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Where Were You?

This is just something for your consideration in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on NY and the Pentagon. I’m certainly not trying to make light of the seriousness of the situation  for those who lives have been changed in an adverse way, but I think we need to ask this question.

Where were you Miracle workers?

Where were all the miracle workers when we needed them, did they go to NY? Did they travel there to heal anyone or raise someone from the dead? No healer or so called Miracle worker went to NY. Why? Where was the anointed healer Benny Hinn? Did his schedule not allow it, while he can appear each day on his program? Where were they all? The fact is they would not be caught near a 100 miles of NYC because they know what they can and cannot do.

Why are they are not coming forward to pray and heal anyone with Anthrax or anything else that might surface. Why? Ask yourselves this question? Because those of you who follow these people need to wake up! Oh I know that many of you will make excuses for them, just stop it, and THINK. Ask yourself if the apostle Paul or Peter were near a disaster that affected so many would they continue on as usual or would they drop everything and go? What would happen if they showed up?

But there were ministers who did go to serve the people and help them cope with this disaster in their lives and we thank them as the body of Christ for being there. Praise the Lord for real servants who care for people, not about attention but people.

But where were the prophets? Apparently no one discovered this event would occur in the Bible codes. No one said anything specific to ward off a terrorist attack. Except that there would be a terrorist attack. This is no more than those in government or the informed already knew. They scramble to find something in what they said in the last year to prove they are a prophet; and the followers believe them still!!

The spiritual warfare groups did not stop this act by their binding and loosing. With all the networks and prayer groups set up they did not stop the first or the 2nd plane that hit 18 minutes after. Why? Because they don’t have the power or authority to do anything like this. But they tell you even afterwards that they do.

Yet Presiding Apostle Peter Wagner sends out an Open Memorandum a few days after -Addressing the Twin Towers War September 14th, 2001, here is only a portion:

In this he states, “This is a time for apostolic declarations. The church is in a position now, characterized by the active and accepted roles of apostles, prophets, and intercessors, that it has not experienced in 1800 years. Several prophetic communications since the destruction of the twin towers have confirmed this:

Rick Joyner (9-12-01): “What has seemed to many to be the impossible task of restoring true apostolic Christianity to the earth is about to become a reality.”

Tommi Femrite (9-12-01): “It is time for the apostolic leaders of nations to rise up and proclaim into the heavenlies of the nations where they have apostolic voice and authority to speak and legislate in the heavenlies.”

Marty Cassady (9-12-01): “We are no longer to ask God to do what he put us here to do. Rather, it is a time to make clear declarations that will change the atmosphere of our nation.”

Their message is clear this is the time to muscle the church to accept his leaders! Who has accepted these roles?  It is those who already have roles as apostles, prophets, that is who. Convenient isn’t it.

  “It is our responsibility, as church leaders, to use the authority that God has delegated to us and to conquer the invisible forces of darkness that, for a brief moment earlier this week, gained the upper hand. This is what opens the way for our government leaders to make godly decisions in the natural realm.”

What authority--to conquer the demons in the invisible realm! One only needs to ask why this hasn’t happened from all the years of binding of Satan, it has done absolutely nothing. But NOW is the time. I thought we pray to God, but now they speak to the powers of darkness that are in the air to win. Without it the earthly government leaders can’t make right decisions. And when a wrong decision happens, it is from whom? This is the smoke that ascends from the new apostles and prophets that clouds the churches understanding of the truth in the Word. Yea, its takeover time, shanghai the whole church, were venerable enough. Can’t we see they have absolutely nothing to say, they are in a boat rowing with one oar. They give the church the same rhetoric that they have for years.

Wagner goes on to say “Several major words are weighing on us. The primary one that I have been hearing is ‘walking in the power of the age to come.’” I bear strong witness to that, and I believe that we are on the threshold of entering into a season in which the power of God in prophecy, healing, miracles, strategic-level spiritual warfare, and prophetic intercession will be widely manifested through common believers on a regular basis. The major purpose for this release of power will be evangelism. In fact, Rick Joyner goes on to say, “We cannot be witnesses of the Almighty God without power.”

