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Simple witnessing answers to questions

Is there a better way to give witness to Christ to those who are atheists and those who do not know him and practice religion?

We live in a day where many believe there are different faiths and they all are of equal value. We also live in a time where many make up their own religion or have none, claiming to be an atheist.

I have found it is easier to present Christ and the scriptures truth by keeping it simple and short, discussing the main points of their contention.

Each belief system has its strong and weak points we can address. What we need to do is stay on topic and avoid having a religious discussion, but address the flaws they have and give both logical and biblical answers. This does not take long to do, 5- 10 minutes is all one needs to know if the person is ready to respond to the Bible or not. If they do not respond to the main points you convey, they will not respond to the smaller points. We can avoid long and unnecessary discussions that only take up your time and prevent the message that saves from being explained.

Asking the right questions goes a long way, showing that working to please God and God's gift of grace are two very different systems to live by.

This DVD will help equip you in some answers, prompt you to think of a different ways to outreach to those around you that are friends, or at the workplace.

USA $11.00






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