is the New Age movement that is operating with occult powers that is convincing the public of its benefits.

As one visits Adams Dreamhealer’s website the first thing they see is his logo symbol on the left which clearly portrays the occult supernatural - the occult all seeing eye that has wings that is flying over flames with a pyramid in a circle above it, wow! Clearly this is ending a message to all who enter.

Adam has pictures of what he calls orbs posted on his website. These are light auras that appear in nearly every location. These resemble the same type of photographic flaws, or possibly occultic phenomenon that people had seen with William Branham, another psychic type healer in Christiandom in the 40-60’s http://dreamhealer.com/gallery.phpHYPERLINK "http://www.dreamhealer.com/gallery.php"

All these can be easily doctored by a photoshop program but even if they are not, there are other explanations other than the supernatural. How can a camera see the orbs when Adam claims that he is supposed to have to have this special ability to see them, Adam says he only sees them in the night not the day. So how does a camera see what everyone else does not, in the day? Is this a special camera? With all the pictures taken by cameras, certainly many have seen these same photo light flaws in their photography. The other explanation from the Bible is that Adam has angels of light following him (2 Cor.11:14-15).

On his website he explains:

How is it done?
Every living thing on this planet has its own Quantum Hologram (QH). Every QH is connected, therefore we are all connected. The QH holds every bit of information about you. Some individuals are able to access this information. The QH theory states that a change to local matter instantaneously affects the same change to an identical non-local object. So when Adam connects to someone's hologram he is connecting to the energy information for that person's body. It can be done over long distance with the use of an image of the person.

What visualization is best for my illness?
Some of the possible visualizations are clearly outlined in DreamHealer 2 and also in the DVD.  Let your feelings and imagination guide you to the best visualization for your situation.

He tells people who want to prepare and attend his workshop “In order to get the most out of your workshop experience, you should read Dreamhealer 1 and DreamHealer 2. Practice the visualizations at home.”

First- visualization is an occult technique. It is the attempt to control the spiritual realm to make manifest changes in the physical realm.

Second- the idea of interconnectedness of all living or even non living things is also the basis for occult belief system it is called pantheism or panentheism. It believes that everything that happens affects everything else. So if something happens to fish on one side of the world it will affect others on another side (and I’m not talking about the price of fish going up).

Adam- “What I see when I go into someone is a 3-D holographic image," Adam says. "I can see energy blockages, the problems, whatever. It looks like a 3-D image of the body, with different layers.

"I can see a physical layer: the heart beating, guts moving, that sort of stuff. Then there's a layer that's just like a hollow image of the person and there are green dots where there are problems -- or green bulges, depending on the problem."

He manipulates the bad dots to heal people. "Just like a computer. I take it out, or whatever," he says, waving his hands to demonstrate, as a conductor might wave a baton. "I move my hands around, because I can see the image in front of me. It's just easier to visualize myself splitting it in half if I use my hands."( All About Adam - 16 Year Old BC Remote Healer By Alexandra Gill)
The Globe and Mailhttp://www.rense.com/general38/adam.htm

“I look at someone’s picture. Exactly what happens, I really don’t know — I think it’s just something I was born with. All of a sudden, I totally disconnect from everything around me in the room, and I see these images of the person in front of me. And then, from there, I can see what’s wrong with the person. When I change around these images in front of me, it influences the person’s health,” he explained. Remote Healing: Miraculous Alternative or Mystical Nonsense? B.C. pre-med student heals beyond the borders of western medicineBy Claire Crighton The McGill Daily http://www.mindpowernews.com/MiraculousOrNonsense.htm

One of the most powerful occult practices is known as “remote viewing,” those who practice this visualization technique are convinced they can gather information locked in space and time, both the future and past, because time is nonexistent in the nonphysical universe.

Adams claim Exactly what happens, I really don’t know is perplexing. What happened to the story of the bird that imparted this superior knowledge to him- and yet he still does not know how it works and we are to believe this is science?

In the ABC interview Adam is asked By John Quinones about a girl who cancer that was not healed, He responds: “Yea cancer-One thing that is interesting about the auras is that something that the person might think is the main thing that is bothering them their main focus the reason they came is not always the necessarily reason that stands out the most.”

