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Hes no angel

Ernest Angley may have an angel statue welcoming people in front of his church but hes no angel. Hes been in the religion business for over 50 years and at 93 the dirt may be coming out in the wash. Its been noted Angley claims to be a prophet of God healing people of afflictions, his theatrics and testimonies were made fun of (Robin Williams did a number of impressions) and were rightly noticed by even those who are not believers in Christ.

The Canadian press reports

Evangelist Ernest Angley encouraged vasectomies, abortion among followers, newspaper reports

has long controlled members of his Akron-area congregation by advising them not to have children, shunning those who leave the church and using free labour at his for-profit buffet restaurant and television station, according to a two-month newspaper investigation

Angley has admitted doing a number of the accusations but makes himself pure by his own justifications. Its all for the church, for God. But as one watches his actions on stage something is noticeably quirky about his mannerisms along with his doctrine.

 The Akron Beacon Journal published a series of articles starting last week after interviewing more than 20 former members of Grace Cathedral in the Akron suburb of Cuyahoga Falls. Some of those interviewed described Angley's church as a cult.

None of this is surprising as we have looked at his teachings and found it lacking in corresponding with what the Bible teaches.

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 our series The Strange, unhealthy and unorthodox teachings of Ernest Angley (pt.1)

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