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Making a long conversation of witnessing short

How can we make it easier to Witness to those in error?

 When dealing with someone in a cult or of a different belief when they claim they are Christian we need to employ enhanced interrogation. What I mean is that we need to go beyond the words, terms and clichés  and get to the heart of the matter.

We need to know what they mean by their words. Otherwise you can enter a disagreement without knowing  what to address.

It can often becomes an argument of futility, where the point is never addressed. You may even come to the conclusion that you both believe the same thing because you did not go under the surface and define  the terms. We see this done today to bring unity. A JW’s view of Jesus being the Son of God is not the same. A Oneness Pentecostal view of Jesus being the Son of God is not the same as the historic biblical view of Jesus. Yuo will find they all have a certain unique slant taught in their group, and none of them are correct.

Terms need to be defined because details matter. This is a simple matter by asking someone what do they mean by their statement, whatever that is.

There are certain subjects one should not discuss with certain sect members for the reason that they are so heavily inoculated there is not getting through to them. If God wants to reach them he will give you another way. There is no sense in taking the time to convince someone whose mind is so closed by the group they are entrapped in to not look at the evidence from Scripture

 We need to keep in mind that they train the people to accept error as the truth and truth as the error. This means the Holy Spirit is not the author of teaching but men who do not understand and are under demonic influences.  So when one is trained under these men and look to them as their mentor (disciple) its difficult to make headway with the truth.

 If one obeys the Holy Spirit He will lead them to the truth which is a clear understanding of the Scripture.  Sometimes the meaning is reinterpreted, they color it. We stop short of the conclusion God is trying to bring us to. Scripture must be put along side other scripture on the same topic to come to the correct conclusion. What cults often do is take one scripture and make it the premier interpreter of others, even if there are dozens or hundreds that say otherwise.

It is best to take the strongest point, the most obvious point of disagreement and present it to them instead of having a long conversation on the various differences. Stay on point. If the answer which comes from Scripture is not forthcoming from them then you know you have someone who is not open to God’s truth. All you can do is further is to pray for them. Encourage them to keep reading (on their own) and see if you can meet again sometime in the future.


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