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pt. 2 A Biblical rebuttal (updated)

Again! I want to reiterate that I love the Hawaiian people, I am writing this so that they will not be led astray in being taught to mix false cultural oral accounts, and false biblical history with the truth of Gods Word...

I am now going to go through Kikawa's story with the truth of Biblical Scripture and of history, not the flattery and false information that Kikawa gave them at the church he spoke at...

Kikawas statement that he wondered why Hawaiians don’t receive the gospel”...

 In the 1800s Hawaii received the gospel in a greater way than anywhere else in the United States at that time. The Hawaiians when they heard the gospel received it gladly, knowing what they had before. The big island had the largest church per capita than anywhere else in the United States...

It wasn’t until the cults, false christian teachers, and other religious systems started coming  in, creating confusion... it was then that fewer Hawaiians received the gospel...just like any where else in the world...

I find Kikawa’s view of God somewhat disturbing in that he must be identified with their culture to be valid.

 Consider Ruth, who was a Moabite who made Israel’s God her God. God is foreign to all who do not know Him. There’s no prejudice in that. All get adopted by believing in the gospel. So his point of view on this is skewed.

He said that God told him to “tell the Hawaiian people that I am the same as their creator God Io. We’re one and the same” this is said in a number of different ways.

Whoever he is hearing these things from it is not in line with Gods word...  it is not God, the God of Israel, the Son of God who is Jesus Christ whom we now hear from...(Heb.1:1-2). This will become clear as we examine his teachings and applications.

God gave his name to Moses, to Israel 1,500 years before Christ came, he is not to be called on, by any other personal name in order to not be confused with other false gods...

(72 names are mostly derivatives of that one name such as YHWH shalom, YHWH rapha, YHWH elohim etc.)

He is the God who covenanted with the nation of Israel only, he is not a supreme god from any of the other nations (God says himself, over and over again in the Old Testament.)

Kikawa bases his whole concept on oral traditions from a certain few secret individuals, not on writing. Why hide the people that he gets all his information from, is it so no one else can question them?

Permit me to digress and use his book...

He writes "for a people with no written language, the Polynesian people have kept their legend's and genealogies amazingly intact (p.25, 2nd Ed. Perpetuated in Righteousness).

Others say the opposite...

 Malo whom Kikawa quotes in his book says this on ancient traditions of Hawaiian history. “4. Memory was the only means possessed by our ancestors of preserving historical knowledge" "vagueness and uncertainty of the more ancient traditions, of which some are handed down correctly, but the great mass incorrectly."

 (p.1-2 David Malo Hawaiian Antiquities).

This is especially true when something is kept secret and not known among the population. Much more can be said of this but let's continue.


Using Jonah may have more significance than what they have attributed,

Yes, Jonah fled not obeying going to a city to point out their wickedness before the true God.

But when he returned to fulfill his calling...It was to preach to the PEOPLE, which resulted in the people repenting (Jonah 3:2).

 He did not go around Nineveh to cleanse it of all the bloodshed the people caused (centuries before) by pouring something on the ground.

Some of the worst Bible interpretations and applications are employed to promote their viewpoint, and remember! They are saying that they are hearing all of this from god.


This is somewhat inconsequential except for the fact he makes it important.

 According to the Jewish calendar posted on the web Purim in 1998 was on Thu. March 12, 5758 http://www.wej.com.au/bbrith/holiday.html - see date on calendar -- http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/us/purim

The point he is making of it being Purim is that the Jewish people were set free from their oppressor. To say God gave him this date March 14 to set Hawaii free in the way he did is beyond credibility. As if he created a Hawaiian Purim.

Shofar blowing

Kikawa said they asked god to cleanse them of their hewa and then asked him to cleanse the land that they put hewa on the land. Nobody living today can be credited for the mishaps and wrongs of so many years before, they certainly cannot correct them with a ceremony like this.

At the four corners...he was to have, at the first corner a shofar blower, Israel the first.

Next corner a conch shell blower, Hawaii the last.

What does this mean? Hawaii is the last; so there will be no others? Is this supposed to have anything to do with the Bible and God’s way?

 he has convinced himself that God orchestrated this significant spiritual event.

 Where does God say to blow a shofar (or conch shell) in the New Testament?

This has nothing to do with a New Testament believer, God wants us cleansed, not the land...of sins committed hundreds of years ago by other people. This is the YWAM method of how they teach and do their Unbiblical spiritual warfare; completely senseless, and superstitious.