Where is this in the Bible? We have already been given power by the Word of God, and is witnessed to by the Holy Spirit when it is spoken truthfully and correctly. First of all the Gospel is the power of God, and this is our witness of God, maybe preaching the Gospel will actually release God’s saving power, there’s an Idea to do as we enter a time of uncertainty unlike ever before.

As usual we hear we are moving into prophecy healing miracles, new level, a new threshold. This we have been hearing for years. So why was it not “manifested in the last month when we needed it?” It’s always coming but never here. Or they tell its here when it really isn’t. Many can’t seem to recognize the true from the false anymore.

The real Elijah versus Baal test is now. The whole world is watching, lets not see another embellished story like that in the Transformation video. Let’s see what really can be done!

Wagner goes on to say “I have more to say about getting the church in line with God’s purposes for this new era of war, but I will end this initial apostolic declaration here. May God fill us with His Holy Spirit and allow us to obey Him fully regardless of the cost! I will end with the words of Jesus, the Prince of Peace:

“Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)

This is their war effort, to bring a sword against demonic spirits. But this passage has nothing to do with this AT ALL. It is about picking up ones cross to follow Christ, it is about dividing family and friends in ones decision to follow Christ! This should be a simple exposition for a professor who is supposed to be an apostle. But this is what “their apostolic declaration” is about. Well we have war. A religious one that is not likely to go away any time soon.

I need to point out the media has been using this same Scripture to paint Christians as fundamentalists just like Muslims are, they interpret it wrong as well.  

The Rev. Ted Haggard (an apostle under Wagner’s leadership) pastor of the 8,700-member New Life Church along with Fred Markert, executive director of Youth With a Mission are going to reach the Muslims without the gospel, but by showing there good works. ‘“Haggard said the primary goal is not to win new Christian converts but to “serve the Islamic people.” “We believe it is the role of Christians to befriend people in the Islamic community to ensure their peace and safety,” he wrote.’”

‘“Haggard said he wants people to “become aware of the Islamic community and locate their needs.” That includes leaving them alone if that's what they want, he said.’”

‘“Markert said the goal is to give people a choice of religions, not force Christianity on them. He said missionaries would provide blankets, food and other short-term relief as well as help with long-term projects such as installing clean water systems.’” (Quotes from The Gazette -Pastors issue call for missionaries to Islam 9/29/01)

They are hoping they will see Jesus by there good work, they will respond. People need to see our works but not at the exclusion of the Gospel being presented. They need to know our motivation for doing it. While we are to do good works it is the Gospel we are to tell and explain to those outside Christ. What is being offered is not anything different than another religion or the Red Cross and any other secular humanitarian organization would do to help people.

Between the shrinking back from directly presenting the Gospel and instead using Wagner’s approach of fighting the demons in the air, we are left with next to nothing like the real Great Commission Jesus gave the authentic apostles in Mt.28.

If I sound perturbed, and facetious you're right. I’m sorry but I have seen enough dilly-dallying talk from these so called leaders that are supposed to be leading the Church. We have got real problems at hand and this “stuff” that the Church has been doing under these men’s tutelage is not going to affect anything except bring us into a greater deception. Enough already! What we do not need now is a prayer march, a binding session of the air, a generational repentance for what happened 100 or more years ago. Or to show how good we are to those of other religions. Nowhere did the real apostles practice what we are hearing from these “new apostles.” Why is there no mention of preaching the Gospel in there apostolic declarations? There focus is on the Devil and not the people who need to hear the Gospel.

What we do need is real repentance and become prepared, we need wisdom for each day for we do not what each day will bring. Persecution may be coming and most are not prepared, emotionally, nor spiritually. We need to know the Word from the Bible so we can speak it to those who do not know Christ and have real faith for God’s power do the work. We need to be soul conscious, how we can win people to the Lord as people are losing hope and distraught and scared what they see coming. Yes, it’s the last days, and it may be the last of the last days.

It is our duty to stand for the Gospel as pressure mounts for us not to. We need help, real help; Jesus help us! We still lack conviction and boldness to speak the Gospel truth to the world!




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