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What would a member of a cult write to the Christian church today?

Hello, Iím in what you call a cult. We donít believe in salvation by grace but that we must do works and we do not believe Jesus was God.

We want to thank the Christian Church for your tolerance of other churches beliefs and the silence from your church. It has helped us tremendously in our efforts to reach your neighborhoods. We are able to grow so much easier than we had years before; not because we are more aggressive but because you are less aggressive in your resistance. You have enabled us to do far more than we would have normally by not teaching your church about us and equipping them to contend for the faith you believe in. In fact, we have had a number of people from your church join us and they have given us even more insight into your new found ďloving attitudeĒ and no longer being dogmatic on what you believe. There is no more arguing on what is correct, we do not have to answer to you because we have been accepted. We so appreciate your inactivity towards us that has made it easier to continue our evangelizing unhindered and so we continue to grow.

So many tell us as we knock on their doors that they are glad to see someone that is serious about their religious beliefs and are willing to give up their weekend to bring them this message.

This proves to us that we are right and you are wrong because you no longer challenge us. Certainly if you thought you had the truth you would try to rescue us but you donít because you donít have the truth or love, we do.

One again we thank you for not doing anything about our presence among you. The church has made friends with us and it has diminished the differences that kept us apart, we are again thankful for this new found unity. Your new openness has allowed us to work together to better our culture, our country and the world.

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