Supernatural repentance

A supernatural repentance fell upon them for what happened several hundreds of years ago?

You can’t repent for something you didn’t do...

That’s like saying I’m going to repent for someone else so they can be cleansed...

Can you repent for Cains sin? Of course not! But this religious spirit has them on their knees in the middle of the Heiau, and they believe this is of God.

God tells us to repent;  it’s an act of our will for something WE DID TO OFFEND GOD or another. The Bible says to repent of our sins only, to repent and believe the gospel.

The Bible also tells us to test the spirits, to see if they are from God... and since this activity is not found in Scripture it should be considered as not being from God...and thus not acceptable.

Again this is what YWAM has been doing for years and Daniel Kikawa is YWAM trained.

One would show they are spiritual to test to these claims against scripture, in order to see if it is from God or not...a person who fails to do so can easily be misled.

They poured part of the wine on the ground in the mud and put part of the bread in there representing that Jesus because he forgave our sins also cleanses the land. He claims god told him to pour the wine on each of the four corners inside and also in each hole of the altar where there were the idols.

Think of the picture meaning of pouring the wine which represents Christ death onto the ground.

Show a modicum of respect for the Bible and the elements that represent Jesus, this is sacrilegious. I don’t care for his answer of representing Jesus - he forgave our sins by his sacrifice.

Communion elements do not cleanse the land or us. This is not the purpose of communion nor what we do with the elements of our communion that represent Jesus. This is so disrespectful to put them in the ground.

This sounds Roman Catholic, a religious spirit that has nothing to do with Biblical promises to believers and walking in them by faith. To worship God in spirit and truth means it will coincide with Scripture, none of this is compatible.

This is point is not biblical doctrine but rather another point to prove what Kikawa says is wrong...

According to the web Hawaii is not the farthest place from earth. The farthest place on earth from Israel is said to be Papeete, Tahiti. New Zealand, not Hawaii. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_farthest_city_from_jerusalem

Hawaii is another 2,700 miles from Tahiti. The furthest place from Hawaii is said to be Iceland.

On the web it says Jerusalem is at:
31° 47' N,
35° 13' E.
The antipode of Jerusalem would be at
31° 47' S latitude, and
35° 13' East of 180°, or
144° 47' W.
That would put it due east of Australia, and south of the midpoint between the Cook and Pitcairn islands.

An article in the Jerusalem post: ‘I learned that Tahiti is “the farthest place on earth from Jerusalem – the exact antipode.” http://www.jpost.com/Travel/Travel-News/Paradise-not-lost


God nor Jesus has a Heiau - never did. A Heiau is a Hawaiian temple, made of stone or earth it is not the same as a Old Testament Jewish temple. According to Hawaiian history there were and numerous carved idols in which ruling chiefs paid homage to the major Hawaiian gods and they would sacrifice a pig. This is what he is claiming to cleanse with his ritual of pouring communion on it.

There is absolutely no reason to cleanse this Heiau to return it back to Io, who is NOT the same God of the Bible, no matter how much Kikawa repeats this.

 His whole theory of an exodus from the Middle East is void of any connection to Israel. They did not practice circumcision as they did in Judaism and certainly not baptism which is a New Testament ceremony illustrating the death of the Messiah; (not without contact with missionaries, explorers, or merchants stories about the bible).

For pictures of Heiau’s



Biblically - nothing can be cleansed with what they did and in the way they did it...

Revealing of the sons of God

He refers to the bible that “says that all creation waits for the revealing of the sons of God, its waiting in pain because of all the sin on the land.”

This revealing is the transformation to our glorified bodies, and it has to do with all creation, not a Heaiu or a certain portion of land. It has absolutely nothing to do with what he is applying it to.

Rom. 8:19 “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. is attached to V.18 “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us”. Its about the whole body of Christ not an elite group of people.

Darkness over the land - Spiritual war

I find it questionable their not noticing that it was becoming this dark in the afternoon. It is a concern when one claims there were signs or wonders from the God Io. At 2:00 it was a beautiful sunny day. But when they are ready to go in (at 3:00) he notices it was dark and says in a space of an hour or two this clear blue sky was filled with black clouds from horizon to horizon. So its not really an hour or two but one hour (from 2:00-3:00). Some may say I’m splitting hairs, but when I hear confused facts like this it makes me question everything else said.

To compare what happened in the sky to what happened when Jesus died on the cross is more than irreverent, it is sacrilegious. But he made the point of it happening at 3:00 in the afternoon, when Jesus died on the cross and the veil was ripped in the temple. Which had to do with access to God by a new covenant.

