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In Memory of Dave Hunt

Over 25 years ago I went to a seminar on the new age movement that Dave Hunt, Hal Lindsey and Johanna Michaelson were speaking at.

For the fist time in my life I was among Christians at a Christian event. I sat there with a former surfing friend from NY and his wife who were excited that I accepted their invitation. Dave Hunt was first up as he spoke on the new age deception and how it was coming into the church. Some of it I did not understand, as I was a new ager but I did know we were targeting the churches to change. So what’s wrong with that. Then Dave got more specific and my friend nudged me in the ribs saying in a half joking manner “he’s attacking you already.” Yes he was and I became uncomfortable but stayed attentive. He went on and I was wondering when is this going to end. Finally he ended and there was 10 minute break.

During the break Dave was willing to speak to me as my friend Richard (a Jewish believer) who brought me introduced me to him as one involved in occultic/new age activity. He then told me he was familiar with what I was involved with (which surprised me) and firmly confronted me with the truth of what I was doing and ask me a question I could not answer because of my Jewish upbringing. He showed that he cared and the false teaching that I believed was openly exposed. I wrestled the rest the night with what I heard from Johanna Michaelson. I was being converted by the Holy Spirit and did not fully understand what was taking place but i knew something was changing as I asked questions all the way on our drive home.

It wasn't until the next day when we went to church that it became clear. The pastor said he was told to change the sermon. He spoke on sin and judgment and I thought my friend told him ahead of time about me and my girlfriend. God was orchestrating this whole thing together. Before the service ended we were asked to stand to accept the Lord and the gospel. The next thing I know is that we are standing and then communion elements were then passed for the first time where we partook of it not knowing exactly what it meant.

I remember the year after we were saved Dave came back again to Hawaii the next year and was hosted at the UH to give a lecture. The first night we saw him at the outreach and came up to him before it began and told him what had happened the year before. Dave looked at us for a few seconds, seeming to bear witness and then with a huge smile came across his face he preceded to hug us. The next night he spoke on deceiving spirits and was able to hear our testimony (DVD special), which blessed him. It was the first time either of us spoke in front of people -- especially such a large audience which was intimidating to us both. I’m grateful that Greg Socher who was involved in this ministry filmed this (and other events) and kept it all these years.

On Friday, April 5, 2013, Dave Hunt entered into the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The time goes by so quickly and what we do for the Lord will last into eternity, nothing else. To me the real heroes of the faith are those who risk their reputation, ignoring what others may think of them to rescue those caught in spiritual bondage that can cause death. To help one escape from the clutches of the enemy of our soul takes confrontation and being readily equipped to answer the objections. For this we will be eternally grateful. We are just one of the many lives Dave had touched by his faithfulness to the truth. We will remember Dave as being an exemplary example in this.

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