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What Happened in Hawaii on Mar.14, 1998

Daniel Kikawa states, “It is the story of the battle between light and darkness – good and evil – in a titanic clash for spiritual supremacy over the islands of Hawai‘i and her people.”

“From this experience came his book God of Light, God of Darkness” Kikawa writes, “I have waited seven years to tell this story. It has taken that long to obtain permission from the matriarch of the ‘Iokāne family; after all, much of this story is their family legacy, the 800-year-old prophecy and the promise of ‘The One’ that was fulfilled on March 14, 1998. I can now continue in the mission to which God called me many years ago – ‘Tell all people that I (God) have this same story of faithfulness and love for them that I have for Hawai‘i.”

Don Richardson has apparently endorsed this.

(I have tried to get the names of the people and places right, I have tried to be as accurate as possible in my transcription). These few pages of details are probably the most important reading about Aloha Ke Akua’s mission and what Daniel Kikawa and they actually believe. Take your time and read this carefully. This is especially important if you have read his book or are a believer who is being exposed to his mixture of inclusive Christianity. There is no intention of mine to be harmful but to protect; I love the people of Hawaii and do not want to see them be led astray by this mans mixture. My intent is to preserve what the Bible actually says in contradistinction to Kikawa reinterpreting the meanings and applications of the Bible.

Published on May 23, 2012 Daniel Kikawa ministers about the spiritual history of the Hawaiian people and about the important victory in 1998 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I30o7uMl8ls

Daniel Kikawa and his followers went to the Big Island to pray against and cleanse the main Heiau as a stronghold, and claim they freed Hawaii.

Kikawa speaking at a church (teaching begins at approx. 6:00) “Someday someone will restore the Heaia to the worship of me , Io.”

(speaking beginning at 105.00) He mentions Leon Siu, and Kawika Kahiapo. “We are sitting down in his garage and saying why is it so hard to bring Hawaiians to Christ and when we started praying the Lord told us what to do, and step by step we started doing what he told us to do, you know one, they think I’m a foreign God so we find the native name for God and we use that, and he's not my God. Two - he doesn’t like who I am, he doesn’t like anything in my culture who I am. At that time in the church, it started in 1992 no hula was allowed in church, at all. So we started working on that. And three- is I think, as I said before, god hates us, he takes our land. He takes it away, y’know and so on. So you said these three cords, three cords are no so easily broken the bible says, break these three cords and they will come. So we really have done a lot with the first two and there’s a lot to go, but the third one we need to deal with we’ll talk about tomorrow.

…so we started doing that and God told me at the time, tell every, tell the Hawaiian people that I am the same as their creator God Io. We’re one and the same and so I started doing that ….

“I moved to the big Island. The first place I spoke at, I spoke at a church Ke Akaha and I did what God told me to do tell them I’m the same as Io and I didn’t know somebody out in the congregation was one of the priests of Io. And he was getting mad at me, you know why? Because his grandfather told him it was a secret between him, between him and his grandfather.

Speaking of God “…he made it where we, there was no way we would knew, this was the way, just the way he put it together. So we knew it was him Mar.14, 1998. I’ll tell you this part of it, it was, it was Purim. Purim was when the book of Esther was written about. When a whole nation is either going to be destroyed or they are going to be preserved. This is the day that He said we are going to do it on. So we are going to do it on this day and I’m telling people and, and this person that I met, I’ll call him moki, … and I’ll say Iokāne that’s the family name I put in the book, its not his real name, his family name. But I went, have to all of sudden I told Moki about this and he said I want to go to our family Heiau I know had so much human sacrifice. So I said great, no one better than the descendents y’know.

And later on this supernatural fear fell upon him, he didn’t want to go anymore, he was so afraid. Then one day he was going out with his family and the lord said “Boy I want to talk with you. Y’know god, he talks to Hawaiians like a Hawaiian father y’know. He doesn’t say thouest comest here (laughter).

So he flipped open his bible to Jonah, yknow this guy is stubborn like a bull yeah. He flipped the pages put hr bible on the windowsill, strong wind comes blows all the pages and it goes back to Jonah. Still so stubborn he doesn’t want to go.” Next day “his paper the next day on the front cover big whale beaching. Still so stubborn gets in his car turns on the Christian radio, preaching about Jonah. Bible study teacher comes over to his house preaches about Jonah. He’s still so stubborn he doesn’t want to go. Yeah, so, finally the Lord spoke to my wife and said, tell Moki if he doesn’t go I’m going to spit him up on the shore there like Jonah.