To compare what they did to a supposed thick veil of darkness of clouds (spiritually?) over Hawaii being split open is again having no respect for the Lord and His word and what He accomplished nearly 2,000 years ago.


It took a sign to convince Christians from Hawaii, who apparently knew the Lord 20-30 years; the first time in their lives …that god is our God and Jesus Christ is his son. An unbelievable statement, this is very sad. If they do not know God from saving them then there is something wrong. Especially the way Kikawa states it, that their God (insinuating Io) revealed this to them by this event, very sad indeed.

High Priest

The crux of the whole story is based on this point, if this is not true then all of the events relating to it are fantasy, it has no place in reality.

Remember he said “someday someone will restore the heaia to the worship of me , Io.” Meaning this is God speaking to them calling himself Io.

A 800 year old prophecy that is a tradition known to but a few is fulfilled! Apparently Io had the worshipers of the “true God” relinquish their control to a false god? The high priest stepped down and waited for centuries for it to be restored? This is Really unbelievable...(If you think biblically - this whole story falls apart).

To actually say the “last high priest of the Old Testament the second Israel, the last high priest of the old Testament of the Hawaiian people, moki cleansed this Heiau returning it back to Io” is about as scary and inaccurate as it gets.

First of all, he cannot be an Old Testament high priest. He would have to be a Levite or Cohen, because that’s what one had to be in order to qualify to be a High Priest.

The Hawaiians are NOT Semitic like Israelites, (though Kikawa claims they came from the middle east. Are Hawaiian’s a lost tribe of Israel?

Can we apply a DNA test to know if they are from Israel (Semetic) or Middle East as Kikawa claims? We already know this is not true. They are proto polynesian, coming from the Southern Marquesas. However this is the basis for the whole event. And what exactly does he mean a second Israel?

Kikawa has already said in his book there were two immigrations deep in the past. One from the Tower of Babel, the other are people who parted from the nation of Israel to the pacific.

He had proposed God called a group of people out from the exodus going to the Promised Land to go the other way, to the Pacific around 1,400 B.C., through India.

The Bible teaches God Himself led Israel to the Promised Land (as promised in Scripture), not elsewhere. How can anyone takes this as history or true?

In fact Joshua 5:4 says, those men who came out of Egypt died in the wilderness on the way to the Promised land. The only two who entered from the first generation were Joshua and Caleb.

According to Kikawa they left the Middle East before Moses wrote the 613 commandments for all of Israel to practice; before he penned Genesis or Exodus. How can they have any New Testament truth without a new Testament or a missionary?

So how did the Hawaiians know of the bible things he attributes to them?

His connecting the Hawaiians with the Middle East and with the area of Babylon is wrong. On p.62 (2nd ed.) he writes some left at the time of the scattering at the tower of Babel others “did not separate themselves at this point but may have been part of the nation of Israel for a time.”

Hebrew Scholar Dr. Fruchtenbaum writes “‘to claim that the Polynesian peoples ‘may have been part of the nation of Israel for a time’ is one of the more horrendous assumptions in the book. There is absolutely no truth to this whatsoever.”’

Kikawa also writes, “It may be the Hawaiian people are descended from these ancient Egyptians” (p.67 2nd ed). If they are from the Egyptians, then they are not Hebrew’s. But then he has another answer for his Hawaii Israel connection. “That the Menehunes could be the people of Menes who became part of Israel. That the Hebrew and Polynesian people have a common heritage for a time, are in the genealogies of the Polynesian people” (p.72 2nd ed).

Our Polynesian genealogies also speak of our journey from Uru, called Ur by our Chaldean brothers” “It was 'Io calling them saying, “To the East, in the midst of the great ocean follow the rising sun!” (p.41 4th ed.) So he claims that they have genealogies going back over 3,000 years.

Talk about covering your bases (to read more on this see http://www.letusreason.org/Current67.htm)

Apparently he thinks Hawaiians are distant Jews “we do not believe that, if the Hawaiian people have some Hebrew blood in them, they are then made special or gain special favor with God” He then quotes Rom.2:28-29 which is speaking to the Jews, that the circumcision of the heart matters more than the one outwardly.

We have our high priest today who has been active with believers for nearly 2,000 years, Jesus. To have an Old Testament high Priest (as if that were possible) you would have then function in the temple IN JERUSALEM. This is why there is no more Levitical high priests, not for almost 2,000 years. So his statements and application are ridiculous.

