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Revival or Revivalism

Where did the new revivals originate from, what were they teaching? How did it progress? Who are the main people involved today?

There are issues that we need to discuss that are not pleasant. What Iím referring to is the what is known as the signs and wonders movement that has brought a new (false) revivalism to be ingrained in the church. It started with none other than Benny Hinn, through Rodney Browne, to Toronto, to Brownsville to Todd Bentley to the New Apostolic reformation of Peter Wagner by the prophets. But we can go even further back and find these same concepts from the Latter Rain with William Branham. Drunk in the spirit as a Pentecostal experience, falling, shaking, numbness, dumbness all are manifestations of this new false anointing.

This is probably the most important video we have produced, protect yourself and your church knowing what these men believe and want to achieve.

We show the background of many of those involved and supporting this revivalism is word faith prosperity teachers.

We take a journey from the launching of laughter to today's fire anointing/baptism. There is a difference between a God sent revival under the preaching of the word and a man made revivalism focused on supernatural experiences. These experiences promoted by these revivalists are not taught in Scripture for the believer

From Toronto to the Send (Lou Engle's new ministry) we Trace the current revivalism in the church and its roots. lots of video clips. Clips are put side by side of the gurus and other religious practices with the modern revival to show the similarities and show the source of the power.  Refuting their teaching and experiential errors by the Bible.

2 DVD set-- total length is 2 1/2 hours








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