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“There are many dimensions outside our realm of thinking” Said Ramsel “When God opens our understanding by the spirit And reveals his word to us he gives us the depths of his word which is dimensional” “There are 5 names of planets encoded.” So Yacov Ramsel went on speaking when he was interviewed on TBN by Ben Kinchlow who seemed a bit apprehensive about this and Paul Crouch who was gun ho for it.

Is the Bible code God revealing His word? Or is it revealing a man centered word? As one enters the carousel ride of secret findings what is the discovery.  More information about man and supposedly the bible encrypted in its pages that is hidden from the time it was written, but where is it leading? This is something to think about before you jump on the carousel ride and enjoy and USE the findings.

The Omega code movie was based on this, TBN is big on it and so are many writers. One such writer Sylvis Fleener who wrote The Omega Syndrome, has filed suit in Los Angeles, Federal Court against Trinity Broadcast Network for copyright and trademark infringement for their use of her original novel, The Omega Syndrome, in the creation process of the Christian movie and book, The Omega Code. It appears someone thought of the idea before they did.

Yacov Ramsel who wrote a book the Genesis factor was interviewed by Crouch and Kinslow on TBN. His book became Januarys love gift. Ramsel said Grant Jefferies found his name in it and his wife’s and told about his life doing the ELS  right next to his name and his wife’s condition. (Grant Jefferies has his own book on it the Signature of God.) The speed of light is included in Gen 1:2 there is a coded phrase at 6 letter intervals that spells lighthouse. “Starting with the first letter in the 4th word of Genesis 1:17 counting in reverse every 94th spells lighthouse.” The adjacent letters at the same sequence spell speed conceived. The first sequence refers to the spiritual lighthouse the 2nd to the natural lighthouse.”

They count letters in reverse every 21 or 26 for example. In Isa.53 they find all these names Mary, Herod Caesar, the disciples, all the disciples except Judas. Problem- they are saying them in the English language not Hebrew.

Did you know TBN is encoded. Gen.7:13 where Noah is getting the animals on the ark. Starting with the third letter in the eight word counting forward every 15th letter spells Paul (the OT name for Paul is Shaul which is also encoded) adjacent to name in the same ELS is Jan the name of his wife. Starting with the 4th letter with third word counting  every twentieth letter spells  TBN. Adjacent letters in the same ELS spell at least eleven different words that are directly associated with the work of TBN (anything negative?) Crouch, good news, satellite, the photo image (TV) film, praise, information knowledge. This is like playing Wheel of fortune.  

 Certainly if all the names times and activities of people are in the code one should not be surprised that they will find the date of Jesus’ second coming

While outrageous claims are said to be found we need to take a few steps back and think this through biblically and not be caught up in all the hullabaloo.

They believe everyone’s name is written in the bible code (Ramsel says he knows this as a fact)  the bible is the book of life. If the bible is the book of life and they found Hitler’s name in it (as well as every despot that ever lived)  in the letters what does this mean. Is he saved? Is Judas saved since he is in the book. Why is his name still there. Better yet why did it even appear there when he was chosen to be the son of perdition from the foundation of the world.

The bible say our names are written in heaven.  Heb. 12:23: “To the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven.

Luke 10:20: “Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.” The bible is not the book of life. Could it be that they want assurance for what they are doing?

Exod. 32:33: “And the LORD said to Moses, “Whoever has sinned against Me, I will blot him out of My book.” If someone’s name is in the bible and they are taken out then does God change the word? His word is eternal he says heaven and earth will pass away before his word will.

 We are not to add or subtract to the word. What are the bible ode hunters doing? Think about it. We are not to add or subtract to God’s word yet Here Ramsel is saying that the book of life will have many letters missing since names will be blotted out. This is just ridiculous and shows how far gone this whole concept is

This is all mysticism and Gnostic interpretations. It takes us away from the clear interpretation and applicational teaching of the bible

 Do we go against the literal interpretation of what God has already spoken to an alternative of reading what is hidden from the eye of man, revealed by the mechanics of the computer. Are we learning the future by secret codes that God has never told to pursue. Then the Bible becomes a book of divination. It is clear God has spoken his prophecies that are concerned with Israel, and while he does give some specific people attention in no way does he name them or give us dates according to our calendar.

Isa. 45:19: “I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth; I did not say to the seed of Jacob, `Seek Me in vain'; I, the LORD, speak righteousness, I declare things that are right.” How did he do so? With the clear teaching of the Scripture from the time it was written. Since they have a hard time teaching it the next thing is to just replace it.

Isa 48:16:”Come near to Me, hear this: I have not spoken in secret from the beginning” This refutes any entertainment of  new interpretations of scripture, what is being promoted in the code is decidedly Divination

Why is the code translated into English and not other languages. Now if the code was the same in all the languages they may have something there! But its going from the Hebrew to English only. So do they want us to believe this great discovery is exclusive to America! Why not in other languages?

Do you know that other peoples names that are enemies of God are found more in certain texts than Jesus’. What about the code saying false prophets, have they found any? Here come the Bible code prophets. Don’t be surprised if we start to see false prophets speaking their revelations from the Bible codes.


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