A light in the sky rolls back the darkness

This light is described like a curtain (likening it to Jesus and the curtain in the Temple), right over the Heaiu from Island to Island and they think this is the land responding to what they did. This Heiau was cleansed returning it back to Io. They have convinced themselves something has changed from their actions.

The Mormons claim Jesus appeared in other countries after his resurrection is just as provable as Kikawa’ s story; in other words, it is not.

They won the spiritual battle

Kikawa is claiming this was spiritual battle for all of Hawaii on this day and they won because of what THEY did.

And now what happened that day through the blood of Jesus Christ free access back to Io, back to god across Hawaii. He claims the Hawaiian people can be turned back to Io their true God, because the curse is broken. For he says what happened that day through the blood of Jesus Christ gave free access back to Io, back to god across Hawaii. In other words THEIR work did this.

But the last high priest of the Old Testament passes the torch Jesus Christ, where we all have free access.

The Bible says we have had this assess for nearly 2,000 years, Hawaii did not have to wait for a supposed last of the Old Testament high priest to do a strange ceremony on top of the mountain to free them (Heb. 13:9).

He tells us we are now the sacred Heiau of Io and Jesus Christ. We are the temple of god the bible says, he dwells in us now so we don’t need that temple we don’t need that Heiau. He doesn’t want it to be turned into a icon worship we all now are the ohana. What’s ironic is that he makes it as if people would turn it into Icon worship when he was the one who actually did this.

Kikawa mixes the two (Heiau and temple) as if they are connected. He is actually saying now- what the Bible says when we first believe. He makes it as a result of what they did. All believers have been God’s temple and become the family of God since the new covenant was made. Kikawa makes it as if it just happened from what they did. None of this was necessary, Jesus already was victorious. They just have to learn to walk in it

I know of enough people that have seen signs and were deceived by them, it becomes perilous when you attribute something of man and say it is God.

I really don’t care how many saw clouds split or their seeing a light in the sky; Catholics see Marian apparitions, new agers see spirits of Jesus and the saints and Christians who have the spirit of error can see false visions. We should not disregard that Satan is the god of the air and he can look as light. How can this be God when they are calling on another god and disobedient to the Scripture by what they are doing.

If one thinks God endorsed a sign by an Old Testament high priest; to have them pour communion onto the ground to cleanse the land you need to reassess your Christian belief system.

saying general words from the Bible does not make your application equivalent to the Bibles meaning.

Kikawa makes mention of Jesus but removes him from the facts and context of the Bible. This is changing darkness to light - by their own hand. It has nothing to do with what Jesus did nearly 2,000 years ago. Kikawa has Christianized nearly everything possible to merge two religions that are different and incompatible to be symbiotic. But he is wrong on nearly everything.

Where in the bible does it say to use communion like this. This is not the use of communion God gave. Are we going to have people take communion to exorcise things? Only those with no understanding of the Bible act this way; and then to say God was involved! Please don’t be misled by what appears to be good intentions into their error. They employ a whole new system by decimating “the word” to acquiesce to the culture. Don’t become subject to his confusion of them claiming God led them and told them to do this.

Why are there reported night marchers on the Big Isle; where is the revival that would result in such a powerful cleansing as described?  What has changed? where is there a diminishing of false worship, where's the revival on all the Islands( the light went from  Island to Island) What they claim was NOT accomplished. The only ones who benefits is Daniel and cohorts as they continue to go places and tell these kind of stories. (to read more: http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/nightmarchers.html)

I can only hope this scriptural rebuttal has given some pause to those who are involved. All this proves is what we have been saying all along. When you begin with the wrong premise the further you go the more you get away from the truth. What you read should disturb those who know Jesus and love His Word of truth. Can any biblical literate believer say amen to any of this? Are there any Hawaiian Christians mature in the Lord to speak out on this?

And this continues as he does the same elsewhere:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 God's Fingerprints in Japan # 2 - Report from Rev. Daniel Kikawa
Just got back from Japan…., I have experienced only once before (March 14th 1998 when we repented over the human sacrifice Heiauus in Hawaii) to this magnitude, the feeling of walking inside of God’s perfect will as he orchestrated the universe around us for his purposes. It was second only to that time. …”

“Like on March 14th 1998, the warfare before we began was intense physically, spiritually and in our souls. Yolanda almost didn’t go. She was very ill and just felt better on the last day.”



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