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We want to trust the Lord for his provision and at the same time present our needs before the body of Christ so you can share in the blessings.  Financial support is a necessary part of ministries like ours to continue to do the work God has called us to do. Our support comes mostly from individuals like yourself and few churches. You can help by supporting this ministry financially and prayerfully. If you are a frequent visitor to our site and believe in what we are doing would you consider giving a financial gift and pray about being a regular supporter. Itís not the amount given but the attitude of the heart. It would help us to know you are standing behind our work. Please pray about helping us in our outreach.

Your support enables us to help many other people who want to find a way out of  being trapped in cults and false teaching. This comes from exposing what is false with sound doctrine. A major amount of our time is spent on accurate research of both old and new movements teachings that affect our friend's, loved one's, as well as the Church. The pace of new religious movements is not what they once were 10 or 20 years ago, it has increased dramatically.  Many new groups are potential future dangers to those who are searching for Christ. The cult world is no longer limited to Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormon's, it has expanded greatly.  

Your financial support will help us to continue our radio, TV outreaches, video production in DVD's, writing books and articles as well as having a continuing outreach on the Internet. Our time is spent meeting with people personally or on the phone. We also receive constant emails that ask for help and need personal answers for things they are facing. Many people in different states and countries ask for materials beyond what we offer on the net that are often sent out for free by regular mail. We want to continue to be a help to equip Christians, to aid them in their witnessing to help exit those who are involved in false spiritual movements. Please pray for the Lord to use us and other ministries like ours to reach out to those trapped in the false spirituality of the new age, religions and cults.

Your contribution, no matter how small helps us to fulfill the great commission here in Hawaii, the Pacific and even the world. Thank you in advance for your prayers and contributions. May the Lord abundantly bless.

In Christ's service,  Mike Oppenheimer


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