“so we went to him and she tells him and then his mind is blown y’know. Because We didn’t know any of this stuff. So he ok I’m gonna go. So he goes he goes to his aunt, … and goes to her and says y’know auntie I have to go to our family Heiau I need to know who we worship there. And she calls out her sons and daughters and says Moki, we worship Io. We worship the true God there. And then she tells him the story of how we came from the middle east, we sailed here we established our Heiau how there is a place to do circumcision and baptism there and how it was a place for the ohana, and it was a place, not a fearful place and so on. And about Pao coming and how he built right on top of our Heiau and put the blood stones and how Io had told his ancestor that he was to step down because someday down his generations a pono one would be born who will restore the worship of this Heiau to the worship of Io. And she said moki when you were a little boy your grandfather told the family I know who this pono one is going to be whose going to fulfill the prophecy in our family. And so she said we all were hoping it was going to be one of our children. Just before he died he told us it was going to be you. But he said don’t tell you, until the day you come and you ask me that I need to go. Because he had never gone there. ..So until the day he comes don’t tell him, and here he comes on this day when all across the Islands this worship of other gods can be broken and forgiven so the Hawaiian people can be turned back to Io their true God, because the curse is broken. That’s when he comes and he asks her and she says you are the one. To fulfill the prophecy, go. Pray, Io will tell you what to do – go to your family heaia and cleanse it. And then he came to us told us and we were just blown away too. We never expected this at all, y’know. And he only could go at 3:00 in the afternoon and we didn’t know why because most people are going at first light sunrise. Why 3:00 in the afternoon. And another intercessor prayed and the Lord showed her, you see 3:00 in the afternoon is when the evening sacrifice in Israel was, and its when Jesus died on the cross.

“thats when the lamb was slain on the 14th day passover, the lamb was slain. And thats when Jesus died on the cross also. The evening sacrifice 3:00 in the afternoon . That when he was going to cleanse this final great Heiau the mainline that went across these islands from Waahula, the first human sacrifice heaia over the top of Mauna Kea which is the highest point in the Islands over this Heaia right across the top of Heleakala and all the way across Hono Kahau that had another important Heiau that Akea and his team went to, and right into Halawa valley Molokai, where that one valley had like 7 human sacrifice Heiau in that one valley. Molokai had 17 in all, Lanai only got one, almost same size. It was known as a place of powerful prayer, especially Halawa valley. This where that light went. And his right in the middles. So 3:00 that had to be done. And so theres a whole story, there’s all these stories of how the aina responded. Like I said Hawaiian culture and the bible. Y’know the bible says that all creation waits for the revealing of the sons of God, its waiting in pain because of all the sin on the land. And I tell you all over the Islands the aina responded, miraculously, y’know, showing that it was released, and there are so many stories i can tell you about, there in the book but I don’t have time because its past 8. So anyway my wife and I went to the top of halawa valley….,

And we didn’t have the money to go up there and nobody could land up there and Jacobs finds a way. Someone takes us up there free we didn’t have the money to do it because God told us to go there and also to be at the this Heiau at 3:00 in the afternoon. No way we could do it hiking up there. And how his friend said I’ll take them wherever they want to go, all the other helicopters were booked. And he said look at my schedule book. It was booked solid. Every single one of them canceled, I’ll take your friends wherever they want to go. Y’know God, that’s God.”

So went up there unbelievable stuff happened, and went down about 2:00 I guess. We went down to Kona we driving up there were talking about the day, we went with pastor tex… and y’know beautiful sunny day just a few fluffy white clouds the rest was all pure blue sky. And we go up there and getting it all ready and what Neal had told Moki was that um he gave him a vision of what the Heiau would look like, he had never been there and when he got there he saw all the places that was shown to him in the vision and um god told Moki only 4 people were to go in to cleanse it, and it was him, his pastor, who also is his cousin,… was me, because, I’m just so blessed because I’m not even Hawaiian blood and I get to go in and do this and so, I don’t know why God did that. And the 4th man which he couldn’t see God told him, his face wasn’t clear. God told him when you go there you will know who he is. And then god also told him at the 4 corners because most of the Heiau is a triangle I mean a rectangle, at each of the corners he was to have, at the first corner a shofar blower, Israel the first. Next corner a conche shell blower, Hawaii the last. Were the farthest place from earth from Israel were the ends of the earth and shofar blower and conche shell blower and they were to blow when, all at once when it was done. So were there getting all ready and by the time the word went out Kahipa kauapu and Leon Siu came from Oahu, people came from Molokai, from all over the Big Island, we had about 175 people, there. And so some were told to stay at the bottom of the mountain and pray, some went outside the Heiau, the family and some of the others and we were preparing to go inside. And I’m preparing to go inside, and before that, um, I’m standing next to Moki and he says you the guy and I look and hes pointing at pastor John truesdale and John Truesdale is a, Moki didn’t know that he is descendent of Hewahewa, a descendent of Pao, and he was the one picked to go in, a descendent of Pao and Hewahewa. And so anyway were almost ready to go in and I say why is it so dark, y’know the I look up and in a space of an hour or two at the most this clear blue sky, thick black clouds from horizon to horizon, your in Kahala you are looking across the ocean and can see Mauna Kea, I mean Heleakala. Both sides you can see the ocean meet the sky, behind you, all the way to the horizon all the way around not one spot of open sky in about an hour or two hours, and there was one missionary driving up there that saw it happen, because I didn’t notice we were busy, and he said he saw dark clouds moving in quickly from the Kohala mountains and dark clouds moving quickly from the other side of the ocean, both coming toward Kahala like this and then they joined together and the whole things was solid over yknow it was just like spiritual warfare.