But it’s not supposed to be about what they think but what he is seeing in actuality by their aura. Because he is stating that he is changing the things of the image he says in front of him, manipulating that energy. This is done by him promoting the occult technique of visualization. He even claims to see the energy in our bodies and past lives. Which certainly makes it apparent that we are dealing with someone who has been either self taught or taught by others the occult worldview.

Let me give some examples of the illogical conclusions that are being passed on to his naďve vulnerable followers. Question: “When I attend a workshop and participate in the energy healing, can I “catch” someone’s illness if they have bad energy? 

No. Energy is directed through our intentions and when your intention is to heal, then only positive results can occur” http://www.dreamhealer.com/faq.htm

If energy is directed through our intentions then how does one get ill in the first place, no one is looking to become deathly sick?

 His mom who was sick explains how Adam put his hands over her  -- The first time I didn’t have the pain he was saying that he did have it.

This is some kind of transference which means it is not physical at all. This transference has been described in other type of occult healings.

CT: When did you first recognize that you could heal people?
ADAM: With my mom who had MS. I put my hand over her head and found myself inside her head. I couldn't see anything else in the room, I was just navigating throughout her body from the inside out. I saw this green sac of pulsating light. I didn't know what to do with it, so I grabbed it and pulled it into me. Her pain went away, I took on her pain. That was the first healing I did. I was 14.
CT: What do you mean by "going inside"? What do you see, what happens?

ADAM: It's like a computer screen in front of you, like in Minority Report with Tom Cruise -- you know, where he's moving flat screens around? From there it's a 3-D image of the person, a hologram, and I can split it off into layers. I see organs moving, the heart pumping.

When I do a treatment, small changes take place. It's not like I see this tumour in front of me on the hologram and if I grab it and rip it out, physically that tumour has been ripped out. There are small changes on the cellular level, on the molecular level, and these changes are enough to weaken the cancer and direct the immune system to it.

CT: What happens during group healings?

ADAM: I get everyone to connect their auras. Once they're at the same frequency with each other, I run the same amount of energy through them all, this intense energy just rips through everything. At the same time, they're all visualizing as a group. Everyone is helping everyone else.

CT: Could the hope you give be stimulating people's immune systems fight the illness?

ADAM: Placebo effect just shows how powerful the mind is. But there are many healings that are not placebo effect. For example, there was a guy who was in a coma for six months. He was totally non-responsive. I told his family I would be doing a distance treatment at 7 p.m. And at 7 p.m. his muscles started twitching, his eyes opened and he was able to communicate with everyone around him. He's now constantly improving and in rehab” (posted on Educate-Yourself The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought http://educate-yourself.org/cn/adamthehealer20aug04.shtml)

What Adam describes is not science or scientific at all. Imagine a doctor reading an MRI or an Xray and then operating on the Xray to cure the person. If one watches his technique, with quick insect like movements in the dark he fixes breaks in the energy flow.

Excerpts From "Path of the DreamHealer"

Origin of the Universe

“According to the Big Bang theory, the dominant scientific theory about the origin of the universe, the universe was created sometime between ten billion and twenty billion years ago when a cosmic explosion hurled matter in all directions. Because of this, we are all energetically connected as one. We all have access to all of the knowledge in the universe; that knowledge is in the form of energy. This means we can access the information needed for healing. We do this through our intuition and intentions. The “library” of this universal knowledge is commonly referred to as “the field.”

Here Adam uses a false hypothesis to prove the energy of the universe is assessable to us all. Putting aside the current belief in evolution that he is promoting, (which constantly changes in theory and time). He wrongly assumes that knowledge is in the form of energy and can be tapped into. This can be proven wrong with some simple experiments. Try talking to your friend on the phone without one. Try recalling the exact conversation you had a year ago. Try talking long distance to them without a phone!

All this is not bothersome to those who want a healing and are gathering in desperation to his healing workshops. This knowledge that was imparted to him by a bird is ignored.


 He uses power point illustrations to show at the molecular lever how energy is transferred all this by the power of the mind- HIS mind.

“Our interconnection to one another can be thought of as an ocean of energy. Like every atom in an ocean of water, every bit of energy is connected. If you throw a rock into an ocean, that rock and its impact will affect every atom in that ocean, as one molecule is connected to and influencing all others.

  Bio-Photon Emissions

Photons, the smallest physical units of light, are capable of transferring information universally. Biophotons are the photons that are emitted from every living cell or organism. These electromagnetic frequencies are all energy or ways of talking about energy. In the quantum world, which is the world defined in terms of the smallest realizable units, the act of simply observing or interacting with a quantum object changes its behavior. Physicists readily acknowledge that they do not understand many of these aspects of the quantum world, but their mathematical formulas verify quantum theory.

To claim that one is able to change or manipulate Photons, the smallest physical units of light, is quite a feat, one would have to be God to do such a thing, in a matter of speaking. He is intentionally validating occult mind-over-matter techniques, which have nothing to do with quantum physics or science (According to Wikipedia the photon is massless). To say throwing a rock into an ocean, will affect every atom in that ocean is frankly absurd. This is metaphysical nonsense. If everything had an effect on everything else like described we would be living a world of chaos, in fact it would be completely unmanageable.

If one can manipulate the very minute particles of the universe by their mind how permanent is their healing? “Linda Peterson, a fourth-grade teacher from Minnesota, says she experienced the healing benefits of Adam's hands. Linda was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in 2004. She went to one of Adam's workshops; then, two weeks later, when doctors took a look at her tumor, they discovered there was no tumor."There was nothing there. Gone," says Peterson. Two years later, Peterson's cancer came back. So she returned to Vancouver to see if Adam could heal her for a second time. . (Adam the Healer By JOHN QUINONES, GEOFF MARTZ, KIM LAUNIER ABC News July 13, 2006 )

On his website some of the points made are:

10: Know how to ground your energy and visualize merging auras as outlined in the second
book. Adam will be going over this, but if you have an idea what to expect then the
treatments will be more powerful.
11: Understand that you do have the power to improve your own health, starting now.
12: You should have a visualization specific to your own illness when you arrive at the
workshop. You can find these visualizations in the second book.

You can read of all these same ideas and practices in the new age book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain over 20 years ago--

“Visualize a light within your heart glowing radiant and warm. Feel it spreading and growing-shining out from you farther and farther until you are like a golden sun, radiating loving energy on everything and everyone around you.”

Say to yourself silently and with conviction, "Divine light and divine love are flowing through me and radiating from me to everything around me." (Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain p.41- a Bantam New Age book 1985).

So the more positive energy we put into imaging what we want, the more it begins to manifest in our lives. Ibid.p.7)

“Mention of God, Christ, Buddha or any great master adds spiritual energy to your affirmation” (Ibid.p.26).

“Doingness is movement and activity, it stems from the natural creative energy that flows through every living thing and is the source of our vitality.

“Active: When you are experiencing yourself as the creator of your universe, you make choices about what you desire to create, and channel the infinite energy, power, and wisdom of your higher self into manifesting your choices, through active visualization and affirmation” (Ibid.p.40).

“The universe is made up of pure energy, the nature of which is to move and flow. The nature of life is constant change, constant flux. When we understand this, we tune into its rhythm and we are able to give and receive freely, I've found that in my experience the best way to work on healing is to picture myself as a clear channel for healing energy, the spiritual energy of the universe, to flow through me and to the person who needs it. I think of my higher self sending energy to the other person's higher self to support them in whatever they need to do to heal themselves. At the same time I picture them as they truly are . . . a divine being, a beautiful and perfect expression of God . . . naturally healthy and happy” (Ibid.p.64).

Now send special loving, healing energy to that part of you, and any part of you that needs it, and see or feel it being healed. You may want to have your guide, or any master or healer, there to help you do the healing.

“Picture the problem dissolving and flowing energy away, or whatever image works for you” (Ibid.p.73)

“Think of yourself as a clear channel through which the healing energy of the universe is pouring. This energy does not come from you personally, it comes from a higher source, and you serve to focus and direct it” (Ibid. p.75).

“If you wish, you can have everyone raise their hands with the palms facing out toward the person in the center, and feel the energy flowing out to him through your hands” ( p. 79).

As John Quinones stated the question in his interview “Is it in the eye or the mind of the beholder.” Yes it may be from his mind to your mind, he can convince you of something that is not real taking place, and that unfortunately becomes a spiritual deception for those who really need help.

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