It was so dark, it was like twilight y’know and its 3:00 in the afternoon and so anyway, another day we would be scared but not, not, not when your walking in the presence of God like it was all day, and so we. We prepared to go in and like so many places across the Islands supernatural repentance fell upon us and we fell on our knees in the middle of the Heiau where thousands of innocent Hawaiians were killed, and not only then but their families, imagine their families too were killed in that place to worship other god. And we just wept and this supernatural repentance and we just wept and wept and wept til, under our bowed heads there was, mud was made from our tears and then we had communion and I never had communion like that in my life, asking god to cleanse us of our hewa and then asking him to cleanse the land that we put hewa on the land so we has communion and then we poured part of the wine on the ground in the mud of our tears and put part of the bread in there just representing that Jesus because he forgave our sins also cleanses the land. and then god told him to pour the wine on each of the four corners inside 4 walls inside and also in each hole of the altar. Cause y’know where they have the idols there, before they put the idol in a man was sacrificed and put in the whole and then the idol was put on top. So in all those holes and then each wall and corner outside and I was, I was the smallest, I was running around to the last corner, as I poured the wine on the last corner the shofar blower there starts screaming and he’s saying look up, look up, and I look up and I see this line of light going right down this ley ley, right down this line from wahola over the top of Mauna Kea over the top of Kahala’s right across the ocean over Heleakala as far as I can see right in line Hona Kahau and Halawa valley. This line of light straight as an arrow right across and um it was like a special effect in a Moses movie, that what I mean the aina respond and Leon Siu was outside the wall and saw it happen cause he was standing and he saw what he describes as a curtain of light like the noon day sun above it, that’s how bright it was, coming down the kohala mts like a curtain, right over the Heiau over him and right across the ocean and other people who were down below they said it was just like suddenly this bright light all upon them and this sparkling across the water maybe 15 seconds or something to go all the way across like a laser cutting through that - right down God’s light now breaking the darkness. What happened when Jesus died on the cross, the veil thick veil was broken from top to bottom and this is a thick veil of darkness over Hawaii being split open, that veil in the temple was split open so now we can have free access to God through what Jesus did on the cross. And now what happened that day through the blood of Jesus Christ free access back to Io, back to god across Hawaii. Kawika Kahiapo was walking up and it was dark so he was watching his path all of a sudden he saw a line of light on the ground and he turned around and it went all the way up the Kohala mountains he turned around and it went all the way back. And then the clouds started rolling back like 2 scrolls, one on each side. And started pushing back and by, another hour or so it was completely gone. And so we jus, we were just rejoicing y’know. Everybody came up to the top and were just rejoicing, the people at the bottom knew it was done because they just saw the light stream down from the Heiau and everybody came up rejoicing.

There were Hawaiians there, Christians for 20 years, 30 years, this was the first time in their lives that they knew without a shadow of a doubt that god is our God and Jesus Christ is his son.

Because the last high priest of the old Testament the second Israel, the last high priest of the old Testament of the Hawaiian people, Moki cleansed this Heiau returning it back to Io, to the son, through the blood of his only begotten son, yesu that’s how it was cleansed and the new testament of Jesus Christ works seamlessly with the Old Testament of the Hawaiian people. But the last high priest of the old testament passes the torch Jesus Christ, where we all have free access and that’s another reason why he didn’t want his name known because he didn’t want people come and thinking he’s special, that’s the old testament. Now each of us the bible says. God seeks those who worship him in spirit and truth you will no longer worship at that Heiau or this mountain but where ever we are, in spirit and truth we are now the sacred Heiau of Io and Jesus Christ. We are the temple of god the bible says, he dwells in us now so we don’t need that temple we don’t need that Heiau he doesn’t want to be turned into a icon worship we all now are the ohana, and just worship with the hula and the haka and poli because, not only knowing that its okay but God ordained it, he rejoiced in it he wanted it, had longed for it all the time, that this was the destiny of the Hawaiian people, the son of God. That Jesus Christ, That’s what that stories about.”


Pt.2  A Biblical rebuttal


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